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What are Joy Guides?

Your Guide to Joy Guides

Spirit Guides are agents of Divine grace that offer wise counsel, direction, and protection to the individuals they are contracted with.

Their work can be seen in the lessons we learn, opportunities presented, even in the encouraging words of a friend or colleague.

Among the ranks of Guides are those with specialized expertise and purpose such as protector guides, teaching guides, and the topic of our post today, Joy Guides.

Joy Guides are guides that specialize in JOY, fun, and creativity.

Despite their name, the Joy Guides have a pretty serious mission and we would have a much more difficult path without them!

The Divine purpose of the Joy Guides are to teach their humans:

*how to not take life and themselves too seriously

*Remember the effervescent joy that emerges from Divine Love

*See new possibilities in themselves

*nurture the imagination and creativity which helps one solve problems or create new visions for the world and life.

What are they Like?

Each person has 1-2 Joy Guides. All Joy Guides are healers by nature.

They often appear as young children, fairies, or men or women - younger in appearance, with a special little twinkle in their eyes. This often begs the question - are these guides actually children? The answer is 'No' - just as a Soul is neither male or female, the Spirit may choose how to best express their energy to others through a projected appearance.

Joy Guides are often the guides that children report seeing and playing with.

Not long ago, I led a Spirit Communication Weekend, in Sedona. One afternoon we were gathered for a Guided Meditation journey so participants could meet some of their Spirit Guides. One participant shared that before she arrived at her meeting place, one young girl bounded down the stairs to her and grabbed her hand - leading her on - laughing and skipping all the way with such enthusiasm, she was surprised! This is a great example of the energy of our Joy Guides!

Joy Guides and the Natural World

Joy Guides also work very closely with the Natural Realms. Their innocence, trust, and natural playfulness make them perfect stewards of the natural world. They can also send messages through a flower, animals, butterflies, hummingbirds, etc. with ease.

Careers that attract extra Joy Guides

If one works in an entertainment field, such as a comedian, some actors, magicians, clowns, child care workers, or the like, these people will often attract more joy guides - if their mission is to spread play, laughter, and lightness to others.

Even those in the Mental Health field, Counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and mental health technicians will also receive inspiration and information from the Joy Guides.

When to call in Your Joy Guide

Sometimes we all need a little extra Joy in our life, especially when we are:

*in the middle of difficult transitions (divorce, change of career, moving, grief and loss)

*Working too much

*Feeling down on ourselves - experiencing increased Fear, Ego, Anger, Guilt, Shame

*seeking solutions for difficult situations

*needing to get your groove back

*Having an identity crisis

*needing to get out of the head and into the heart

In these situations, or others, we can ask our Joy Guides to walk a little closer with us, helping us to lighten our energy and get back into our heart energies. Watch for signs from the natural world, or how funny things begin to happen. Perhaps a tickets to a play or concert fall into your lap. Suddenly a friend calls you with a funny story. These situations often unfold with your particular tastes in mind.

Have fun & Remember to Light-en Up!

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