• Christina Wooten

Crystal Healing for Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is an astrological influence, where the energies Mercury governs (communications publishing, technology, contracts) tend to shift from calm and smooth forward progression to chaotic and challenging.

Retrograde occurs several times each year. While the appearance in the night's sky is that Mercury is moving backwards, this is simply an optical illusion created from our relative position to Mercury's position in orbit.

While this backward motion is illusionary, the energy of Mercury Retrograde has quite the reputation, that has many becoming hermits for several weeks each year!

As in all things, we must review influences in our lives and rather than giving power away to Mercury – the real question is revealed : If all is here to serve me, then how does Mercury Retrograde periods fulfill this?

Much like time from a broader perspective is not linear, we can apply this same concept of growth and forward progression. Imagine a ballroom dance taking place before our eyes – grace, flow, harmony, and beauty with both steps forward, and steps backward. When we change focus from the individual steps to perceive the greater picture, we can see how each has it's place in creating the beauty of the dance.

Mercury Retrogrades serves us through:

*Helping us to find flow in our lives, opportunities to review or revisit our direction and momentum

*Remove blockages of complacency and return awareness and intention to communication

*Bringing opportunities to heal or highlight areas where healing is needed

*Remove blockages of dishonesty with self or others

*Provide extra emphasis on self-care for body, mind, emotions

Nevertheless, all this shifting and healing can leave some feeling out of sorts, fatigued, or frustrated.

When you need extra support, you can turn to Crystal energies to help!

Crystals are not here to help us to avoid experiences, but can help us to re-align, re-focus, and create an intentionally,

supportive environment as we strengthen and exercise different parts of ourselves.

Crystals for communication help:

Sodalite – supports the throat chakra and promotes honest communciation. Particularly helpful in facilitating big shifts.

Blue Lace Agate – helps to calm anxieties, promotes compassion for self and others in communication, lessens anger and frustration. Helps to organize thoughts

Amazonite -helps in calm thoughtful communications and positive resolutions

Fluorite – any type will do, provides an organized energy and helpful in making sure things are not overlooked (One technique: while holding Fluorite, clear your mind, ask if there is anything you have missed, forgotten about, or need to follow up on)

Crystals To calm frantic emotions ~ process fear, frustration, etc.:

Black Tourmaline – (best used as a partnership with Aquamarine or Ametrine) -absorbs fear, frustration, intense emotions

Smokey Quartz – helpful in cleansing environmental energies or around you in environments where you are interacting frequently with others.

Jade – promotes a calming and centered approach, has gentle loving energy with a strength

Aragonite (best used as a partnership with Sodalite for example) – helpful in grounding and electronic energies

Healing Support Crystals:

Emerald – sometimes Mercury retrograde can remind us of our need to be gentle, loving, and continue healing from past experiences. Emerald is a wonderful crystal to provide a comforting and safe energy to process deeper emotions and life experiences. Also helpful in finding courage when needed.

Ametrine – a combo of Amethyst and Citrine, excellent crystal to promote calmness, detachment when needed, and insight.

Kyanite – excellent in use for self-healing to realign the chakras and with permission can lead one to find blockages in energy for deeper healing.

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