• Christina Wooten

Should I remove jewelry, crystals, pocket stones for Reiki?

Should I remove jewelry or crystals for my Reiki session?

I have heard a great many theories about wearing jewelry, crystals and healing implements during Reiki sessions, even among practitioners! Some say, it will effect the energy you can absorb. I recently heard from a client that she had been told a stone was too grounding so it must be removed for her Reiki sessions.

I have always found these strong opinions among practitioners amusing. How can we assert that Reiki has the capacity for facilitating incredible healing if it is thwarted by a garnet ring for example?!

Reiki is an energy that unites all (including whatever implement one is wearing). It is not bound to beliefs of separation, dis-ease, and fear. Reiki interacts with our realm, but also exists beyond and outside of our perceived laws of time, distance, and process. Many miraculous healings have occurred from Reiki! Some defy logic, and seemingly the laws we feel bound by on the physical levels.

Knowing Reiki's capacity to exist beyond these limitations, I assert removal of crystals or jewelry isn't necessary. In fact, it will give them a charge and a boost, cleansing their energy also!

For practical reasons, I recommend removing bangle bracelets, or clunky bracelets and earrings to avoid any risk of pulling. Anything that would be noisy, distracting, or uncomfortable. But other than that, wear what you feel guided to, without fear that that forgotten stone in your pocket just ruined your whole session ;)

Christina Wooten is a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher and owner of Sedona Medium, LLC in Sedona, AZ. She has helped hundreds of clients, from all over the world, restore balance to their energy and witness their capacity for infinite healing.

Sessions are available in-person, phone, or skype.


For information about learning Reiki, learn more about Reiki classes here: www.sedonamedium.com/sedona-reiki-classes

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