Soul Discovery Readings

Uncover what lights up your Soul

The Unique Soul Discovery Method



Your Soul framework is the subconscious programming that influences your personality, behaviors,

and experiences that you naturally gravitate towards. 

Your reading explores the unique combination of 9 specific aspects of your Soul that encompass your Soul framework.


Hidden Mastery

Receive the keys for understanding your true nature, such as: 

  • Your natural gifts and talents

  • How you can be in peaceful flow with the Universe

  • The themes you are here to explore and what energy you must embody to progress

  • Why you are the way you are and how each trait is a gift

  • How others will perceive you

  • What types of relationships or dynamics will accelerate or detract from your purpose

  • How to accept who you are and release shame and self-judgement

  • How you will be most effective in the world

  • What your challenges are teaching you and how to integrate more quickly

  • How to stop dampening your inner fire by committing to what is not suited for you

  • How to align your energy and choices to be in harmony with your life purpose

  • How to be more united with your Higher Self

The 9 Aspects of your Soul

Animal Totems are the spirit animals that will serve as teachers, protectors, guardians, and spirit guides in your spiritual journey.

The spirit animals are the masters of specific knowledge or "medicines" which 

you must integrate to achieve balance and enlightenment.

An Animal Totem reading will help you understand which spiritual lessons you need to learn in order to progress in your development.  

How many times have you asked in frustration, "What am I supposed to do?"  "Why does this keep happening to me?"  "Just tell me what is expected of me!"

Your Animal Totems hold the answers to these questions!

The medicines your spirit animals embody will explain to you the themes and lessons that the Universe is presenting to you this life incarnation.

An Animal Totem Reading explains to you what lessons you are here to Master. 


You learn who to call upon when you need insights, direction, help, and strength in

all of your life challenges.  Engaging in conscious communication with your allies in Spirit opens up a tremendous amount of support. 

This life-changing insight leads to growth and integration at an accelerated rate.

Animal Totem Readings with Christina Wooten

"My most treasured reading ever was the Animal Spirit Reading you did for me..." R.Y.

Christina Wooten specializes in understanding the totality of your chart, as well as the impact of your individual Animal Totems.

This insight helps you understand the level of intensity you will experience certain themes and how the Animal Totems work together for your wholeness.

An Animal Totem Reading is specific to you and full of information from your Spirit Animals. 

Each Animal Totem meaning is explained to you, as well as how the positioning of the totem animal influences it's meaning for you.

Recognizable evidence and validations about your life, traits, and lessons are brought forward.  

You are also able to ask any questions you have to understand your chart or about your personal encounters with the spirit animals. 

Many clients have sent messages within days following an Animal Totem Reading describing the immediate validations received from their Animal Totems!

Animal Totem Readings are approximately 45 minutes to 60 minutes.  

Each reading includes a complimentary MP3 recording of your session, so you may re-listen to this insight whenever needed.

Soul Discovery Readings: $150