• Christina Wooten

The Meaning of Synchronicity

Regardless of energy awareness, sensitivity, or belief system, one relatable human experience, are the mysterious events and moments that should have no way of being connected, and yet somehow, seem to carry the same thread, theme, or even the same symbol in such a profound way that it grabs ones attention.

Perhaps you see recurring numbers over and over again. Maybe the same unusual word pops up. You just said one rare and unusual word and a car with that word drives out right in front of you (this real example just happened to my husband!) Perhaps 6 times in the same day, Italy is referenced, when you aren't looking for the connection or trying to make it happen.

It is obvious that these exciting winks from the Universe mean something, but what? What about when it happens over and over and over again for long periods of time? Surely, this is an indication of a powerful force at play.

Let us dive into the meaning of synchronicity and how to tap the potential.

The Three Reasons you are experiencing synchronicity:

1. You are being Tuned.

The human energetic system expresses itself constantly in the world through vibration. This vibration isn't stagnant. It is a dynamic energy. While certain "notes" of the vibrational signature may stay very close to the same over periods of time, other energies in the field will fluctuate depending on the predominant emotions being experienced and expressed, level of consciousness and evolution of this consciousness, unhealed energies that are actively attracting resolution, life purpose, talents, etc. In musical terms, you could think of this as an elaborate orchestra with many layers, creating one massive harmonic sound flowing from it.

When big changes occur in the frequency, which are becoming anchored in (transitioning from a fluctuating principle into a foundational aspect of the harmonics) synchronicities may begin to occur frequently. This can occur because

a. You are seeing things with new eyes! The reality that you are experiencing is changing and thus your lens of perceiving the world is also changing. Certain things begin to suddenly pop out that you would have never noticed before.

b. Some synchronicities are the Universe's way of helping you to anchor this information into your vibration. I see this often in cases with repeating numbers. Numbers are like the universal code. Each time you see 133 or 444 or 1111 or whatever repeating numbers, it is unconsciously activating something within you. In some cases it is tuning you to a certain code/vibration. In this process, it also sends signals to your cells, DNA, tissues, energy system etc. to express or alter certain patterns and rhythms in the body/energy to match the updated vibration.

2. You are being directed.

Some may find that the nature of the synchronicity confirms something, points something out, or provides guidance. Consider these like sign posts along the road. In human terms, when traveling on a road trip, there may be many signs before the road trip detour, rest area, or turn is revealed. You see the first notice 30 miles out. This is an alert - hey this opportunity for XYZ is here. Then more and more signs come in, with more frequency as you get closer to the next opportunity.

In these cases, the synchronicity is alerting you to something. "Hey, feel into this!" "What do you think about it?" "Are you ready for this?" "How about now?" "Ready?" "Now is the time to decide or miss it!" "Need another turn around the highway?"

These types of synchronicity are preparing your energy or priming it to stimulate a possible shift. During this type of synchronicity - LISTEN. See what is being revealed. What opportunity, question, inner passion is emerging? What is the invitation. Let the mind relax and let the synchronicity activate you - whether you understand it or not.

By letting go, you allow greater receptivity and you are more likely to take the energetic short-cut to some amazing growth and evolution!

3. You are being awakened.

Many cultures, philosophers, and physicists have noted that something strange is going on in this Universe. Some have come to the conclusion that we are living in the cosmic dream, also known as Maya (or illusion). The process of becoming aware of the illusion is called awakening.

Without a doubt, sychronicities reminds us of the magic of the universe! It reminds of how something profound is occurring that is beyond our brain's comprehension and the current limits of science. It points to the miraculous and interconnection of all things.

It helps us find a sense of ease, purpose, and peace because this is the evidence of something much bigger at work. When we keep these magic synchronicities at the forefront of our hearts and minds, our consciousness expands. Our ability to perceive the possibilities and release illusion is heightened. It fundamentally changes what we think about the world around us.

Everyone has had the awareness of synchronicity at some point in their lives.

Even a devoted skeptic will notice the occurrence of synchronistic experiences in their lives! Understanding what is occurring and allowing it to change our way of experiencing the world is the ultimate purpose of synchronicity.






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