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5 ways to Heal your Heart

The Heart Chakra, or Anahata Chakra, is figuratively the heart of the human energetic system. While each chakra, brings in energy and converts it into Ki energy, the Heart Chakra is also the center of trust, respect, unconditional love, compassion, and gratitude.

This Chakra and special energy has an important role as a guiding life force in our lives. “Follow your Heart!” and “Follow your Bliss!” are more than just a bumper sticker.

Bring yourself to a moment when you were struck with such tremendous awe and gratitude that in that moment you were fully aware of your Whole-ness. Perhaps you witnessed an incredible human achievement that moved you and burst forth in awe, joy, grateful awareness. Perhaps you were in nature and witnessed a beautiful sunrise or sunset, saw a wonder of the world, or marveled at creation in some way.

Now visit a time in your memory when you felt tremendous love. Not a passing sensory love – a moment of full immersion into unconditional love. This could have been towards another, towards yourself, or a more general sense of absolute love.

These examples show us the power of the Heart Chakra! Connection with the Heart Chakra heals core beliefs that are at the root of self-destructive behaviors or critical thoughts about yourself or others, such as “I am not worthy of love” or “I’m not good enough.” When we are in this powerful center of our heart there is no condemnation. We are immersed in the higher principles of trust, respect, love, compassion, and gratitude.

The Heart Chakra lies in the center of the upper chakras of the Crown, Third-Eye, and Throat, and the lower chakras of the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakras.

Due to it’s unique positioning, the Heart is an important integration point between energy of the lower chakras and energy of the upper chakras. When our chakras are balanced and healthy, this is where we take in the information of all of our energy as a whole and have a clear direction of what is in alignment with our authentic selves.

In this way, the Heart Chakra is a the ultimate gauge for “Does this feel right?”, “Am I following my Heart’s wisdom?”

Much of the conflict we experience within ourselves stem from denying or suppressing what you know intuitively.

If you are wanting to tap this Heart wisdom, align with your authentic self, and change your life, here are:

5 ways to heal your Heart

Listen to your Heart

Your Heart has a voice! Practice listening through meditation and relaxed awareness. What impressions do you receive?What parts of yourself may you be suppressing or denying that need to come out? Then respond to these whispers. Give yourself permission to follow these impressions and see where they lead you!


Service is one of the 5 Love Languages (an excellent book by Gary Chapman), but it is also simply put, compassionate action. When you are engaged in service the gift is not in the expectation of what you receive in return, but the beautiful gift of sharing, giving, compassionately connecting, and making a difference! Find ways to implement service – help clean up after you attend an event, do a chore for another at home, volunteer your time or resources for those in need, or perhaps perform random acts of kindness. There is a reason random acts of kindness have been sweeping the nation, and it is the simple joy of being able to help and doing so or offering a blessing to others. This helps us align with our hearts in action and strengthen these feelings of love and gratitude in our lives.

Forgiveness and Letting Go

Make a decision to stop reinforcing the barriers around your heart and begin a forgiveness exercise. We have seen how strong the heart is! The heart doesn’t need the protection or walls made of destructive stories we tell ourselves or false beliefs! Identify the barriers you may have created, where you are guarding old wounds, you still hold in your energy field. Now, take responsibility for them! It is time to heal fully, rather than walk through life with a gaping hole that is influencing your decision making. A few proven practices:

*Radical Forgiveness www.radicalforgiveness.com (I am unaffiliated, but have seen the practice be helpful in the lives of clients.)

*Ho’oponopono https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ho%CA%BBoponopono (also unaffiliated)

*Reiki sessions to strengthen your chakras and heal your energy field. I have found Reiki treatments with my clients to be very effective in healing old wounds and letting go.

Nurture Yourself

Practice giving to yourself rather than suppressing or denying. You are the authority figure of your energy, much like the parental role. Rather than suppressing the innocence and purity of your inner Heart’s voice – follow it, allow the curiosity to lead you to new places and horizons. Be the giving, gentle head of Heart, rather than strict dictator.

Take Care of yourself

Make yourself a priority. You are the steward of an amazing vessel of the Divine!

Put practices in place to give to your Mind/Body/and Spirit.

Always wanted to start Tai Chi or Yoga and didn’t? Take the first step! Need to set aside that time for centering practice and daily meditation – pencil it in and follow through. Time to make that dental appointment or attend that Spiritual Retreat? Do it! Follow through with the whispers of your Heart and you are well on your way to joy, love, and greater peace in your daily life.

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