• Christina Wooten

10 Signs your Root Chakra is out of balance

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning 'Wheel of Light'.

Chakras are energy portals within the body that provide the vital life force energy necessary for physical, emotional, and spiritual functions.

There are 7 Major Chakras in the human body that influence the health of an individual. The first of these Chakras is the Root Chakra.

The Root Chakra is the primary stabilizing force for the energy body that brings in nourishing vital energy to fuel most of the body's energy needs. It helps us feel supported, secure, and able to move forward in our life. It's role is critical to well being. Surprisingly, many people walk around with closed or mostly closed Root Chakras!

Here are 10 signs that your Root Chakra may be out of balance.

Stumbling, clumsy

You may notice that you are less coordinated that you used to be. From running into door frames, tripping on things, to dropping things, these are indicators that it is time to connect with your Root Chakra.

Low energy

Low Ki/Chi/Pranic energy as a result of a closed Root Chakra, leads to exhaustion with daily activities. The Root Chakra brings in a majority of the Ki for the entire energy body, so when stores are low – the energy disbursement is low leading to less energy and motivation for many normal activities.

Increased, generalized anxiety

A closed or underperforming Root Chakra leads to increased anxiety. The decreased Ki flow increases stress on the energy body and an inability to “ground” this stress out. This increased stress triggers anxiety responses and may contribute to panic attacks.

Not manifesting

Manifestation is the process of bringing an idea to form. Manifestation energies are dependent on the Root Chakra's implementation abilities to support the process of creation. Without the energy needed, many plans, ideas, and prosperity energy do not come to fruition.

Difficulty letting go of things

The Root Chakra also functions as the waste system for the energy body. When healthy and open, this chakra releases energy that no longer has purpose for the energy body (think energetic toliet). When the system is closed, this waste gets backed up and leads to difficulty thinking clearly and trouble letting go of repetitive thoughts.

Too much time away from Nature

Spending time in nature is incredibly important for grounding your energy. Just by being in a natural environment or by touching your feet to a healthy Earth energy you create healing and positive energy empowerment for your body. But...much like eating way too much McDonald's or junk food – if you have been spending too much time indoors or in the big city it may be taking it's toll on you.

Unfocused mind/ spaciness

This is a big one! When your mind is bouncing all over the place and you are seemingly not all together.

Difficulty in the bones, skeletal structure, adrenal glands, legs, feet, arthritis

Each Chakra governs certain areas of the body. Here are a few places that the Root Chakra governs. You may be noticing symptoms in any of these areas if you have a long-standing imbalance.

Not taking responsibility or difficulty “moving forward”

If you are avoiding responsibility or finding it difficult to move forward, you may be out of touch with the Root Chakra energies.

Not sure what your “next steps” are

If you are having difficulty identifying plans or breaking a goal down into steps and acting on them, this is actually a Root Chakra challenge. Our Root Chakra helps us understand how to keep an even pace as we accomplish our goals.

If you find you have several symptoms on this list, don't worry there are many things you can do to get back on track!

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