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  • ***The software will ask you to choose your time zone and will offer you times in the time zone you have set.  If you are scheduling an IN-PERSON SESSION, choose the Mountain Standard Time - Arizona (make sure it says Arizona NOT Denver :) option to see available times in AZ time.  ***

  • You will be prompted to provide your information, select from available days/times, and confirm your session with your payment using a secure system (Square). You will be able to pay with a credit card, debit card, or Paypal.

  • You will receive a confirmation of your appointment after scheduling. If you do not see a confirmation, check your spam folder or check with support@sedonamedium.com to confirm.

Frequently Asked Questions/Additional information:

How do I schedule back to back appointments?

*If you are scheduling back to back appointments, you can do this by selecting your first session and then adding additional sessions as an "add on" on the next page.

*If you have any questions about the services, feel free to reach out to Christina at

336-420-2398 or Christina@SedonaMedium.com or on the Contact Us form on this webpage.

How often can I schedule?

*If you have had a Psychic Medium Reading with Christina Wooten in the last 6 months, please contact her BEFORE scheduling a session. It is not recommended to have readings earlier than 6 months in between. (does not apply to any other sessions - only P.M.R.)

Many people find multiple Reiki sessions to be beneficial.  You may book multiple Reiki sessions during your Sedona stay for a powerful effect!  There is no required time limit between these sessions.

Why is my total incorrect when I book my session online?

Easy Fix!  The first screen below, indicates which type of session you are scheduling.  On another screen you will also be prompted if you would like to "add-on" another session. (This is for if you want to add on a Reiki session to your Reading for example, or you would like to book back to back session readings/sessions for you and someone else).   If you do not want to add on another session, leave these boxes unchecked.  For your total to be incorrect, you have unintentionally checked an add-on. 

Just return to the add-on screen and uncheck the box!  This will fix your issue.

Helpful notes: 

*For a Reiki Session you will also be asked a few questions upon scheduling. This ensures that no time is taken away from your session to fill out your intake.

*Once you have chosen your appointment type, only choose an add on if you are wanting back to back sessions.

For ease of scheduling, using a desktop is optimal (but not required)

Avoid the technology blues by 

reading this

If you need to book more than 2 sessions or are having difficulty scheduling above ~ use the form below and the scheduling faerie will contact you shortly :) 

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