• Christina Wooten

Suicide: Is my loved one in hell? ~ A Medium's perspective

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to help many loved ones in Spirit connect and reunite with their loved ones still on Earth. During these readings, I have had many clients who have had beautiful messages from their loved ones in Spirit that crossed over as a result of suicide.

Recently, I had a client who's loved one brought through a lot of excellent evidence to assure her that this was her loved one. Her face then twisted in anguish and she asked - 'Is she ok? Is she in hell?'

I have had probably more than my fair share of Spirits who have committed suicide, pop up in readings. I suspect that this has occurred due to my background working in a psychiatric hospital. Those 7 years were very impactful in my life and I remember those years with fondness. Bringing natural healing techniques such as meditation classes to a population that were so grateful to receive that connection with their Higher Self was magical. This energy is still in my energy field and I still have guides from that time that desire to help and serve - therefore the energy attracts those that can be supported in that specific way.

As a Psychic Medium, I have never seen any evidence or indication of a Hell.

All of the individuals that have come through from such circumstances as suicide, have shown me periods of receiving intensive healing in the Spirit world and then reintegration into the normal activities of Spirit. Never have I seen these Spirits being subjected to punishments, tortures, or anything of the sort.

All have come through with messages of regret, stories of healing, and often messages to help their loved ones process the grief.

In fact as I was quietly considering this blog post, a Reiki Master student of mine shared a beautiful and unexpected experience during a Reiki meditation of seeing a friend who had crossed many years earlier from suicide and the accompanying feeling gave him great peace.

It is my hope that more family members and friends of loved ones who have harmed themselves will know fully the love, grace, and peace that is available to their loved one as they heal and grow further. They continue their development and growth from the other side.

If you are in any way considering self-harm - call the number below right away

Suicide Prevention Lifeline 800-273-8255

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