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2018 ~ What's in Store

Welcome to the 2018 energies! Now, is the time to get familiar with the energy influences of 2018, its associations, and how to flow with grace, ease, and harmony into the New Year.

I asked Spirit, for some messages for us in 2018 and a greater explanation of upcoming energies. Here is what Spirit had to say:


This is the year, that weaves the last 3-5 years together (cycle length depends on the individual). Peace is found as the foundation from previous lessons and experiences are used to build the new forward direction and propulsion of 2018.

This year is bringing a lot of energy for communication and living your inner values in a way that contributes to the world. Here you will have opportunities that present itself for you to practice communicating your ideas more openly – in either larger communities or in a more authentic way than you previously would have felt comfortable. This is a coming out of hiding, stepping out of the closet and feeling at peace with using your voice. Some people may feel guided to express this through activism, while others will find that these opportunities pop up in their mundane moments. What is most important is letting go of defense mechanisms of guilt, shame, fear, and judgement to express yourself in the way you are craving. This is also the key to artistic development in the New Year.

There is a strong pull for people to find cooperative community and connect with their “tribe”. This is a great time to follow your interests and join groups and cooperative activities. Through this, you can experience giving and receiving and balance. Having created more space in 2017, this space leaves more freedom and openings to seek new support system and contribute. Contribution and cooperation will be keywords in making the connection that you are looking for.

This is an excellent time to dream BIG. Look out at the night sky – the vastness of the known and unknown universe. Creation is infinite. Align with this awareness of potential to refocus on your big dreams, big goals. Putting things in place this year will surely sprout the stalks which lead to fruit and fulfillment. Wonder, gratitude, knowing who you are as Spirit will be the keys to accessing the inner gifts and wisdom that you need to be successful, this year.

Trying new things, exploration, and travel will all lead to excellent expansive opportunities. Taking classes in the creative arts or to further professional development is particularly favorable. This is the year to stop putting it off and get started in adding new skills and bringing in new hobbies. Think MAJOR enrichment.

Fruits, vegetables, and more natural, unprocessed foods will be making its way into more diets this year. Increased heavy metals in the food supply – particularly in fish and seafood.

What is the career focus for 2018?

In career, organization is going to be key. This is a good time for goal setting and creating the template for implementation and for follow through. Consider time-management an important gift to yourself. When you free up your time by being more efficient in your career life, you are creating more space for creativity, personal growth, and activities that you would choose to pursue.

Being proactive vs. reactive will be the path to achieving greater peace in the work life this year. If your career year starts off rocky, you will find that the solution is in bigger goals, implementation, and decisive use of resources. Bonus points for cooperative projects and networking.

The refinement or change this year will be centered in procedures and processes. Many companies will implement new procedures, new softwares, or revise long held processes in favor of more efficiency.

What is the family and social focus for 2018?

Harmony will be the key word here. This is where families and relationships will be bringing major focus. How to create more harmony in the living and interacting environments and how to bring harmony to relationships. This marks an increase in compromise, communication, and finding common ground.

This year, there is an emphasis around resolution, coming to terms, and revisiting old relationships/friendships to create resolution and release. The purposes are to revisit old situations where you may have stored some of your energy in. Something that you haven't let go of, or is still holding resentment or irritation for you. The energy is there for reaching back and creating the kinds of resolution that brings peace and releases that energy for you. Don't be surprised when that old person reaches back out to get together. Take the opportunities as they come and consider this year an auspicious year for resolutions of legal matters. Letting go, forgiveness, integration are all key in the family and relationship quadrant.


This year is about increasing life force and creative energy. Those that are feeling physically drained or easily irritated will feel the push to address the origins of this and resolve it. Do not consider that what you have always done will work this year for your body. In the same way that you are expanding and growing in other places, your physical regimen will be under the same forces. Changing to expand. Try new things and don't depend on what has worked in the past.

Exercise, particularly that which occurs outdoors is optimal.

Enzymatic health, for some, will be an area to attend to.

2018 Associations

Numerology= 11----->Master Number, Intuition, Dynamic, Justice

Crystals: Aqua Aura, Angel Aura, Diaptase

Yoga Pose: Warrior 1

Essential oils: Vetiver, Juniper berry & Lavender blend, Patcholli

Colors: Turquoise blue, Sky blue

Animal Totems: Elk, Wolf

Symbol: Unicorn – trust, innocence, peaceful nature

Telescope – fluctuating between expanded world view and targeted goals

Physical: Central Nervous System, DNA, RNA

Mental/Emotional: growing support network and tribal connections, knowledge and educational pursuits, trying new things, seeking stability through within

Spiritual: Much like the explorer, setting out into the unknown, curious, and open to discoveries. Greater open mindedness, more spiritual pursuits and interests

Cleansing practice: Pranayama breathwork and conscious breathing techniques, floor seating, foot baths and reflexology

Keywords: Faith, financial security, re-connection

Many Blessings,


If you would like to take a look at the energy influences at play in your life, now is a great time for a psychic medium reading.

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