• Christina Wooten

The Empathic Warrior Crystal

An Empathic warrior crystal is a crystal that has suffered damage to either it's point(s) or to the sides of the crystal. This damage could have been caused in the removal process or in it's life journey either before you or in your care. A crystal that has transformed itself through physical alteration (some may call this “damage”) is also an Empathic warrior crystal.

Empathic warriors are very special crystals. The external damage or flawed appearance is misleading, as many will draw the conclusion that the Spirit of the crystal has been harmed and will no longer transmit healing energies. After incurring “damage”, the crystal's abilities do transform. This transformation, however, leads them into much more powerful healers with unique specialties!

The best way to describe this phenomena is the medicine of the butterfly. Once the caterpillar has entered the coccoon – it completely transforms its outside appearance and energies into the butterfly.

The energies and aptitudes from the caterpillar existance no longer represent the energies and aptitudes of the butterfly. Crystals can make this powerful transition also.

You may also consider special martial arts training, where a sense is deprived in order to intensify the other senses. There is even a restaurant which serves it's food in total darkness to intensify the flavors, textures, smells, and experience of the food. When the crystal experiences an alteration in its physical structure, energetically it heightens other energies and sensitivities and become experts at their new, unique way of experiencing the world and expressing itself.

Finally, you can review your own life experience. When there have been challenges, new gifts, understanding, and special awarenesses have led to greater wisdom. For those that have had similar themes to their challenges, they become experts in what they are living and the knowledge they are actively integrating. I know someone who often has boundary tests. Over the years, she has become quite the boundary expert and always has excellent insight and wisdom to share on the subject. She has become a teacher for others on the topic, in her own way. An empathic warrior crystal is enhancing some greater healing knowledge and has committed deeply to integrating it.

As each crystal is unique and the way that they re-develop themselves is unique – there is no one attribute that one can point to with empathic warriors. It is important to use your own intuitive senses and communication with your crystal to determine the specific ways your crystal has grown.

As a whole, empathic warriors do carry the following knowledge:

*To look within, rather than on the surface.

*Transform and heal after pain and suffering

*Appreciate the blessings of challenges

*Strength and resiliency


I have a Selenite wand that was given to me around 13 years ago, now. Shortly after getting it, I dropped it and it broke into 3 pieces. I was pretty sad at the time. What I didn't realize then, was that over the years, each piece of the wand would become strong and whole! So now, I have 3 small wands, when I only had one before! I would also say that the energy is very strong because it is compact!

So, the next time your crystal undergoes a physical change allow them to heal themselves and you will find that they will overcome the adversity and triumph when given a little time.

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