Sedona Retreat 2019

October 2-6, 2019

   Spiritual Retreat in Sedona, Arizona












Imagine receiving all that you need to prosper, to grow, and to strengthen your energy. 

Imagine a reset so powerful, that it frees you to express yourself authentically in the world, in a way you never realized possible.

By creating the space in your life for healing, and honoring your energy, you set your Spirit free to balance. 




The Shamanic Spiritual Retreat is 4 days and nights of re-connecting with nature, your inner voice, and setting your Spirit free! 

From healing hikes to the Sedona Vortex sites, to initiation into the Spirit of the Medicine Horse, to a Guided Shamanic Journey & Drum Blessing, this retreat is for those that are seeking relaxation,

self-compassion, insight, life purpose, and a joyful heart.  






This 4-night stay in Sedona, incorporates the best of the Earth's natural healing energies for a deep dive into Self-Love and care.  

Our theme for this Sedona Spiritual Retreat is Shamanic Healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual tradition that honors All as Sacred.

It upholds that Unity Consciousness exists in the fabric of all things.

Therefore, everything is part of a vast network of light and Divine consciousness.

Shamanic practice emphasizes the sacred role each person must play

and the special gifts (or Medicine) that each is endowed with.

While rooted in Earth-centered cultures, the values of living in harmony, Earth stewardship,

equality, beauty, wholeness, personal responsibility, and balance guide these practices today.

Included in your Stay:

4-nights lodging at tranquil Retreat property with views of Cathedral Rock

- a minute's walk from Oak Creek/Red Rock Crossing, perfect for morning/evening yoga, meditation,       reflection

- outdoor seating and meditation areas on site

-easy access to numerous Sedona hiking trails

-fully equipped kitchen, available for use

-shared accommodations, Twin beds





















                                                            Healing Session with the Medicine Horses at a beautiful horse ranch,

in Sedona

                                                                       Medicine Horses are horses with special healing abilities and aptitudes for working with humans.









Allow the healing horses on a Sedona Ranch to guide you gently, to open and heal the heart chakra,

access your intuition, and step into your true power.

This three hour, intimate group session allows each person to greet the horses and connect with them in a way that is empowering, loving, and nurturing.

Connect with their sacred medicine (or gift to the world), to clear fear and blockages.  

Notice how horses have perfect awareness, presence, and trust.  

No experience with horses necessary.  

The Medicine horses are also able to support and nurture those that may be fearful of them. 

You are able to go at your perfect pace and can choose how you participate.

Vortex Tour to sacred site for healing

A Vortex is a flow of inter-dimensional energy that occurs in the Sedona landscape, that enhances personal life force energy, accelerates healing, and enhances meditation and creativity. 








Bell Rock has a reputation for being one of the most powerful sites in Sedona. 

Connecting with Bell Rock is energizing for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

It helps one tap into Soul Purpose and facilitates spiritual awakenings and insights.

Here the veil is thin, and it is easy to slip into altered awareness and connect with

nature consciousness and with other dimensional awareness.  You will also have the opportunity to see some of the twisted Juniper trees - twisted from energy of the Vortex.

This guided tour has incredible, panoramic views. We begin with learning about the history and geology of Sedona, that contributes to its reputation as a World energy site.

This tour is purifying and energizing on very deep levels of the mind-body-spirit.

*Permitted for operation on Coconino National Forest land


Visit private Retreat property for Labyrinth walk

Go deeper into the path of Self-Love and mindfulness with a Labyrinth walk.

Visit additional Vortex healing sites and enjoy private time to explore the Medicine wheels and energy sites.

Candlelight Sound Healing 

Experience the frequencies of peace and harmony while listening to

Native American style flute, drumming, and Crystal Singing Bowls

being played.  Deep relaxation and cleansing.







Opening Shamanic Drum blessing ceremony

Kick off this magical retreat with a blessing ceremony.

Guided Shamanic Journey 

A shamanic journey is a meditative process that guides your Spirit body (or Astral body) 

to access awareness that is normally unavailable to you.

Through this process, meet your guides for healing, learning, and personal growth.

Soul Portrait Session - Intuitive Fluid Art Painting

Create a work of Art, with Spirit, using Fluid Art Painting. 

Spirit will form images and information about your Soul gifts and path using this medium.

Work with expanding your intuitive gifts as you tap into this understanding and 

glean valuable insights for your life. 

Hear other's intuitive impressions as they tap into the energy of your 

painting also.











Welcome Meal on 10/2/19

Relax on your first evening in Sedona with a delicious welcome meal and celebration.

Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free* welcome

Please advise of sensitivities upon registration. 

*May not be safe for celiac or food allergies as food is prepared in communal kitchen.

Gourmet S'mores and Star watching











Sedona is a recognized International Dark Sky Community. 

This means that lighting is designed to reduce light pollution at night.

As a result, the many layers of stars are easily visible at night.

The Milky way is visible with the naked eye most evenings.

Truly, a sight to behold!



Plenty of time for reflection, personal practices, journalling, exploring Sedona as you feel guided.

All activities are optional.  Rest as you feel guided.

There is plenty of time in the schedule for free time.

Your Guide for this Journey


Christina Wooten

Certified Psychic Medium,

Certified Reiki Master Teacher,

& Sedona Local

In a recent interview, Christina explains her

philosophy of the sacred connection between

nature and spirituality. 

