Sedona Psychic Medium & Healer, Christina Wooten

Providing the Services that Speak to your Soul...

Each day, more and more individuals are being called to transform old paradigms and come into deeper connection with the Soul Self, to live more deeply fullfilling lives and co-create experiences in alignment and harmony with
All That Is.  Through the offerings here, may you find the services that Speak to your Soul...

As a Certified Psychic Medium, Certified Reiki Master Teacher,  Artist for Spirit, Energy Healer, and Shamanic Light Worker, my joy emerges from connecting with others and guiding them lovingly into deeper awareness of their own Soul Light and into communication with the guides and allies in Spirit surrounding them.

An Intuitive Reading with me involves moving beyond the veil and illusions of separation, to come into clear communication with Spirit, to receive guidance, direction, validation, healing, and support in your life journey.  As a professional, full-time Medium, my work is to serve as a clear and open channel for this communication for you in a loving, non-judgmental, unfiltered way.  I am Clairvoyant (Clear-Seeing), Clair-Audient (Clear-Hearing), Clair-cognizant (Clear-knowing), and Clair-sentient (Clear-feeling).  My clients all over the country report wonderful validations and evidence after their readings and appreciate the ease of delivery that I provide.  Please visit my testimonial page to read some of these messages.