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Modern Life and Spirit podcast

Hey there, Kindred Spirit!

Have you heard about Modern Life and Spirit podcast yet?

Not yet?   Oops!  Good news ~ you are in the right place!

Welcome to THE sanctuary for our spiritual podcast and virtual home away from home for seekers and

established spiritual revolutionaries alike.


We welcome you to our commUNITY of like-minded, kindred Spirits who are exploring this

 sacred, beautiful, messy, wild human experience as the means to uncover the ultimate, spiritual truths. 

Every week we pull back the veil on spiritual topics and explore how best to apply higher principles to modern life.

And not just hypothetically.  How do we actually do it?

We share it all with you.  The things that have worked, the fails, and everything in between. 

And we aren't shy with the how-to's.


(Because nobody likes a lecture - we share the HOWs no matter what stage you are in)

Some topics we LOVE to cover on the Modern Life and Spirit podcast are:


how to reclaim your power after being labeled as the Black Sheep,

social media for spiritual people, intuition development, 

the meaning of universal symbols and signs, and well all the spiritual things.

Our philosophy is that our Souls came here for a reason.  (And you know, Souls love to dive in heart first!)

So, let's talk about what it is all about! 


Let's explore together, how to apply our love, our gifts, and the sacred parts of ourselves, all while breaking down barriers like fear, ego, doubt, stress. 

Your hosts, Christina Wooten, certified psychic medium and Robert Wooten, certified Reiki master-teacher (husband and wife super team) are here to ask the questions that you are thinking, but didn't know who to ask. 

And along the way, we are connecting your brightest light and spiritual purpose to your modern life - to make it more authentic, joyful, compassionate, and dare we say even fun for you and all those around you. 


New episodes drop Wednesdays 6am PST.  And we would love to have you there. 


Listen to our latest episodes: