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Humanity is healing - April - June 2019 energies

If you have been sitting around waiting for the planetary energies to lighten up, only to have the intensity of each day drag on month to month - this article is definitely for you. Almost everyone is aware that something has been shifting, while it may have been difficult to pinpoint and articulate exactly what.

Perhaps you have been watching the astrology just waiting for retrograde to end, or wondering why so many seem to be purging emotionally. Maybe you are a healer, counselor, nurse, doctor and you are noticing that a lot is being shaken up right now and stirred around - like one big cosmic blender.

So much is happening right now and so I'm breaking it down here and letting you know when this is going to lighten up and how to appreciate the beauty of what we are experiencing.

2019 is a year of creativity, exploration, and expansion.

But in order to step into full realization of this, the blockages of the past must surface to be swept away.

When we entered the spiritual gateway of 2019, the energies of creativity and expansion became heightened. This frequency has been stimulating the Sacral Chakra of the body for some massive healing.

This is the area of the energy body that governs creativity, exploration, and play. located in the center of the abdominal area.

This bright, orange energy center governs:

*inner happiness


*inner child healing


*the ability to surrender

*emotional awareness

*emotional expression (with the Throat Chakra)

*emotional release

*emotional stability


*sensory pleasures

*ability to discern own preferences (Do you want Chinese food or a vegan hotdog for dinner?)

*ability to trust in others and not try and do everything yourself

*work/home/play balance

*fertility – literally and figuratively

*acceptance of others


*allowing yourself to be yourself!

and on and on and on – but I think you get the gist for now...

The last few months have brought with it the cleansing and purifying of the Sacral Chakra energies. The influences have been bringing up old emotions, emotional fluctuations, old relationship patterns that one is done with, clinginess, escalating more quickly, trouble asking for help, feeling more intense, sadness, isolation, writer's block, etc. People also “store” trauma and unresolved pain in the energy body too. Connected with the hips and Sacral Chakra are – fears and unresolved things connected with Motherhood, sexual abuse history as well as abusive relationships, self-destructive habits or self-harm, addictions, things one is having difficulty letting go of, workaholism, guilt and shame, denial and suppression of needs.

There are certainly lots that can get triggered as healing begins in this area!

If you are a Reiki student, you are familiar with the concept of a Spiritual detox. When higher vibrational energy enters, it stimulates a flush. This is much like when you wipe away writing from a chalkboard. This step 1 in cleansing the chalkboard. Then comes blank, and then the opportunity to write again. In the case of humanity, this is happening on a mass scale, creating a collective release.

On some level, everyone is experiencing this cleanse, even those who may feel normally disconnected from emotions or their own energy sensitivity. You will also see areas of your life that have been stagnant, start to move that energy. The wheels are turning! But much like the process of cleaning involves focus, intention, and some effort for the best results ~ in the end, the beauty of purification, healing, space created is worth it!

As we come into April – June some of this continues but is working on new levels and some of the emotional intensity is reduced.

There are several ways to nourish yourself as your creative bodies are restored to a vibrant, energized state.

Mainly, this involves keeping it moving!

The Sacral Chakra is a source of water energy in the body – connected with the water organs. In the body, water moves and flows and is a part of almost every biochemical process. (We also see this flow of water in the active water cycle of our planet)

It has a huge role as it is distributed out to all the areas of the body.

So, the key here is KEEP IT MOVING :) When water stops moving – literally and symbolically, it isn't watering the fertile fields or

fulfilling a critical role that supports life.

Don't get stuck in what is arising. Yes, it will be intense at times. Yes, in the last month you may have felt like a good pity party was in order. And frankly, that can be tempting – especially when hitting on beliefs that some part of you may not feel quite ready to let go of. But just see it for what it is, the old washing clean.

No need to invest – thought and energy into the old, right?

You can keep it moving by:

*Journal, draw, paint, express – Emotions get stuck when they are not allowed to be expressed and released.

*Drink lots of water – energy lubricant, flushes the system

*Sit by areas of water and meditate or relax

*Energize the water corners of your house or office using Feng Shui

*Enjoy a fountain or get a fish

*Go swimming

*Epsom salt baths

*Hip opening exercises

*Dancing (belly dancing can be great to move that stuck pattern in the hips, but any kind of dance will do)


*Explore- stimulate the part of the energy that is curious, exploratory – What happens if I do this?

*Try new things – try new dishes, flavors

*Volunteer to clean out the waters of the Earth – pick up trash around lakes, rivers, creeks, etc.

*If old trauma is coming up, you may consider working with a professional Counselor to get a new perspective

*If you are a Reiki Master - set up a Reiki grid for yourself. If not, create a crystal grid as you are guided. Great crystals for this energy are: Amethyst, Jade, Rose Quartz, Golden Calcite, Peridot

*Whale is one of the animal totems of the year and is a powerful healer and water being. Do a meditation with Whale, listen to some relaxing whale sounds

*Having a lot of trouble? – Reiki self-treatment or schedule a Reiki session

*If you are an Empath (sensitive to other's emotional energies), do yourself a big favor - practice “bubbling” up – see this video, here:

The good news, is that this healing is available for everyone. You don't have to force it - it is here, right now (like it or not lol) bringing you to your highest and best. Whenever, the full detox is complete, the Sacral Chakra, your ability to allow and receive, your creative abilities, and your freedom to be yourself will be functioning better than it ever has, maybe in your entire lifetime!

Be compassionate with yourself and others. All the hurt feelings, sensitivity, rudeness, etc. are all part of these illusions clearing out and of course, have nothing to do with you.

Send love. Let go and see where the tide takes you on this incredible ride!

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