Distance Reiki Sessions

As a Reiki Master Teacher, Christina Wooten, offers distance Reiki treatments for those that are unable to travel to experience a Reiki session, in Sedona, or for follow up sessions after an initial treatment.

Distance Reiki sessions are also known as absentee healing sessions.







Reiki, as a spiritually guided universal life force energy, by nature, is not limited to the same time and space limitations we perceive. 

Reiki is pure healing energy and can be directed to wherever you are.

How does a distance Reiki session, with Christina, work?

Just like an in-person appointment, we set up a convenient time for you to begin our session.  At the scheduled appointment time, Christina will call you to consult with you about your concerns, questions, and hopes for the session.

At this time, Christina will encourage you to find a quiet place, perhaps some soothing music and create the space for relaxation.  During this time, the connection will be made with your energy and the Reiki energy as healing is directed to each of your chakras (energy centers in your body) and areas of physical, mental, emotional, spiritual healing discussed during your private and confidential consultation.  

Each session is guided by Reiki, allowing for a powerful and unique transformative session every time.

At the end of the session, Christina Wooten, will call you again to discuss impressions received during your session, the flow of energy, and discuss next steps in your healing journey.


What does a distance Reiki session feel like?


For many, distance Reiki sessions feel much like in-person sessions.  

During a session, clients describe warmth, cooling sensations, tingling, pressure, relaxation, emotions released, clarity, feelings of heaviness leaving the body, muscle twitching, feeling stronger and higher energy, reduction or elimination of pains.

One client recently described Reiki, as feeling "the presence of God".  The sensations you experience are often determined by your natural energy sensitivity.

60 min Reiki session: $95

5 session discount package: $380

(Pay for 4 sessions up front and receive a FREE session!  Any unused sessions expire a year from purchase date)