• Christina Wooten

7 Surefire affirmations for connecting with your Spirit Guides

As a psychic medium, one of the questions that I hear the most often, is "How do I connect with my Spirit Guides?"

If you have been following my work long enough, you have seen the Morning Meetings with your Guides video (if not, you will find the link below).

But in many cases, communication with our Spirit Guides are really hampered by fears carried about their role in our life, control/inner power struggles, or sometimes even self-destructive patterns in other areas can be played out here also.

The good news, is that there is a way to resolve these belief systems that are sabotaging the development of a strong, healthy relationship with our guides.

Using Natural law and the law of substitution, positive affirmations can make a tremendous difference in setting a solid foundation for our spirituality and trust to grow. Simply, the law of substitution states that by interrupting patterns of undesirable thought, which is the basis for our life experience, we can divert this creative energy to establishing healthy and supportive beliefs. Over time, this substitution, takes the place of the original fear or undesirable thought as the pathways within the mind and energy are transferred from negative belief 1 to positive belief 2.

Of course, this is a fancy way of saying, positive affirmations work when you use them consistently, consciously, and to interrupt fearful and anxious thought.

Doesn't a positive and loving belief feel so much better in your body when you say it, than a negative one?

In the context of Spirit Guides, these affirmations target the root of the most common unconscious fears and anxieties around connecting with Spirit.

By repeating the affirmation several times daily, and interrupting fearful thoughts at the moment they arise, you are well on your way to establishing a loving and empowering relationship with your intuition and your greatest allies in Spirit!

Old belief: I'm open to my Guides but the communication isn't clear or consistent.


I am highly receptive to the information my Spirit Guides are sending.

Old belief: I am afraid to open up to negative energy or receive incorrect information.


I am always guided to safe and positive experiences with Spirit.

Old belief: By focusing on my Guides, I'm afraid I won't hear my own voice loud enough and it will get confusing.


I am strengthened by my deep connection with Spirit.

Old belief: Guides seem so aloof or abstract. I don't feel like I'm connecting well.


I have a close, personal and working relationship with my Guides.

Old belief: I am trying so hard to connect. The more I try, the harder it gets.


I receive messages from my Guides with ease.

Old belief: I don't know if I can trust my instincts. I have sometimes gotten confused my intuition and Ego.


I have incredible discernment. I know I can trust my inner nudges.

Old belief: I have so much going on, I just don't know that I have time for adding more to my personal practice.


I allow for my perfect connection with Spirit to unfold with mutual love, gratitude, and respect.

Looking for a daily practice to build your rapport and trust with your Guides? Check out the Morning Meetings video. A solid practice to energize your intuition


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