• Christina Wooten

The difference between a psychic, a Medium, and an Intuitive

Updated: May 13

These days the words psychic, medium, and intuitive are often used interchangeably, but they have very specific and distinct meanings.

A psychic is someone that is able to receive and interpret information received mind to mind. A psychic is perceptive to the energies of the Auric field or mind of an individual, and is able to relay information which is stored there, in the form of energy.

A Medium (or psychic medium) is someone who is able to receive information from a client's auric field or mind as well as, relay information received from Spirit or Loved Ones that have crossed over. A Medium is acting as the medium or instrument of Spirit to express messages and information to the sitter.

Mediumship involves three parts - the sitter, the Medium, and Spirit.

All Mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

Intuition is technically communication that occurs between Spirit or Loved Ones that have crossed over and the individual receiving the information for their own use, growth, and purpose.

Intuition has two parts - the Intuitive/Individual and Spirit.

For example, you speaking to your Spirit Guides and receiving information for yourself is considered Intuition. If you were passing this information on to a sitter, then that would be Mediumship.

So why do many use these descriptions interchangeably? Primarily, it is generally for ease of communication. Many of the public are unaware of these definitions and therefore search intuitive reading, when they are looking for a psychic medium reading, etc. Some psychic mediums will follow public definition for ease of use and for keywords, etc.

This contributes to the confusion.

The best way to ensure you are receiving the type of reading that you desire, is to ask some clarifying questions with your reader to make sure it is a good fit!

Christina Wooten is a Psychic Medium, living and working in Sedona, AZ. Readings are available in-person in Sedona or over the phone.


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