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Services for a Group


  Christina Wooten is available to customize services for a group experience either on location or within the Sedona area, depending upon the need.  See some popular offerings below.

You may also consider Vortex Tours for your Group (see the Vortex Tours page)

Some previous group events: Group Guided Meditation for healing, Communal Mandala creation using Sand, Public Speaking on spiritual topics, Learn about Animal Totems with Messages from the Animal Spirits for audience.

Sound Healing Concert with Guided Meditation and Flower Messages


Sound Healing Concert and a custom Guided Meditation.  During a Sound Healing, I use a Shaman drum, play Native American flute, and use crystal singing bowls to cleanse the aura and chakras and release stagnant energy from the body.  It is a powerful experience and great for sharing together.  We close with flower readings, which are a quick message from Spirit for each person, that accompanies a flower.  These would be group messages, so done in front of the group.

Cleansing Ceremony

This ceremony has a focus on purification of the energy body.  Energy is built with a Sedona blessing using the Shaman drum, followed by drumming for energy building.  The energy body is cleansed with sacred herbs, followed by a Reiki healing attunement for each person.  A Reiki healing attunement is much like a reset for the energy body.  It stimulates a strong release of negative energy from the body and refocuses balance and energy to the Heart Chakra (energy center).  This ceremony works best for those with a serious desire to release and use the energies for purification and transformation.

A final energy blessing comes from the custom crystal grid and a blessing with a high frequency healing crystal which cuts energy cords and increases vibrational rates.

At the end a quick message from Spirit is shared for each ceremony member.

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