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What people are saying about
Christina Wooten, Sedona Medium

"When you did my reading for me a week or so ago, you told me you saw some flooring issue.  I was thinking interms of carpeting and was a little baffled because all the flooring looks good in the building.  We just got the inspection report back and guess what it says.  There is a problem with one of the floor joist supporting the flooring and a small section of the building.  Two contractors have just said that it will need attention.  That is pretty much exactly what you said.  Flooring in a small section of the building that will need attention.  I love it!  I don't love that it needs attention but I love how this all works." ~ K.C.

"Thank you so much for the great sessions! My family and I had a great time with you, and you made our trip so wonderful!

You are the exact person I was imagining, and your reading is really really amazing!! WOW!!

Thank you for your gift and we appreciate this opportunity to have sessions with you.

Thank you, Christina!" ~ M.T.

"You are so good!  Crazy!  Thanks a lot!" ~ C.C.

"Christina, I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that the reading you gave me at the retreat was spot on." ~ J.T.

"Thanks for my reading yesterday.  You were dead on everything" ~ S. F.

"I wanted to take some time this evening to write to you. 

First, Thank you for the wonderful sessions honestly it's the Best I have had. You have a gentle genuine comfort about you that made it easy for me to relax. 

XXXX has been sharing her experience with all her friends. I love to hear her insight on things. She too loved it.. " ~ M.F. (Reiki)

"Christina, you are a miracle worker.  I had my first normal appetite and could eat without feeling nauseous for the first time in weeks!" ~ F. F.

"Thanks Christina for the Animal Totem Reading today.  I had an awesome time as you revealed the meanings of my animals to me and how Spirit revealed to you things that I would only know." ~ E.

"You mentioned a whale bone would make its way to me in our reading awhile back.  I had the most amazing journey on my beach trip.  I have my whale bone.  My body vibrated when I held it  - very neat story." ~ C.D. 

"I had the pleasure of completing my Reiki training with Christina.  When you meet her, you immediately feel safe and welcome.  She has played an essential and priceless role in my journey.  Christina gently guides you in becoming the best version of yourself, as you are more deeply connected with your inner knowing and authentic being.  I am so blessed and filled with gratitude and give my highest recommendation to working with Christina.  Her intuitive readings help you understand and connect with your own vibration and she delivers the information diplomatically  and without judgement, so you can use the information to make your own decisions in your life experiences. Check out her meditation CD, I am listening to it right now, it inspired me to write this testimonial!" ~ K. K. 

"I really like my teacher (Christina).  She has one of the most pleasant and peaceful auras."  ~ K. G.

"I really enjoyed this class.  I was glad I took it and my teacher (Christina) was not rushed at all and really took a lot of time working with us." 

"I just wanted to say thanks for the session, Wednesday, I feel amazing today physically, mentally, and just so clear."  ~ K. B. 

" You are an awesome teacher and such an inspiring woman.  Thank you from my heart!" ~ N.

"Christina you are so thorough in what you teach that I can not imagine how it can be improved.  You go above and beyond and I love you for that!" ~ J.

"I really enjoyed the Opening your Third Eye class.  Its always wonderful to be in your presence - not to mention you are a great and knowledgeable teacher!!!  Thank you :) " ~ A.

"One of my favorite people.  Great Teacher (Christina) and experience.  Good people to be in class with." C. P.

"I have talked to friends who have taken Reiki Master with other teachers and they have not received half of this extensive training!"  ~ N. B. 

"There have been some life changing shifts since I started this journey.  Thank you!" ~ E. R. 

"Reiki seems to be opening my ability to see or feel things on a different level!"

~ E. 

"This is so much fun for me!  Thank you for your words and encouragement!" ~ K.

"Reiki I was so fantastic!" ~ G.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful Reiki I class.  I felt frustrated and worn out when I arrived to class last night and when I left my whole outlook had undergone a positive change.  I appreciate your guidance and look forward to Reiki II in the future. " ~ C. S. 

" I thoroughly enjoyed the deep level of varied practices.  I feel like I have learned so many valuable techniques."

"I just wanted to give you a heart felt THANK YOU for your time and gift to me.  Sometimes I feel like peeking into the world beyond ours (which I understand is ours as well) - is kind of like cheating - like I should figure this stuff out for myself but your guidance and assistance in understanding my sister's way of coping with her own grief will hopefully allow me to be less angry and find peace with it.  I Love what you do.  I wish I could touch lives in such a gentle way as you do.  It is very cool."

"Christina me and my daughter met you in Sedona for a reading.  I would like to tell you that we came in skeptical but went back relieved and with a lot of respect for you." Z.O.

"Thank you so much for the session today.

You have been very helpful and I appreciate what you have done for me a thousand times." C.

"I have been waiting for the finality of your treatment results before calling you.  However, the benefits are a cascade wherein the gift keeps giving – quite amazing.  I am looking forward to telling you more but I wanted to thank you deeply before our meeting


With Awe, B."

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