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Reiki Master Certification for facebook.

Reiki Master Certification Class
Reiki Master Training

October 10 & 11, 2024

9:00am - 5:00pm


The Living Spirit of Reiki

This Reiki Master Certification class offers the dedicated, Reiki student an opportunity to expand their understanding, application, techniques, and Metaphysical understanding of the Usui Reiki system of Natural Healing. 


Led by experienced Reiki Master-Teacher, Christina Wooten, this class leads participants into an expansive exploration of the Reiki Master techniques through hands on study and interactive discussion.  


With an emphasis on intuitive and spiritual development with Reiki, advancing knowledge, and mastery of advanced healing techniques, this powerful class offers healing and transformation on deep levels. 

What this Heartfelt Journey Offers:

  • Embracing Mikao Usui's Legacy: Dive into the original practices of Reiki's founder with love and respect

  • Mastery of Reiki Techniques: Refine your practice with advanced Reiki methods

  • Elevate your Spiritual Practice: Continue your journey with Reiki, raising your vibration and deepening your spiritual connection

  • Energy Healing and Intuition: Enhance your ability to sense, interpret, heal energy imbalances, and connect more deeply with your intuition.

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Delve into the original Reiki Ideals, Byosen Scanning, Aura Clearing, and much more, including the powerful Usui Master Symbol and additional healing symbols

Your Path to Becoming a Reiki Master

Reiki is not just a practice; it's a lifelong journey of personal growth, spiritual discovery, and profound healing. Our Reiki Master Class is designed to be a pivotal step in this endless journey, offering you not just advanced techniques, but a deeper understanding of the infinite potential of Reiki.


In this class, you'll receive the tools and insights necessary to delve into the very Spirit of Reiki, allowing you to enhance your own healing abilities and support others on their paths.


Whether you're seeking to expand your existing practice or aspire to become a beacon of healing in your community, this course will provide you with the wisdom and skills that form the foundation of a truly transformative Reiki practice. 

Foundations of Reiki Mastery

  • Enhance your Sensitivity: use Reiki techniques to enhance your sensitivity to energy and learn to interpret the meaning of hand sensations during treatment.

  • Trauma and Disease Energy Rooting: Discover how to locate and address the root causes of ailments in the energy field.

  • Comprehensive Healing strategies: explore the healing notations of Hayashi Sensei 

  • Aura and Energy Purification Techniques: Learn Reiki methods for purifying your energy body after treatments, etc. and treat challenging ailments 

  • Expanding your Reiki Toolbox: Master additional techniques like sending Reiki through your eyes, seeing auras and Past Lives with Reiki, and creating a Reiki crystal grid to send 24/7 Reiki.

Become the Living Spirit of Reiki

You'll receive a Comprehensive Reiki Master Manual and upon successful attendance, participation, and completion of the course, you'll receive your Reiki Master Certification.

Inclusive and Comprehensive Learning

Regardless of your lineage in the Usui/Tibetan tradition of Reiki, this class welcomes you.  For those who haven't studied Reiki I & II with Christina, simply provide your Reiki II Certificate from a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. 

Reiki Master Training in Sedona, AZ

The Reiki Master Certification Class will be held live and in-person at a private home in the small community of Rimrock, AZ ~ 13 miles from the Bell Rock Vortex in Sedona and 14 miles from the heart of Sedona, Arizona.

Sedona is famous for its vortexes, which are concentrated energy centers of the Earth that radiate a palpable spiritual force. Many people report accelerated healing, transcendent meditative states, and spiritual experiences when they visit the Sedona Vortex sites.

Sedona also holds a deep spiritual significance for many Native American tribes who consider it a sacred site.  

Our class location is also only 99 miles from the Grand Canyon and other special sites like Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon.  

About your Reiki Guide

Christina offering Reiki in Sedona office

Christina Wooten is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui/Tibetan lineage of Reiki & Certified Psychic Medium.

Christina masterfully weaves her lifetime awareness of Spirit, her extensive studies, multiple certifications in the realm of Metaphysics, and her 15+ years of professional experience treating Reiki clients full time into a Reiki class worthy of those who want to feel confident and empowered in their Reiki practice.


