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Surviving Energetic Climate Change

Over the last few years, as the Earth has entered a time of accelerated growth, Light workers from all over the globe are emerging. Light workers are individuals who are serving our planetary evolution through shining light in dark places, lifting fear and ego based energies, and offering healing for the Earth and it's inhabitants. Recently, more and more Light workers are waking up to their purpose.

These Light workers are the healers and nurturers and the leaders in our world who encourage radical new paradigm thinking and help break the hypnosis and addiction to fear and ego.

These Light workers have a journey all their own - often being guided to their healing gifts and wisdom through undertaking a personal healing journey. This process and path of emergence only increases the sensitivity of the already powerfully sensitive empaths and healers.

The nature of the Light workers, is to shine Light in the dark. These individuals may be born into families that are ignorant of the ways of healing, openness, and spiritual unity. Perhaps they even call themselves the black sheep or are identified as such by others.

Some are lucky to be born into a family of sensitives, but find they end up in marriages, work environments, or educational environments that are restrictive and rigid. Such is the nature of the Light worker - boldly walking into places of confinement and planting the seed for change and growth, offering an alternative to the bondage of illusion and difficulty that comes with a mind enslaved by the temporal.

But with this incredible gift of sensitivity, one can experience the strong contrasts of these restrictive environments and beliefs as harsh, even painful. As our collective unconscious rises to the surface to be revealed and healed, political differences, world wide suffering, climate change and destruction of the Earth, can be exceptionally difficult to bear. Many Light workers who are out of balance, feel overrun by these mass emotions, depressed, or become reclusive. Some stop speaking their truth or expressing themselves, only to find a resulting throat chakra blockage.

Light workers were not brought here to absorb the suffering of others and become mired down in these places of ignorance or darkness. Quite the contrary!

As Light houses and beacons shining from their core - the power of the balanced Light worker in harmony with themselves is unstoppable! Below are some tips and tricks - How to survive in hostile energetic environments.

Before reading further, please note, being a Light worker is not an excuse to stay in abusive or unhealthy relationships and experiences. Part of personal responsibility and the work of the Light worker is to demonstrate respect for self and self-love and dignity.

Tips to survive when energies get dense:

1. Re-frame your thought, if possible. For example, if you are distressed by the current political climate - observe your self-talk. Is it all doom and gloom?

Is there a way for you to lift yourself up to see things from a Higher perspective? Perhaps reminding yourself that things only come to the surface when they are ready to be healed, would be supportive. Or "finally, more opportunities to see truth around this situation!" or recognizing that everything has a life cycle that involves many stages...from ignorance to denial to grief to dark night of the Soul to Light and rebirth. Where we are in the moment, is not an indication of where we will be, the spiral is moving continuously onward to growth.

There are many ways to re-frame. Once you have found what works for you, consider countering the fear-based energies that you encounter with your re-frame. The Soul of the Light worker loves to plant the seed.

2. What are you reinforcing? One of my favorite ways to describe the law of attraction is like the Facebook or media algorithm.

Imagine a web article feed like yahoo. Every time you click on an article that interests you (no matter what emotion it evokes), do you ever notice how 5 articles pop up afterwards with similar themes? "If you like xyz, you may also like xyz2 and xyz3!" Then your feed begins to try and predict your behavior, presenting things it assumes you will like based on your click history. Before you know it your feed has become smaller and all with the same themes - narrowing that focus with more and more fervor.

This happens energetically also, when you begin to pay attention to something (ex: read the article, which disturbs you), the Universe offers similar opportunities - maybe you will like this... or this...

The Universe is a 'Yes' universe, so what are you saying yes to?

Get specific and focused - what are you wanting more of? Give your attention, time, and efforts to these worthy tasks and thoughts. Let go of habits that are bringing you more of what you don't want.

3. Clear and shield your energy -

Get creative and make your space a sanctuary, filled with creative expression, love and light! What colors are relaxing and peaceful to you? What pictures make you smile? Invite in what you need. I find clutter stressful, so I recently downsized furniture and changed colors in the house and got downsized some more, all with the focus of making space and giving myself the gift of mental clarity. What do you need to bring in and how can you make it happen, at your desk at work or at home - make a sanctuary.

