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Spirit Guides for Pets?

Recently I was sitting down in one of my "morning meetings" with my Spirit Guides. This is where I take the time to intentionally listen for any messages, teachings, and information that my Guides would like to share with me. This time is sacred time between me and them, where I am completely open to hear from them on all topics.

If you have seen the instructional video on my youtube channel, then you know what I am talking about (and you can do them too ;).

Mid-meeting, I received a message from one of my guides, that my cat, Malcolm, needed blood work. They went on to share that it would indicate some changes which would require medication, but they would catch it early. To be most effective, I needed to act in the next 3 weeks.

I was honestly surprised. Malcolm, while a little more reluctant to jump up and down in his older years, has been a pretty spunky little guy. There were no outer indications that anything was going on that I should be concerned about. But, I know better than to ignore the messages I receive and I booked a check up for the following week.

After a positive exam and "just to be careful" blood work, it was now time to wait for the results. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long. Turns out, Malcolm has hyper thyroid, but "the good news is, it was caught early!", the vet says.

We were able to start medication and begin the process to get this stabilized to be sure he has a happy heart and a great quality of life.

I'm really grateful to my guides and Malcolm's helpers for working together to give me this information, which otherwise would not have occurred to me.

So, do Pets have Spirit Guides?

Yes! Our furry (and not furry) friends on this planet have their own spiritual purposes and special place in the divine plan. Special souls in Spirit, sign up to work with the Animals on this planet. Personalities similar in vibration to the loving animal rescue owner , veterinarians, beloved animal caretaker, or even Shamanic practitioners of our world take on roles of guiding and helping the creatures here. Some even have specialties in matching pets with the right caretakers.

Just like here, it takes a special, innate understanding to work with these realms. My example of learning of Malcolm's hyperthyroidism through my guide (who learned it from Malcolm's helper), is just one way these special helpers can work with an animal owner for the highest and best of a pet.

With animals, we can receive information about their state of being from their own intentional transmission, picking up on their energy state, empathic skills, or directly from guides helping the situation.

Other than my sweet Malcolm, I also have a dog. We have worked for months with a trainer on the earth plane, whom we love. One occasion, on the night before a training session, my trainer had an astral visit with our dog, and received new insights for how to prepare for the session. This was orchestrated by our dog's guides in Spirit and our own guides and specialists, all working together.

Would I have considered her one to be "woo-woo"? Nope, so I was both happy and surprised when she shared her visit with my dog in dreaming and the guidance she received.

By creating that openness and willingness to listen to your Pet's helpers, you will begin to notice more insights just dropping in out of the blue.

You can welcome and invite this guidance by thinking of your pet (or touching them) and stating the following, in your mind, "I'm grateful for the loving guidance and support that surrounds (name). I'm grateful for the gift of sharing my life with this beautiful Soul. Help me to be sensitive to their needs and the role of this special relationship in my life. I am open to receiving Divine guidance and messages that are for the highest and best of (name)."

By doing this regularly, and in your own words, you can build a connection to benefit you, your furry loved one, and Spirit.

You can also invite extra help and support by:

When being open to adopt a new animal, ask for help from the specialists in Spirit in creating a positive and harmonious match for you and your future pet.

When trying to understand a behavior, Ask your guides and your pet's guide to help the motivation for the behavior, and the solution, become clear to you.

Begin to tune into their frequency more. Ask yourself, how does so and so feel today? Ask this every day. Over time, you will notice that you receive more subtle differences and insights.

Ask for help when deciding on the food for your pet. What is the most nutritious for them? What extra support might they need? Just see where and what you feel guided to.

Ask your guides to help you to meet with your pet and their guide in the Astral realm (during the body's sleep). Ask for support remembering any important details.

Having training trouble? Ask to meet with a specialist in this area of concern, of the highest level of love and light. This can often be done in the Astral plane. See what insights begin to unfold or books or aids you are guided to.

The Animal specialists also ask me to remind those reading that just as people have ways of learning - audio, visual, kinesthetic - animals do too! Be sure you are training in your friend's learning language. If you are not sure, ask your pet's guide for clarity on this.

You can also increase the energy of animal communication and support around you, by doing things like, volunteering at animal shelters, donating items shelters need, supporting animal charities, sponsoring veterinary bills when able, being a foster mom,

helping endangered species, cleaning up water ways and picking up trash, leaving fresh water out for animals or birds, bird feeders or making your yard a sanctuary for hummingbirds, rabbits, bees, butterflies, etc., taking up animal causes, if you see an empty water dish at a pet friendly patio, fill it up, etc.

There are so many different ways to grow closer to the animal spirit realms :)

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