• Christina Wooten

The Cathedral Rock Vortex Energies

A Vortex is an inter-dimensional flow of increased Ki energy which enhances the life force energy of those that take the time to connect with these sites. The energy of a particular vortex is determined by the energy currents which meet there, the volume and vibration of energy expressed, the natural Feng Shui of the site, and it's unique features. The Vortex sites of Sedona are Major flows of Earth energy, which can be utilized for healing, increased creativity, transformation, manifestation, inspiration, and insight.

I used to live a street away from the Cathedral Rock Vortex so I am intimately aware of the powerful cleansing and detox that this site can stimulate. Intense doesn't even begin to describe it. If you work with Cathedral's energy properly, it can clear major blockages.

There are several places to access the Cathedral Rock energy. You will need a guide to help you access the most powerful sites. Areas around the creek bring in the cleansing element of water with the life giving force and sacredness of water in the desert.

It is an excellent place to release lower vibrating energy (aka negative energy) and cleanse the emotional bodies. This energy facilitates letting go, release, and restoration for the weary. Cathedral Rock is also a place to receive insights relating to how to express yourself in the world and reconnect with your inner joy.

Cathedral Rock helps to rebalance energies that are over-exerting themselves and stimulate under-utilized energies. It is an overall harmonizer.

Cathedral Rock has an uncanny ability to help one listen and reconnect to the parts of themselves they have disassociated from and support re-integration and healing of these energies.

Keywords: Clarity, Self-Honesty, Purifying, Emotional healing

After working with these energies, you may feel like you have just run a marathon - too exhausted to have any defense mechanisms left. And that is the point. Getting rid of the Ego, sorting out the emotional bodies, and realigning.

An excellent place to visit for work on deeper levels.

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