• Christina Wooten

Take your Power back!

We are all powerful, extraordinary manifestors. Combine our Divine connection with all things, which provides unlimited resources, and the demonstration that we are creating and participating in what we call "Reality", and we are a force of tremendous potential! So how is it that with all this unlimited power and resource that so many are living lives lacking fulfillment, joy, peace, and direction? How do we take our power back to create a life that matches our true, authentic selves?

Why we must harness our power for massive growth and shifts:

The Universe is by nature responsive. It responds in each moment to the energy and vibration that is put out. I like to think of it as "the yes universe" for myself personally. Whatever I am sending out - the Universe says, "YES!" and sends more my way. So what are we giving the Universe to respond to? Typically, it is our energy vibration. Our energy vibration carries many things - our thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and health of our energy field. Take a moment and tune in, what thoughts, beliefs, and emotions are you regularly sending out? What core beliefs are there? What parts of your authentic nature are you disapproving of and suppressing? Perhaps you are not living in accordance with your highest values?

Our values are evident in what we devote our time and energy towards... What we think about... What we hope and wish for... Maybe you are living out of alignment with your values. Perhaps you see - I spend 10/24 hours a day working a job that is unfulfilling. Fears, anxieties, insecurities, and ego thoughts center around this work and work related dramas. I hope, wish for promotion/raise/enough money to finally quit said unfulfilling job. What the universe sees here is - Oh, "Sandy's" values are to spend her sacred gift/energy of time, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions on unfulfilling work! YES! More of that coming right up!

We continue this pattern until new awareness creates a new energy and new value system for the universe to respond to.

When you take a personal inventory - are the areas where you spend your sacred gift of time/energy, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs centered around your true values?

If not, take your power back!

1. BE CLEAR: What are your true, authentic values? Would someone know this based on how you are living currently - how you are spending your resources proportionately?

Be clear, where do you want to go? What would your highest heart's joy lead you to? What would it feel like, look like?

Clarity is how we come to know ourselves and chart the course for our journey. It is equivalent to saying - this is the destination, as it presents itself to me currently. (It is possible for your destination to be a feeling - a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, joy.)

2. FREE WILL: This reality is a free will/choice based/alignment reality. The universe responds more directly and clearly when you have gotten clear, and made a choice/set an energy in motion! When you are clear - the Universe says YES! and responds more directly to your clarity. Setting a daily intention is one way to

A) Express your Clarity

B) Set the Energy in Motion

Perhaps your daily intention is "I acknowledge and celebrate with gratitude the blessings in my life!" or "I am living my Heart's greatest joy!", etc. Whatever represents your true values.

3. STEER YOUR SHIP: The daily intention becomes the mission statement of the day. Now comes the joy of steering our ship, through living in a way consistent with our values. If spiritual development is your highest value - create a dedicated personal growth time each day to nourish your Spirit. During this time, do more of the things that help you feel connected and a part of the greater plan. Perhaps this shows itself in taking a walk, eating outside, cloud watching, discovering and exploring, meditating, talking with your Spirit Guides, prayer, etc.

No matter your "plan" for the day, how can you create a day, centered in your daily intention? When opportunities arise, you may ask, how does this action support the daily intention? Will it strengthen this intention or detract from it, etc.? (You may ask yourself - how does this feel?)

Just like any journey - when you have selected the destination and are sailing or driving each day in that direction - you will more quickly create a consciousness to get you there!

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