• Christina Wooten

Dispelling the Myth of the Old Soul

In the last 30-35 years many would say, the number of "Old Souls" born into this reality has dramatically increased. If you have taken the time to look these children in the eyes and peer into the windows of the Soul, the purity, clarity, and energy of these beings are immediately evident. So much so, that the term "old soul" is common these days. But, what exactly does it mean to be an old soul? In this article, lets dispel some myths about the Old Soul.

First, Let's identify some terminology and the theory of Old Souls to give us a starting place.

Old Soul (old paradigm): A spirit/soul that has incarnated multiple times - more than most - and accumulated above average wisdom, spiritual connection and understanding. They bring this wisdom and spiritual understanding into their conscious life and typically express traits such as: heightened intuitive abilities, above average intellect, highly developed sensitivity - typically very loving and compassionate beyond their years, become the counselors for others - either in the way of teaching or providing inspiration in some way.

In order to believe in the Old Soul paradigm, you must subscribe to the following concepts:

*Development of the Soul - spiritual progression

*The concept of Time


So let's approach these foundational concepts separately.

1. Development of the Soul - Spiritual progression

Over the years I have worked with Spirit, many things have been revealed. One of the greatest messages, I ever personally received, was that the Soul is in a state of perfection. The aspect of being that is the actual Soul is the Divine Light of a being. The Divine Light itself is perfect, whole, pure, the very meaning of Divine. The Divine is not progressing or developing. The Divine IS whole - meaning there is no progression or experience of graduation. To say that the Soul, which is by nature the Divine, is progressing indicates a lack of wholeness. Therefore to believe that the Soul is progressing is to affirm a belief that the Soul is not whole. This would also indicate a hierarchy between one soul to another. Neither of these can be true.

2. The concept of Time

There have been many studies in regards to - what is time? In its nature, how does it exist, how do we observe it? This is a little more challenging to address and I encourage you to explore some of the fascinating studies and philosophy surrounding the existence of "time". Time was decided upon to be measured relative to arbitrary observation. There exist no minutes other than what we have decided = minutes. There exists no hours other than what we have decided = an hour. Each of us, naturally also have alternating perceptions of time - what accounts for these relative changes? Many have postulated that we are living the infinite now - with each experience being whole and all possibilities exist.

Spirit exists outside of confines of time, which these confines also affirm a belief in beginning and end.

Further more, studies have shown that we are interconnected and that there is no actual "time" or delay in the transfer of information from one being to another! This does away with time/distance.

3. Re-incarnation

Building on #1 &#2, the concept of Re-incarnation cannot exist in a non-progressive, non-time-based structure. If we believe in the infinite now, we can believe in all simultaneous possibilities existing in this NOW and thus, we are not reincarnating - all possibilities exist NOW. Therefore a more accurate terminology may be to say we are living simultaneous, parallel, co-existing lives.

So, an Old Soul is a terminology, appropriate for a time based, separation based reality.

Building on the foundational principles that our Soul = the part of ourselves that are Divine and that the Divine is whole, we surrender to the truth that in our nature we are whole, worthy, and Love.

*The Soul is the Divine Light, existing in all possibilities, perfectly expressing it's fullness NOW

*Every Soul is infinite and limitless.

*The possiblity exists to create a conscious cohesion between all parrallel, co-existing, simultaneous realities, through consciousness expansion.

We can still celebrate and enjoy those that are in our lives that stir our pot, inspire us, and give us tingles and goosebumps! Relationships and mirrors, such as the "old soul" paradigm are ways we may verbally express that this person or mirror is sharing with us our own definition of Divinity and Wisdom and spiritual knowledge!

What do they represent that points you to understand more fully- what wisdom and spiritual compassion mean to you?

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