Introduction to Crystal Healing Class

October 16, 2017

1:00 - 4:00pm

Location: Sedona Medium, LLC

6050 State Route 179

Suite 4

Sedona, AZ, 86351

Have you felt the attraction to Crystals, but seek guidance in understanding their energies and uses?

If so, this class is an excellent place to increase your awareness of the crystal realms and 

learn to work with crystals respectfully and intentionally.

Topics we will cover:

*What are crystals? Physically & Metaphysically

*How to ensure you are choosing Crystals that are right for you.

*Communicating with Crystals – Meditation and journalling exercise

*Cleansing and programming crystals for healing


*Crystals for the Chakras – introductory

*Self Healing technique with crystals – letting crystal absorb and replace energy


$66/person + $15 for 7 Chakra introductory crystal kit = $81/person

Pre-Registration is required to attend this class.

Registration deadline Thursday, October 12.  After this date, inquire for availability.

To register, use buy now button below and follow prompts.





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