Imagine being able to sit down with your Spirit Guides, have a cup of tea, and have a conversation about the energy of the year.

The meaning behind your personal experiences, circumstances, and feelings are able to be revealed..even understood!

The Guides answer your questions about:

* where to focus your energy

* possible pitfalls to avoid

* how to grow your relationships during the year

* career insights

* what activities to focus on and what to avoid

* practices to grow your consciousness

* how to take care of your physical body this year and where effects will be felt

* the best crystals, essential oils, and colors for your energy

* the Animal Totems (spiritual lessons) for the year and channeled messages from them

*plus a whole lot more that you didn't even realize you needed to know!


The 2020 Energetic Survival Guide is exactly this information!  A gift from Spirit - 20 pages clarifying the energy influences of 2020 so you can navigate the upcoming months and weeks ahead with 2020 vision and clarity.


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Make this year the best one yet by working alongside Spirit to be aware, open, and flowing with the gifts this year brings!

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