• Christina Wooten

Children seeing Animals

Did you happen to catch the case of Casey Hathaway on the news?

If you missed it, here is a brief recap:

Casey Hathaway is a 3 year old boy who was playing in his grandmother's yard in

North Carolina with two other children.

He went missing from the yard, with no sign of abduction. The weather was very cold and he was inadequately dressed.

As the days dragged on there was much concern for his safety. Fortunately, he was found safe - cold, hungry....but safe

He also had an interesting tale, recounting his two days in the woods with a friendly bear that helped keep him safe and ensured his survival.

You can read the full article here: https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2019/01/28/missing-north-carolina-boy-says-friendly-bear-him-days/2698729002/

A bear?

Was this childhood imagination and coping skills or was there something greater at work?

Many Spirit Guides come through around children as animals.

The case of Casey Hathaway and his protector bear is a perfect example!

To be clear, children can also sometimes see family pets that have passed away and animal totems, but usually if a young one talks about the conversations that they have with an animal that they are interacting with, it is usually a Spirit Guide.

Not all Guides will appear as an animal to children, some appear as themselves - it depends on the situation and the child.

So why would a Spirit Guide take this form?

Children are naturally very sensitive to Spirit, as they haven't been conditioned to distrust their instincts, intuition, and themselves quite yet. They are also, so recently from the Spirit Plane and still attuned to these vibrations.

Spirit Guides never wish to cause distress and fear in their charges!

They wish to offer comfort, support, and develop rapport as a Soul transitions from the Spirit plane to the Earth plane.

In today's world, children are taught from a young age the concept of "Stranger Danger". Don't talk or trust those you don't know.

Now imagine that a man or woman shows up in their room to chat?

Children are usually taught to distrust people, but to find comfort in animals.

Stuffed animals, mobiles, and nursery decorations with friendly images are what they know! Most children naturally have a heart for animals.

Consider, a child comes to you and says,

"I just had the best conversation with the man in my room!" vs. "I really like it when my friend the Bear comes to visit me!"

Most parents or family get a bit nervous when a child mentions interacting with unseen visitors. The child picks up on this anxiety and may think they have done something bad or it creates nervousness in them that wasn't previously there. This negatively impacts the relationship between child and their guide.

But most parents are curious rather than fearful of the animals that may come to visit.

It sounds like imagination or normal ramblings of a young mind. So they don't add fear into the equation.

As the child gets older, if they continue to retain their clairvoyance and clairaudience, the animal may begin to present themselves in their preferred form. So the friendly bear, later shows themselves as a lovely woman with a bear necklace or bear imagery so the child may recognize them.

Casey Hathaway was very blessed to have his protector guide come through for him, during such a frightening time to offer comfort, guidance, and help him to survive the ordeal! I hope he will continue to feel the love that guided him and his family through and have many more visits from his special Bear friend from Spirit.

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