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What happens when my Pet dies?

Recently, my cat Tigeress, passed into Spirit. I have had her and her brother for 17 years. I was grateful to provide a beautiful and positive space for her to cross peacefully, and from my experience as a Medium, I knew we were surrounded by Angels and loving energies to help us all during the transition. There were times, where I would remember this and breathe into the knowledge that I was being deeply loved and supported, even during the most painful of human emotions - grief.

I have often wondered what it was like for a pet to pass. Until recently, I had kept this as a wonder. But after having been witness on this side, I went straight to Spirit and asked. Here is what I received.

Transition of Consciousness from Physical to Astral or Spirit Body

"In the case of an animal dying of illness or old age, in a process of release, the following occurs. As the body begins to shut down, awareness begins to be transferred from the tissues and the cells, and the physical senses, which is transferred over time, in entirety to the energy body or spiritual body (or Soul) of the pet. As this begins to happen, the sensations, and psychic senses become very acute and amplified as they are no longer dulled by the presence and awareness of the physical.

This happens seamlessly and is usually an unconscious process that unfolds naturally. This is peaceful and there is generally no direct awareness by the animal of this transition of consciousness.

Psychic Smell is perceived

A psychic smell (clairolfactance) permeates the space. This smell is manufactured by the Spirit Guides helping in the transition. The psychic smell is sensed first as very faint, almost like a soft hum or background noise is to hearing.

The smell varies depending on animal..Spirit says that sometimes it smells like a faint burning, more like herbs burning than a fire. Similar to a sweet grass burning or for some almost like an incense. Some animals are brought out with a fragrance of flowers, roses and lavenders or other like lilies or jasmines. If the guides feel that there may be confusion on the part of the animal (as is the case in dementia, mental illness) or a reluctance to leave a beloved human, the smell will be something that is familiar in their earthly life, something they associate with feeling loved, comforted, or something they showed interest in.

The Astral body leaves the physical body

As the time comes for the Soul, as determined by the Divine, the Soul, and in perfect timing ~ the smell becomes very strong, becoming strong enough until in pique's the curiosity of the animal. The pet perceives this smell strongly, as you or I would perceive a very strong physical smell. They do not initially realize that this smell is coming from their psychic smell senses - they just perceive the fragrance itself.

Smell is very important in the Animal World, so this is the natural sense to utilize.

The animal's energy curiosity brings awareness to the smell and their Spirit begins to move towards the smell origin (into the Spirit world). It is important to understand that in Spirit, "movement" of the Astral body is done by thought, awareness, and intention.

The animal's Soul, having completed the transition of consciousness from the physical to their spiritual body, is now steering their spiritual body through thoughts and interests, as they are leaving the body (usually without realizing this has happened right away).

Their interest in the smell, triggers "movement" which results in the completion of the separation from the physical body.


There is a a strange sensation, almost as if moving very fast, while simultaneously feeling as if not moving. There is some sound vibration that happens with this also. This is a comforting feeling, rather than alarming. At this time, pain is released from the awareness and the spirit begins to feel youthful, peaceful, lighter as if burdens have been lifted. This leaves a natural feeling of happiness.


The pet, is met by Spirit Guides and Angels that work directly with and specialize in Animal Spirits. If the transition has been unresisted, there are also Loved Ones in Spirit that may have been acquainted with the pet during its life, their family, and Soul friends and family. If the pet had difficulty in transition, the Spirit Guides and Angels begin a protocol that restores the pet through healing and soothing.

Awareness of Loved Ones on Earth Plane/Visitation

Once they have transitioned into Spirit, there is such a sense of lightness, wholeness, and peace that there is no immediate awareness of "something being missing (the Loved Ones left behind)". As they begin to become accustomed to Spirit, the full memory of their life previously is integrated and restored. This is often the time that loved ones left behind begin to have dreams of their pets or see them out of the corner of their eye, or sense their presence. The Earth time that this occurs in, is different for each animal."

I asked the following, What about the pet and their relationship with the Divine as it relates to this transition?

A: "There is a pervasive energy of God being all around, as if it is a note played in harmony with all else, in the background of all things. There is no absence of God, nor sense of an absence of God's presence, for even a single moment."

This is the initial transition period, as described to me from Spirit. It is clear that the whole process is to be as comfortable and natural for the pet, as possible. There is so much peace, love, and understanding that ushers them into this transition, with such care and tenderness.

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