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2017 Energies

Welcome to the 2017 energies! Now, is the time to get familiar with the energy influences of 2017, its associations, and how to flow with grace, ease, and harmony into the New Year.

I asked Spirit, for some messages for us in 2017 and a greater explanation of upcoming energies. Here is what Spirit had to say:

2017 Associations

Numerology = 10 ----->1 New Beginnings, new awakenings

Crystals: Green Calcite, apophyllite, galena

Green Calcite: increases intuitive senses and prosperity, master healer, compassionate to self, imparts peaceful confidence during times of change

Apophyllite: High vibration, purity, connection with the Spiritual realms, seeing beyond limitation, expanding and lightening vibration

Healing through the release of attachment

Galena: grounding, calming influence, centering and strengthening, know the truth or core of a situation, a stone of transformation and understanding.

Yoga Pose: Tree Pose

Learn it here: http://www.yogajournal.com/pose/tree-pose/

Essential oils: resins (frankincense), cedarwood atlas, anise

Colors: green, some shades of a fuschia purple

Chakra: Third Eye

Animal Totems: Owl, Muskrat

Owl Energies: Wisdom, awareness of the hidden, tapping into Intuitive realms, listening to the silence or rarely heard

Muskrat Energies: Cooperative for the greater good, Many Native American tribes have stories of Muskrat helping to form the New Earth (with help of Turtle), thriving in challenging environments, cleansing an environment

Symbol: Compass, inner light

Physical: Kidneys and blood cleansing, mineral absorption

Mental/Emotional: Listening to inner voice, following your truth, communication realms

Spiritual: Knowledge of Universal Law

Cleansing practice: writing, candles, warming

Archangel: Gabriel

Goddess: Artemis

Archetype: The Archer - quiet observer, natural action, listener to nature

Keywords: Dreamy, possibilities, new direction, tapping into hidden gifts, growth, healing


This year people will be guided to making choices that help to define a future trajectory or influence. Much like the imagery of two roads diverged in a wood - this energy will guide people to their own crossroads of sort and ask to use their inner guidance to lead the way. These choices will be highly personal in nature, resulting in transformation of some kind as new definitions and beliefs emerge.

These energies will push one to go deep within, with the focus being on the internal world in order to move forward. If one focuses on the outer or others, they will soon be lost or confused - leaving them to return again to the within for guidance.

Flowing in harmony with a steady eye and awareness on intuitive vision, service, as well as generosity.

While the focus is on the inside, the impulse will be to cleanse, simplify, give away offer to others. This sense of generosity is a result of people honing in on their true needs and purpose and letting go of the excess and distractions.

Many this year will find a return to awareness of physical health, exercise, and trying new sports. This has more to do with creating a sense of groundedness.

Meditation and reading inspired writing will bring many to the higher possibilities.

What is the career focus for 2017?

Building bridges in more ways than one. Many will ask, 'How do I connect my internal guidance into how I am conveying myself to the world?'

How do you celebrate what you are doing now as a choice rather than as something you have always done? This year, many will feel a need to reinvigorate the career, add new education, or do something slightly different to bring a sense of rejuvenation, satisfaction, and align with new energies. Most will stay with general career fields they are currently in, just freshen the energy in some way.

What is the family and social focus for 2017?

By removing excess and returning to the core, you will "trim the fat" in social and family interactions also. This creates more space to strengthen your creations and to express what you find most rewarding. This year will be a year of change in social structures - changing or altering how you prefer to be supported. Change will be the keyword here. You may also find that you are drawn to more quiet interactions, forgoing certain group settings for the quiet evening at home.


This year, will bring more energy, an awareness of natural rhythms and patterns in the body and more understanding of how to honor them. This will bring new opportunities to find more harmony in the physical body, instead of pushing the body to keep up with an external ideal.

More room will be made for sleep and rest, which contributes to refreshing energies. It is good to keep an increased immunity this year, when off-centered or imbalanced, there is more influence for this expression to occur physically, quickly.

Many Blessings for a fulfilling Year of trimming the fat and building the foundation!


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