'Can you expand on what is it about nature

that leads to introspection?'


"Human nature is human "nature" for a reason. 

          Photo from 2018 Sedona Spiritual Retreat

                  Christina pictured center                                                      In our day to day life,we are constantly exposed to

What we, as humans, are creating for ourselves

- as both a society and individuals.  We have clothing created for us, often from synthetic materials, we work in corporate institutions for money which many mistakenly perceive as equivalent toone's value, we live in boxes and interact mostly entirely of structures created by and for humans. Nature restores us to our own awareness of who we are.  Just by entering in to a natural environment, we subconsciously notice how different it is from what we are interacting with daily.  The energy is different.  We see forces and beings we can't control.  We can see ourselves as the created rather than the creator.  Even the person with the busiest mind can hear their higher thoughts in nature, when they are quiet enough and brave enough to hear their own truth.  It is the perfect recipe for noticing a greater order.  A design that is perfectly harmonious, and not created by humans.  We didn't create the mountains, blades of grass, or even conceive of clouds.  And coming out of the boxes of
life -both literally and figuratively - one begins to ponder What else is there?  What created this order?  How perfect and beautiful is this?  Who was I created to be in all of this?  Who was I before I began to believe things about myself?  And with the right receptivity - these thoughts can change one's life forever." -Christina Wooten

Learn more about Christina here












Your Investment 


Lodging in Sedona 4-nights, shared accomodations,

dinner 10/2/19, Horse healing session, Vortex Tour, Labyrinth walk & Tour, Candlelight Sound Healing, Fluid Art Painting, Shamanic Journey,

Gorgeous Fall in Sedona

Does not include:

Transportation to Sedona and around Sedona for retreat activities, meals - except 10/2/19 dinner (access to full kitchen available for your meal preparations), tips & gratuities you wish to offer.

$1122.00/per person

Frequently asked questions

Which airport do I use to get to Sedona?

It is best to fly into Phoenix-Sky Harbor Airport (PHX).

Phoenix is an approximately 2 hour drive from Sedona.

(While Flagstaff is only 45 minutes away, it is a much smaller airport with less supporting services, is usually more expensive than Phoenix, and often you still have to fly into Phoenix and then to Flagstaff.)

You will get to see an entirely different type of desert as you make your way from Phoenix to Sedona.

Be sure to take in the beauty of the huge Saguaro Cactus!

I'm booking my flight, what times do I need to consider?

Check in on 10/2/19 is 5:00pm, The welcome dinner and lay of the land starts at 6:00, so you want to try and arrive at 5:00pm.

There is no early check in available.

Remember, it will take a couple of hours drive from Phoenix to Sedona so give yourself extra time.

Check out on 10/6/19 is 10:00am.

How many people will be on this retreat?

Staying together, really allows for the opportunity for spontaneous connection, support, and easy communication.  This means our retreat is a smaller group, which many find preferable.

Our maximum capacity with facilitator is 10.

We will reach capacity on this retreat quickly due to small numbers.  It is important to register ASAP to ensure your space.

I'm an introvert. 

It is guaranteed, you won't be the only introvert on this retreat!  Sometimes the idea of shared accommodations can make some people feel a little nervous.

If you ever went to summer camp, you may recall that the jitters go away quickly and everyone is laughing and having a good time pretty soon!  Many participants of these Sedona retreats have stayed in touch, become a support system for one another, and even met up for future trips. 

Everyone is on the retreat to have fun, explore, and connect, so the pressure is gone right away :)

Additionally, there are several spaces where you can walk, be on your own, and have your own space whenever you feel guided.

How do I register?

Registration is easy!

Decide if you want to put down a 50% deposit to hold your space (balance due by September 1, 2019) or if you would like to pay the full amount.

Select the payment button to the left, that matches your choice.  Follow the prompts and receive your receipt.  Once you have done this and complete your payment, your spot is held (50% deposit) or you are fully registered (full payment).

What happens after I register?

Once you have made an initial payment, you will receive a confirmation.

As we get closer to retreat time and your full registration is completed, you will receive details such as driving directions, packing list, and how to prepare your energy for this experience.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Christina at any time -

What is the cancellation policy for this retreat?

$561 non-refundable deposit or full registration fees of $1122.00 are due at the time of registration to hold your space.

This deposit is non-refundable for any reason. It is strongly encouraged to purchase trip insurance in the event you must cancel your trip.

If you reserve your space by deposit, you have until September 1, 2019 to pay the remaining balance of $561.00.

If the remaining balance has not been paid after this time, the space is no longer reserved and deposit is forfeit.

Cancellation between 60 days and 30 days before the first day of the event, will receive 50% of any fees paid above the non-refundable deposit of $561. Even if you paid in a single installment, the $561 non-refundable deposit still applies. You will receive 50% of the fees paid above that amount.

Cancellation within 30 days of the start date of the event, will receive no refund or credit amount.

It is important to note that there will be no refunds or discounts for arriving late, leaving early, flight cancellations, travel delays or illness. If you cancel your participation in a retreat for any reason, the cancellation policy will apply, with no exceptions. We wish we could compensate people for unforseen circumstances (injury, family emergency, etc), but retreat costs, such as lodging, etc. are already incurred.  To protect yourself further, you may consider independently purchasing travel insurance.

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