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The incredible healing energy of Sedona, is felt most prominently within the radius of the Sedona Vortex locations.  The Sedona landscape has played an important Ceremonial role for the Native American tribes in this region, for good reason!  A Vortex Tour is not just about finding the vortex, as it is also about experiencing it - opening up fully to receive the incredible, interdimensional flows of energy.  

*Tours are not currently available due to Covid-19: Please stay home and be well

Christina's Vortex Tours share some of the history of the area and the significance of the geologic landscape upon paranormal activity and perception.
Enjoy spontaneous story telling as you travel from place to place.
Explore: What is a vortex?  How do I open the vortex for healing, spiritual connection, transformation?  How do I recognize a vortex?
After this tour, you will be more prepared to connect and exchange with all future sacred, ceremonial sites
Each Tour lasts approx. 90 minutes on the land (not including travel time).  Below is a sampling of available Tours that are guaranteed to help you get the most of your authentic, Sedona experience.
You can also combine Vortex Tours to visit multiple sites and experience different energies!

Photo courtesy Amayra Hamilton

Sedona Angel Tour



This sacred site, once inhabited by Native Americans in the area, consist of large private acreage with Oak Creek flowing through it.  This beautiful, high vibrational, intentional healing community hosts Angel Medicine Wheels, Healing vortices, labyrinths, and Angel Connection sites.

In this guided land tour and vortex walk, we start with filling our water bottles at a natural well, known for its healing properties and tested by a leader in the field of Consciousness Studies.  Learn about the results of these studies of consciousness and matter and the Shamanic properties of connecting with land through water flows.

As we cleanse and heal in the 7 circuit labyrinth, hike to vortex locations connected with Archangel Michael, and Divine Feminine, and explore your intuitive healing needs in the Angel Medicine Wheel- the energies flow one into another, providing for a powerful cleansing and nurturing experience!

This tour is a gentle hike and is generally preferred for those with knee or hip discomforts.  Please talk with Christina upon scheduling about any limitations or considerations, so you can be matched with the appropriate site or modifications made, if needed.


$165/person and $70 each additional person


Transportation is not provided, you will need your own vehicle.  You will meet with Christina Wooten and follow behind her vehicle to this sacred location.  Transportation takes approx 20-25 mins each way.  Included in this tour is a day visit pass to this private sanctuary to enjoy the grounds.

Angelic Realm Connection * Divine Feminine Healing * Labyrinth

Creekside Crystal Healing Tour

*Cleansing   *Crystal Healing  *Masculine/Feminine Balance


Come to a place where two worlds meet - the convergence of the Creek with a Red Rock Vortex site - an area where crystals grow on the Red Rock - a particularly powerful place for releasing, cleansing, and balancing masculine and feminine energies. 

In this guided tour and sacred land walk, we begin with a personal message from Spirit for you.  During our hike, you will learn about the geology of Sedona and how this geology and composition influences the energy here.  Learn about the Vortex sites and how to tap into these spaces for healing and transformation.

During this tour, you will be offered an opportunity to lay upon the sacred red rock, with healing crystals placed on your body (while in the Vortex energies) and tune yourself to these higher consciousness energies.

At the end of our tour, we give back to Sedona, by offering a water blessing ceremony for Oak Creek.

$144/person and $44 each additional person.

You will need your own vehicle. We will meet at Sedona Medium, LLC office and Christina will ride with you to the trailhead to begin the Tour. 

Check out the button below, How to prepare for your Sedona Vortex Tour.

Red Rock Crossing/Buddha Beach/Cathedral Rock

Visit the famed Buddha Beach and Red Rock Crossing.

Meditate on the banks of Oak Creek with Cathedral Rock's energy flowing powerfully towards you.

An experience you will never forget!

This hike a gentle one.  Suitable for most physical conditions and has shady conditions at times.

Cathedral Rock is healing for  the emotional bodies as well as a place to receive insights relating to how to express yourself in this world and reconnect with your inner joy.

This hike is the perfect backdrop for incredible pictures and takes you to famed Red Rock Crossing, Cathedral Rock Vortex site, and to Buddha Beach - the place where people build rock cairns.  

$144 for first person, $44 each additional

Bell Rock Vortex Tour

Bell Rock has a reputation for being one of the most powerful sites in Sedona. ,


Connecting with Bell Rock is energizing for the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. It helps one tap into Soul Purpose and facilitates spiritual awakenings and insights.

Here the veil is thin, and it is easy to slip into altered awareness and connect with

nature consciousness and with other dimensional awareness.  You will also have the opportunity to see some of the twisted Juniper trees - twisted from energy influences.

This guided tour has incredible, panoramic views.  Sites such as Cathedral Rock, Chapel of the Holy Cross, and additional sites can be seen.

This healing journey begins with learning about the energies of Sedona and Vortex sites.  Upon arriving to Bell Rock, energy is guided into the body for healing and clearing of past life blockages and trauma.

This tour is purifying and energizing on very deep levels of the mind-body-spirit.


Keywords: Awakening, Different Perspectives, Connect with Past Lives and the Spirit World

(Many who visit Bell Rock describe downloads – or receiving information from higher realms here.)

$144 for first person, $44 each additional

There are a variety of other Tours and energetic locations to connect with, please talk with Christina Wooten about what you may hope to experience during your time on the land.  This will allow her to match you with the best location for you!





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