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Reveal your Hidden Mastery and Uncover what lights up your Soul

Shifting from disconnect to Purpose


When you are disconnected from yourself and your sacred purpose, it is easy to fall out of alignment.


Inexplicably finding yourself far away from that deeper, passionate, loving, and powerful-beyond-measure being within you.


Being 'off-path' is a feeling and a knowing.


And sadly, no amount of ignoring it, bargaining, stressing, or worrying will bring you back home to the warmth of your inner sacred fire.

But disconnection is just your Soul's way of giving you some not so subtle hints that your inner needs aren't being met.


And I'm not talking about the needs of your physical body – like food, shelter, warmth, and care...




Being in alignment with your unique Soul energy is the key to feeling energized, inspired, connected, confident, and in the flow of Universal blessings.


No matter what you are experiencing you are always protected, guided, supported, and Loved.


But the road is infinitely longer, harder, and a bit darker when you are spending your time and energy grasping at meaningless straws or trying to find answers when you already feel disconnected.

Finding your way Home: Confidence and Connection

Your Soul has a sacred purpose!


Society has names for this, like your Path, your inner genius, or your natural gifts and talents.


We call this your 'Medicine'.


Your Medicine is your personal healing recipe.


It IS your Inner fire.


Your Medicine is your sacred role in the grand web of life, that noone but you can fill.


By tapping into this, and embracing it fully and completely, you shift into the ultimate connection with your Higher Self - - to experience more synchronicity, authenticity, growth opportunities, progress, and joy.

A Soul Reading is right for you if: 

You want to understand how to embrace your unique Path and higher calling.


You want to uncover the deeper meaning of challenges in your life so you can navigate them with greater ease and confidence.

You wish to discern your natural talents and strengths, including those you may not have uncovered yet.

You need to understand how to get back on track by uncovering your deepest needs and longings.

You want to understand what a loving, supportive environment looks like for you so you can align with authentic self-care and love.

You want to understand more so you can get out of self-sabatoge patterns and be more insightful and discerning when choosing partners, careers, experiences.

Want to become more familiar with your animal Spirit Guides and helpers.

The Soul Reading Method

In order to uncover your Soul purpose, we explore the key components of your energy framework that highlights the drives, needs, and aptitudes you incarnated with.

Animal Totems - Masters of Consciousness

Animal Totems are shamanic archetypes that represent the mastery of specific aspects of Consciousness.


Each one represents a part of yourself that you must integrate in your journey towards wholeness.


These 9 Animal spirit guides also reveal your instinctual skills and the sacred energy that you must master to be happy.


Through understanding the consciousness that they represent, you can begin to integrate these aspects of your Soul with greater ease, love, and acceptance – dare say it, even celebration!


Your Animal Totems also serve as helpers, protectors, and teachers that you can turn to in times of confusion or need, to help you find your way back to your inner Truth.



During a Soul Reading, Christina Wooten, reveals each Animal Totem in your Chart and the implications for the special skills you have, how it influences how others see you, and what you need to be your authentic, happiest self.

You will also receive an audio MP3 recording of the reading, so you can listen back at any time for inspiration and guidance.


Those that have had a Soul Reading describe it as a profound healing experience that leads to a lasting acceptance and appreciation of themselves and their needs. Additionally, many find that it gives them the extra insight to stay on track and make better decisions for themselves.

"My most treasured reading ever was the Animal Spirit Reading you did for me..." R.Y.


A significant number also find that they understand their partners, friends, and family and those relationships are enriched through sharing the results of their Soul Readings with one another.

Meet Christina Wooten

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Readings available by ZOOM - PHONE - or SKYPE only

Soul Reading  includes a 

 bonus MP3 audio recording of your session

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