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11 Ways our Loved Ones in Spirit/Guides/Higher Self Communicate

Despite existing in different vibrational frequencies (like different pages of the same book), our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels, and Loved Ones in Spirit utilize many opportunities to communicate.

This dynamic exchange of information can occur for many reasons:






While our helpers in Spirit have their own functions, they often utilize the same channels to communicate and bridge the gap between frequencies.

Some prefer a specific "style" that becomes their calling card. Here are some tools, Spirit uses to get a message across -

1. Repeating Numbers or Number patterns

Are you waking up at 3:33 or always seem to glance at your watch at 2:22? How about seeing 11:11 or getting behind a license plate with a familiar code, or your total at the register - looks familiar? Repeating numbers show up in many fun ways. The meaning of the number patterns can be found in numerology or through a simple search for Angel Numbers.


Sometimes, these codes are letting us know the energies we are aligning with, during this time.

I have also seen that the repetition of number patterns, evokes the awareness of a Divine design and illicit both excitement, a sense of wonder and magic, and comfort.

2. Smells & Sensations

I am going to give this, its own category. Both Spirit Guides and Loved Ones in Spirit like to communicate with smells associated with them.

You may get a whiff of Aunt Mary's favorite perfume or the smell of Johnathan's cigar smoke. These smells are usually fleeting and have no known origin. You may smell Aunt Mary's perfume when she comes to visit. Sometimes we may smell a favorite pie or bread associated with this person.

Sometimes our Guides may have a smell associated with them - such as sage or tobacco smoke or a smell of Lavendar. The possibilites are endless.

These smells are gentle ways, Spirit, lets us know that they are around and sometimes identifiers for who they are.

Sensations are awarenesses of a presence. You may feel something touch your hand or just feel the sensation of someone behind you. I'll give you an example.

When my son was little, we were in the parking lot of the grocery store. I unloaded all the groceries and was buckling in my son to his car seat. About mid-buckle, as I was navigating all the straps - I could feel the presence of someone very close behind me. Someone waiting to get to their driver door surely, and here I was holding them up. I tried to get done quickly, but the presence got stronger. They felt 9 feet tall, imposing, and about an inch away from my body! I swung around to apologize and there was noone physical there! Noone even close! I couldn't believe it, as the encroaching feeling was so intense! When I "tuned in" I felt the presence of one of my protector guides. I felt he had come to "have my back" while I was in a vulnerable position.

3. Astral Travels

Our Spirit Helpers often take Astral travels with us! Have you had a particularly vivid "dream" where it was like you were fully there. All of your senses were in tact and every sensation detailed. These are often Astral Travels, where our Spirit Body leaves the physical plane (leaving our body behind) to learn, grow, visit, try out different scenarios. These are great opportunities for our Guides, Loved Ones, and Angels to communicate with us. You may wake with the strong sense of having been with Grandma Josephine and specific memory of your time together. Sometimes you may not remember exactly what you were doing, but know who you were with.

These are lovely visits to Spirit, where instead of Spirit coming to us - we are coming to them!

These visits can be to give us a message, mend the grief of separation, or to provide reassurance.

4. Messages in books, billboards, the words of a friend

When we are open, our guidance can come through in limitless ways! Perhaps our friend knows just what to say to answer an unspoken question. Perhaps we drive by the billboard with words of encouragement that feel meaningful. Maybe within the pages of a book or blog, you read just what you needed.

Another example, that music on the radio is really speaking to you, or you hear the song associated with a loved one in Spirit (usually accompanied with tingles or goosebumps!)

5. Movement of Objects/Discovery of Objects

This is always interesting - and fun to discover! Many find coins or jewelry or small items that appear in random, irrational places. Or sometimes it happens so frequently you KNOW it is a message for you! There are many examples of this - A few years ago, my Mother was walking on the wooden floor in her kitchen and found an old fashioned hat pin. It had a lovely pearl on the end. Very, very strange as she didn't recognize it and only lives with her husband and had had no visitors. Then later, locates ANOTHER hat pin! Same type - old timey look and no explanation. It was in an area where it couldn't possibly have been ignored - and yet, there it was! A lovely message from a loved one in Spirit saying Hello!

What about finding feathers? Many people find feathers regularly or in particularly unusual ways or with such regularity - it is a message. Usually this is from our Angels or Spirit Guides.

6. Answers that Just come to you

Some people call these "downloads". Our Spirit Guides, our Higher Self, and Angels will use instant knowledge or understanding with no known source as a means to help support us. This information gets "downloaded" into our Energy mainframe and is then available in our daily life.

This info can also be a result of an unconscious Astral Travel, where we don't recall right away, but the memory or resulting information is recalled after being "triggered" by events or experiences in our daily life.

7. Our Spiritual Senses

Our 6th sense or psychic senses are areas, when open, where Spirit can offer information. This is where we may see pictures, hear words or phrases, get gut feelings, or know information when we are tuned in, that is helpful to us. This is known, in this instance, as Intuitive Communication.

8. Synchronicities

Synchronicity is the experience of events that are seemingly unrelated but appear to be interconnected in some way. Synchronicities have a way of

*pointing us in the right direction

*validating experiences/information

*letting us know we are on the right track and "in the flow" with the Universe.

These are fun and marvelous!

Examples - You walk into a store and the clerk begins to talk with you about Angel Aura Quartz. You open up a catalog, hours later and there is an Ad for Angel Aura Quartz. You go to a friend's house and they unprompted talk to you about Crystal Healing, and this continues.

9. Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are cards, many use, in similar ways to a daily devotional - where the picture and accompanying description provide a focal point or message from the Higher Self or Universe. This is a way of intentionally soliciting and receiving a message or guidance.

10. Signs from the Natural World

Signs can come in many forms, I have seen 'Hellos' come in the form of animals, such as cardinals or deer, or visits from Animal Totems. Wind chimes moving with no wind. Once I had a potted poinsettia, in excellent health, on the top of a bookcase next to my desk. I was reading an e-mail from a friend, who revealed that she was caring for a woman that had recently lost a young child. As I read the e-mail, a petal from the poinsettia fell and landed on the keyboard. There was no wind and it "should" have landed on the top of the bookcase - but somehow landed on the keyboard! As I held it, I saw the message. The stem, was in the shape of a heart! This was an example of a using the natural world!

(Actual images of the Poinsettia petal)

11. Meditations

Sometimes Spirit will take an opportunity to jump into our awareness during a Meditation. During altered states, such as trance or meditation - conditions are more beneficial for contact.

11. Medium

Our Spirit Helpers may also nudge us at times to visit a Medium. A psychic medium can be used much like an instrument or a telephone to deliver a message. The message is usually clearer, intentional, organized, and detailed. This is a great way to touch in with all of our Helpers and get clear information to support our journey.

Despite the incredible feat of communicating across planes of existence - there are so many ways that our Spirit Helpers reach across the divide to support us and assure us of the continuity of life!

Feel free to leave some inspiration, from your experiences, for others in the comments!

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