• Christina Wooten

What is rejection really teaching you?

Sometimes as people begin developing their intuition or listening more readily to their heart's calling than social norms, they discover that not everyone is excited, supportive, and welcoming of these changes. Fear can take hold or even a resurfacing of familiar patterns. If this has occured for you, as it has many, you are not alone!

How do we get to the root of the feelings of rejection and isolation, to heal?

Even the most fervent introvert has a social group, even if it is a small group of intimate contacts. You see, we are social animals at heart! Often animals find that "rejection" can be a death sentence in the animal kingdom, and our animalistic brain can trigger fear and anxiety as a response to social isolation, challenge, and perceived rejection.

At birth, we feel the nurturing support of caregivers. Through our school years we develop relationships and begin to explore ourselves through the eyes of others. In order to express ourselves, we often utilize an audience, in some way. Even beyond our biological drives towards social behavior, we discover that our Soul often teaches us through our relationships and interactive experiences, including the "mirrors" of others.

Now, even more so than other times, we are more "connected" than ever before! There are a variety of social media platforms, social networking, blogging, emailing, etc. that social interaction permeates all we do.

So as sentient beings, feelings of rejection can cause great suffering. Because we are sensitive to community, triggered by community, and community ties may link with survival - these experiences can lead us into core fears, such as "I am not worthy." or "I am bad or damaged in some way."

So how do we walk into the "heart" of rejection to find the lessons and opportunities for healing?

If we understand that our relationships in many ways are mirrors - living, breathing examples of Universal Law of attraction, in action. Law of Attraction says that what you put out vibrationally, returns to you vibrationally, in the form of your manifestations. So if we begin to notice patterns of perceived rejection, the real question is "Where am I rejecting myself - that I am creating these mirrors?"

Perhaps you are feeling insecure in your new beliefs or the expression of them. Perhaps you feel conflicted in some way?

We can only change our outside experiences and perceptions by changing our insides. So how can you heal this self-rejection, insecurity, or conflict? I have found that self-love practices of putting your Soul needs first (Soul-Centered living) is a powerful way to step into a more loving supportive way of being. When you are loving to yourself, you will attract those mirrors that mirror your love and self-respect and have more experiences in alignment with this love.

Listen to the unhealed wounds that these sensations of rejection are bringing up. Are you hearing the voices of someone from your past or upbringing? Are these repeats or similar voices of a former teacher, believed friend, family member, or spouse? Listen to the tone. Pay attention to the words. Also listen inside for the feelings that well up inside of you. Anything seem familiar? If so, now is the time that your Soul is sending you the invitation to heal the wounds and voices of your childhood or life.

Seek ways to bring inner peace through forgiveness and acceptance.

The good news is, you wouldn't be attracting these mirrors, bringing them into your awareness, unless you were ready to heal them!

Once we get to the root of the rejection (What is my Soul trying to say here?), we can release the need for these external invitations to heal as they are replaced by an internal devotion to peace and healing.

You may choose to meditate and visualize the externalization (or person) who has caused pain and say "I free you from this role of pointing out my woundedness. Thank you, for showing me where I had forgotten, that I am whole, worthy, and a perfect expression of God's Love."

©2015 Christina Wooten, All rights reserved.

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