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Gentle Growth: Soothing the Critical Mind #175

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Overcoming the Inner Critic

Ever want to dance in the rain, but end up worrying about catching a cold instead?  Yep, that's right, we're talking about your inner voice today. The one that overthinks every step you want to take towards something new or meaningful.  That loud inner critic sure knows how to turn a hopeful journey into a mix of doubt and fear.

We've all been there, standing on the edge of something truly great, only to have our critical mind pull us back with a barrage of "what ifs" and "not good enoughs." Sadly, the fear of making mistakes or not meeting expectations stops us from experiencing the full joy and growth that life offers. 

The reality is, we are human and the human experience is sometimes humbling, messy, and full of missteps, especially when we are trying something new.  That doesn't mean we shouldn't try new things.  There's a pain in playing small in our lives too. 

There's a weight to unrealized dreams, a heaviness that settles in the quiet moments when we wonder "what if?"  So, I've got another kind of "what if" for you ~ What if you embraced being perfectly human?  What if you let yourself see that the beauty of living isn't about perfect execution - sometimes it's the ability to learn and grow and follow what makes your heart matter what?

This episode is all about transforming that critical cycle into a gentle, allowing, and loving kind of growth.  We're diving into three soul-soothing shifts to calm your overthinking mind, allowing you to leap into those great experiences with an open heart and a lot more peace.  


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