• Christina Wooten

Why do our Spirit Guides get Quiet?

Our Spirit Guides are those in Spirit that guide, teach, and protect us during our incarnations. Much like friends, our guides may be with us for a Season, a Reason, or a Lifetime. Our Lifetime guides are the guides we have contracted with before our incarnation to be our primary support in achieving goals we set forth in this incarnation.

These Guides often bring us opportunities, inspiration, insights, and direction when we need it. Not everyone recognizes that they hear or see Spirit - but you may feel that you have an intuition about where to go, places to avoid, or feel the presence of Spirit around, or a general sense of well-being and feeling supported. These are all influences of our guides.

Have you ever had the experience where you are faced with an important decision and you keep asking for that certain clarity of what to do only to be met with the sound of crickets? You may have been praying for an answer day after day and still no direction. You may feel this way for weeks as you decide what to do - without much input or direction from your guides. Then shortly after the decision is made, our guides perk back up and are back to increased communication. What happened there? Why do they get quiet when you need them the most?

Have they abandoned you for greener pastures? The immediate answer is thankfully, no.

One thing we must remember, even when our guides are the Chatty Kathy type (yes, they do have personalities!), they are supporting us. This is a critical distincition! Before incarnation we often set up themes to explore much like we may have destinations to visit on a cross-country trip, but there is variation in how to get there or things to see or do between destinations and how long we may spend in specific places. This is where our free will directives come most prominently into play.

My guides have shared with me that there are critical places in the journey that are what many would term, a crossroads. My guides describe this as places where we are ending one cycle and must make a new decision which begins the new cycle of either a different trajectory and energy or repeating a similar lesson to have a more firm foundation and integrated understanding of something. You could describe this much like an assessment - where you take the information you know and apply it directly. Your display of applied knowledge will determine what is the best, most loving direction for you and determine your next direction.

You know how during school grade level assessments you are not allowed to get answers from your classmates or get much from your Teachers, as it is an assessment of where you are? Similar principles apply here!

The guides share with me that during these times, they take a step back from our energy field and are cheering us on, rooting for us, and loving us - even if they can't send us the whispers of "do this" or do the equation for us. During these times, people often sense this change and feel more "empty" in their energy as the guides have stepped out of our direct energy field so that their influence is lessened. It can also be disconcerting as this often marks the beginning of a new cycle - which for many, comes with it the feeling of confusion, lack of direction, free fall, and an intuitive sense of significance hinging on your next steps and actions.

The function of this silence is so we authentically respond from our own heart and our own energy. This is the times to let go of the pressure we often put on ourselves of "failing" and to answer what is before us, the best we can. Once we have "answered" or made the decision, then our guides can bring us new information, experiences, and tutoring if needed ;) Sometimes people who have had very authoritarian upbringing, have learned to not trust themselves or to listen for what others say to do. This process helps to un-do some of that learning, as a side benefit. Here we are being guided to hear our own voice clearly without outside influence and move forward from our own authentic power.

The thing that makes this harder for people is the pressure they put on themselves of failing or making a mistake. There are no real mistakes here. On the Soul level there is the recognition that we are all playing our own roles to the best of our ability to help each other experience more fully ourselves. As soon the curtains come down, we realize the roles don't dictate who we really are. Ex: just because you play a great pirate, doesn't mean you actually are a pirate.

So when you are recognize that you are in one of these special and sacred periods:

* Spend time in Nature. Nature has a healing and a clarifying effect. We can feel at peace in nature and release some of the pressure we may be feeling.

* Reflect - what have some of your life themes been? How can you apply what you have learned here? I have a friend who has a theme surrounding - learning when to leave a situation and not to hang on. This recognition has allowed them to remember that when they first get the message to let go, and do so with ease and grace.

* Listen to your heart and your own inner voice. Meditate. Nourish yourself. Listen. What do you know about yourself? Are you living in alignment with that. Just listen and explore - see where it takes you.

* When you know the answer, move on. Make the decision, act in accordance. and step on the path and be greeted with fresh energy!

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