Say you work in an environment with a lot of bombarding energies, perhaps you may need a buffer or something to slow down that energy coming your way. Chi generators are great for that - flowing fountains, living plants, fresh flowers, calming music, crystals. Selenite can lift the energy. Black Tourmaline absorbs fear and discord. The best crystals for the current climate are Green Aventurine and Amber.

4. Get busy! Get involved in tasks that keep you occupied with a positive focus. Serve at the food shelter, start a yoga class, knit for the homeless, send distance healing regularly to others, start an uplifting blog, volunteer. Join a meditation group. Create touchstones for gratitude and giving and generosity throughout your week. Time these activities for when you may need that pick me up the most. The Light worker loves to give, and receives through offering these gifts.

5. Allow the Light of the Divine to shine through you, wherever you are - at the grocery store, in a long holiday line at the post office. Smile from the inside out. When we are glowing, we create this wonderful bubble of energy around us that attracts positive experiences and even protects from the harsh. I remember visiting a restaurant with my Grandmother when I was young. We went there often and it was always a very special treat. She walked down the line and greeted each person with enthusiasm, kindness, and knowingness. She knew their names and remembered tidbits about them, it was quite something to witness. I didn't realize exactly how special it was, until later in life. Occasionally someone she greeted would be out of sorts. She just smiled and said hello with tenderness and leaned down to whisper to me "you never know what kind of day that person has had. Your smile may be the only one they see all day." I watched over the years as her simple presence, intention, and energy changed the whole climate as she walked into the room.

6. The more charged up you are in every way, the less disharmonious energies detract from you. Take care of yourself! Give yourself the encouragement you need. Spend time among nature and animals - the healers of healers!

7. Keep your vibration high - eat healthy foods and exercise! Individuals of High vibration, can find that when not in balance all that intense energy turns to anxiety. Extra energy has to be grounded out. Exercise is a great way to do just that. Go for a hike if the gym isn't your thing, find a trail to explore or seek a trail with an Eagle's nest - see what inspires you to get out there. Some like the water energy, pick up a canoe or kayak at your local park.

8. Keep your Root Chakra open and well maintained. As a Light worker, the energy is designed to flow through you and ground into the Earth! If your Root Chakra is closed or clogged, that pipeline slows way down and can back up your personal system. In addition, wisdom from other lifetimes and our sense of mission are located in the Root Chakra. Different energies can be activated at different times to help us and the planet heal.

9. The world is much bigger than we imagine sometimes. We can all get bogged down in our themes and find our thinking has narrowed. Take a trip and explore, expand your mind again - break up monotony and routine. Remember life experience is so much bigger and richer than the boxes we can confine ourselves in. If you can't travel, check out books, or the internet - google Earth, documentaries. There are many ways to expand your mind and get inspired!

10. Take a Media cleanse. De-program yourself. Listen to your heart and intuition to get a gauge on what is really going on.

11. If you are having a particularly difficult time in an environment, you can ask your protector guides to accompany you and buffer any harsh energies you may encounter. Calling on Archangel Michael can also help diffuse energies of lower vibration.

These environments, when the Light worker is in balance can be liberating and fulfilling! It allows one to fulfill a greater purpose and learn self-love in a very powerful way. Light workers are gifted the opportunity to give generously in a world that needs giving.

You may also keep in mind, when judgement creeps in, that poverty and abundance are all part of the same theme. Earth caretakers and polluters are all part of the same theme, etc.

One thing we are seeing more of than ever before, are groupings and communities of Light workers. The Indigo parents with Crystal and Rainbow children - demonstrating the profound concepts of how to make room for one another and express each other's strengths. So, support is out there. Groups of Light workers are finding their ways to work together. Seek out the community and support you need to be your best self. Be inspired and encouraged by the profound strength and insight of the future generations that are pouring in to our planet, as the next wave of accelerated evolution comes to pass.

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