• Christina Wooten

5 Ways to drop the drama and follow your Bliss

This life is full of change, transformation, and shifting tides. From emotions to every day challenges, life experience offers seemingly endless opportunities to jump on the swinging pendulum.

This lack of focus and Earthly drama inevitably leads to dissatisfaction at varying levels. So how does one become the still, peaceful eye within the storm? How to let go of the addictive drama that society reinforces, to finally follow your bliss?

Here are some ways to get started ~

1. Build a life that increases your Creative capacity

What fills you up with life force? What energizes you? What returns you to your heart center? Build your life around these answers. Rather than trying to "fit in" these activities, make it a priority! Pay attention to how you feel as you do certain things ~ what makes you feel expanded, what closes you down and decreases your energy? Moment by moment, become aware of your creative flow of expansion or contraction. Choose to follow the expansion. See where it takes you.

2. Pay attention to the lessons within before they are externalized

Our life lessons often are found first in our thoughts, attitudes, fears, and hopes. The Higher Self signals that it is ready for a leap in Consciousness by planting sometimes subtle new thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. In day to day life, some of these inspirations and internal catalysts go unnoticed as life experience is managed. Over time, the Higher Self may then manifest an external catalyst to promote change. Through meditation and increasing awareness of subtle energies and inspirations within, one may begin to move in greater alignment with the Higher Self energies.

3. Let yourself be guided

If your life is a car, who is driving? You?

Get in the passenger seat and see how it feels ~ with the intention of the Divine as the driver. Once we let go of control and follow the signs, synchronicity, and intuition, absolute magic can be revealed! The life we can live when in the flow of the Universe and with our heart, is far bigger than one can ever conceive of. Letting go is worth it!

4. Stop justifying and rationalizing what takes you off center

Every time you jump on the drama train, coming back in to stir the pot - be honest with yourself. Know that you have made the choice to buy the ticket back on the ride. No need to justify or rationalize staying on. Re-center and do what you need to do to come back to your heart space. You may need to take it moment by moment, starting with being aware of expansion and contraction of your life force energy.

5. Ask 'Where does love lead me?'

When you aren't sure what to do ~ ask the energy of love. The unconditional, spiritual type of love. What are your next steps. What will lead you to more love consciousness? Follow what is revealed.

Like every change, it can take 30 days or more of daily practice for these steps to become more of a part of your consciousness and energy. To really get the benefits, set up some reminders for yourself in different environments that you interact with daily. One thing I have done that was helpful, when beginning a new practice is tape reminders everywhere :) From the bathroom mirror, back of the front door, next to the kitchen sink, bedroom, altar space, my offices, even my car dashboard contains reminders of a meaningful practice, when I am first starting out. This has also served as helpful in other meaningful ways with my family and children. It gives them a reminder of how to support me in a new practice, and choices if they wish to align with the same energies. It also offers jumping off places for conversations and teaching with the little ones. A win-win all around.

Like most practices, shifting consciousness to following bliss or Higher Self Consciousness, is best accomplished when one is sincere, willing, and devoted to the concept.

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