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"If you could see what I see, you would never doubt how loved you are!" ~ Christina Wooten

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Christina Wooten

CEO, Certified Psychic Medium, 

Certified Reiki Master-Teacher,

Intuition Teacher

Christina Wooten is a Certified Psychic Medium who loves supporting spiritual women who are ready to step into their spiritual power, create more joy and fulfillment in their lives, and transform the blockages that hold them back.

Clairvoyant   *    Clairaudient   *   Clairsentient/Empath 

Through communicating with your Spirit Guides and Loved Ones, and understanding one's Soul energy and talents, Christina works to translate the insightful messages of the Spirit World to illuminate positive opportunities and create clarity for your next steps forward.


Christina masterfully weaves her lifetime awareness of Spirit, her extensive studies, multiple certifications in the realm of Metaphysics, and her 14+ years of professional experience - giving hundreds of professional psychic medium readings, demonstrations of mediumship, and Reiki healing sessions - to generate the most expansive transformation for her clients & students.


She is known for her empowering teaching style, and a compassionate & evidential approach to Mediumship.


Over the years, she has taught & certified hundreds of students in all levels Reiki energy healing, Crystal Healing, Intuition Development, & Mediumship. She has appeared in Metro UK, Airbnb Magazine, Kateigaho Magazine (Japan), & Natural Triad and was a featured speaker in the Mental Health Association's 2013 Whole Self Conference, and at the 2017 Sedona International Film Festival. She is the former vice-president (2016 and 2017) of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association. She has been a guest on various radio shows, panels, and podcasts and has clients from all over the world and backgrounds, including the occasional celebrity.


Christina Wooten is the CEO of Sedona Medium, LLC, is a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Teacher, and was vetted, mentored, tested, and certified by the well-loved Psychic Medium, Bob Bens, – a 30 year resident of Lily Dale, N.Y. (a spiritualist community).

Prior to living her full-time metaphysical calling – she studied psychology at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and taught meditation classes at an in-patient psychiatric hospital.

But at heart, Christina adores the breeze brushing her face, a big belly laugh, a warm cup of tea in her hand, a grand adventure, and exploring the road less traveled.

She loves most of all, her children, husband, dog, Lily and kitty, Luna.


Robert Wooten

Certified Reiki Master-Teacher

Robert Wooten is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Healer, who works with those who are committed to reducing stress and elevating their quality of life through

strengthening their Ki energy (life force).

Through the Japanese art of energy healing, Reiki, Robert, facilitates the reduction of stress and release of stagnant energy through opening a connection to and directing high vibrational Ki energy through the body, in turn amplifying his client's life force energy. Because the source of this energy is from Universal Intelligence, it is non-local and allows for healing to occur either in-person or remotely.


Having devoted four decades to the study and practice of the spiritual systems of the world, he has always found himself a proponent of the elegant and effective simplicity of the Eastern philosophies and healing practices. He received his Reiki Master-Teacher certifications in Sedona in 2008.


Robert has travelled all over the world, primarily as a nature and broadcast videographer, working on many award winning productions for a wide range of clients including National Geographic Television, Discovery Channel and The Smithsonian Channel. He has been surrounded by grizzly bears in Hallo Bay Alaska, followed up a flight of stairs by an angry moose in Anchorage, flown on a plane with 30 crated crocodiles and nearly sank in a hand carved canoe while filming an angler fight a caiman for a 120 pound catfish in Venezuela. Whether visiting holy sites like the Futenma Shrine in Okinawa, Japan or camping under the Northern Lights in Norway, or learning herbal medicine among the Yamomami in Brazil, he has always found the quiet unity of interconnectedness of nature and man, and is heavily inspired by works of the ancient Zen Masters.

Robert is known for his kind and open heart.  He appreciates frequent walks with no particular destination, working in the garden, Double-Stuf Oreos, and has never met a pun he didn't like.

Lauren headshot.jpeg

Lauren Kasle

Client Support Coordinator

Lauren is our Client Support Coordinator and her goal is to ensure that every interaction you have as a client is an exceptional one.  Lauren has been working in the field of client experience for over 5 years and absolutely loves being the go-to person whenever someone needs help or has a question/concern.

She lives in Michigan with her fiance and their 4 feline furbabies.

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