Crystal Healing Class

Crystal Healing Class in Sedona

Location: Sedona Medium, LLC
6050 Highway 179, Suite 4
Sedona, AZ  86351
Dates Offered
February 9-10, 2018
9:00am -  5:00pm
*There is a lunch break 12-2:00pm; facilities will be closed during this time.  There are many wonderful dining and hiking options nearby.

The Crystal Healing Power program is designed specifically for those with a desire to become an effective and knowledgeable Crystal Healing Practitioner.  During this weekend immersion we will spend time in the classroom and practitioner space as well as outside, connecting with a Sedona Vortex location*


Crystal Healing is the application of crystals or crystalline charged material with the intention of beneficially altering the energetic fields of a person, place, or thing.


At the end of this class, you will be able to:  

*locate areas of deficiency in the Human Energetic Field

*apply the appropriate crystals to bio-field location, including chakras

*explain how crystal healing works

*Create Crystal Grids for increasing Life Force Energy/Chi/Ki in an environment

*Be able to identify specific Crystal structures and their uses

*Create gem elixirs

*Cleanse, Charge, and Program your Crystals for Healing.

Course includes:

*The Human Energetic System, including Chakras

*locating areas of deficiency in the Human Energetic Field

*Cleansing, Charging, Programming Crystals

*How to identify Crystals by configurations

*Crystals for Chakra Healing and Energy Healing

*Meditation with Crystals

*Connecting intuitively to received guidance from your Crystals

*Crystal Family Groups 

*Crystal Healing Recipes - Crystals that work well together

*Creating Crystal Grids

*Exploring Methods of Passive vs. Active Crystal Healing

*Receiving laying on of stones/crystal body grid

*Applying laying on of stones/crystal body grid

*Combining crystals with other energy practices


*Professional Best practices

*A 90 min - 2 hour Vortex Tour* weather permitting

*Healing on the land

*Learning about some of the geological influences that make Sedona unique for healing

*Shamanic information about Crystals

You will receive: 


*A Manual to keep

*7 Crystals for Chakra Healing, each crystal selected by participants

*Sedona Vortex Tour* weather permitting

*Upon attendance and successful completion of the class, and demonstration of principles, you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

For the Vortex Tour, you will need to be able to provide your own transportation to this off-site location.


Led by experienced Crystal Healer, Christina Wooten, Certified Medium, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher

Tuition: $333
Beginners Welcome.

Pre-Registration is required to attend this class and can be

completed using the buy now button below.

Registration deadline to attend the class is February 2, 2018.