She is known for her compassionate and insightful teaching style, her professional experience in a thriving Reiki practice, and her respect for the roots of Reiki.


Over the years, she has taught & certified hundreds of students in all levels Reiki energy healing, Crystal Healing, Intuition Development, & Mediumship. She has appeared in Metro UK, Airbnb Magazine, Kateigaho Magazine (Japan), & Natural Triad and was a featured speaker in the Mental Health Association's 2013 Whole Self Conference, and at the 2017 Sedona International Film Festival. She is the former vice-president (2016 and 2017) of the Sedona Metaphysical Spiritual Association. She has been a guest on various radio shows, panels, and podcasts and has clients from all over the world and backgrounds, including celebrities.

Previous Reiki Classes

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the things we will learn in this Reiki Master Certification Class? Usui Reiki Master Certification Class Includes:    *Usui Sensei teachings  *In depth study of the Original Reiki Ideals *Reiki Ideals Meditation, including pronunciation in Japanese *Reiki techniques to increase the flow of Reiki energy, as offered by Usui Sensei *Byosen Scanning - developing your "energy language", determining the meaning of hand sensations with Reiki *Locate areas of Negative energy in the Auric field and apply Reiki to these areas *Finding the root of trauma and disease in energy field *Hayashi Healing Guide - Hayashi Sensei healing notations *Expanding communication and intuition with Reiki *Developing Rapport with your Reiki Guides *Japanese method for purifying your energy body *Sending Reiki through your eyes *Using Reiki to see Auras *Usui Master Symbol and ways to use this powerful symbol *Reiki Master Attunement *Aura Clearing - the technique for safely extracting Negative Energy from the Auric field of a client *Reiki service  *Creation of Reiki crystal grid - transmitting Reiki continuously *Additional healing symbols to amplify energy and meditation

What are the pre-requisites for this Class? Pre-requisite is having attended and completed an Reiki I and Reiki II Certification class. Accepting all lineages of the Usui/Tibetan tradition of Reiki.   If you have not studied with Christina Wooten for Reiki I & Reiki II, you will need to scan a copy of your Reiki II Certificate issued to you from a Certified Reiki Master-Teacher.

I've trained in Holy Fire Reiki. Is this a Holy Fire Reiki Master class? No. This is a Reiki Class in the original Usui/Tibetan tradition of Reiki. To attend this class, you will need to attend a Reiki I and II Certification class in the Usui/Tibetan tradition of Reiki. (the original)

What if I studied under another Reiki Master Teacher? May I still attend this class? Yes! You may still attend this class, even if you studied under another Usui/Tibetan Reiki Teacher. You'll need to submit a copy of your Reiki I and II certification to when you register for the class to confirm that you meet the pre-requisites.

I'm allergic to animals? Does this class location have animals? The private home where we will be meeting does have a cat and a dog, which will expose you to potential allergens.

Will I be certified as a Reiki Master at the end of this course? Upon successful attendance and participation on both dates, and successful completion of this course, student will receive a Reiki Master Certification.

What is the cancellation/refund policy for this class? By registering for this class, you agree to abide by the Cancellation and refund policy for this class. The cancellation and refund policy for this class is found below: We understand that circumstances may arise which require you to cancel your enrollment in a class or workshop offered by Sedona Medium, LLC. We have established the following Class Cancellation and Credit Policy to ensure transparency and fairness for all participants. Cancellation by Sedona Medium, LLC: In the event that Sedona Medium, LLC cancels a class or workshop due to insufficient enrollment, instructor unavailability, or unforeseen circumstances, we will notify all registered participants as soon as possible. In such cases, participants will be offered the following options: a. Transfer: Participants may choose to transfer their enrollment to a future class or workshop of their choice, subject to availability and schedule or participants may choose to utilize their credit towards eligible services with Sedona Medium, LLC. Cancellation by Participants: a. Cancellation Request: If you need to cancel your enrollment, you must notify us in writing [via email to] at least [30 days] prior to the scheduled start date of the class or workshop. Please provide your full name, contact information, and the class or workshop you are canceling. b. Credit Eligibility: - If cancellation is received [30 days] or more before the scheduled start date, you will be eligible for a full credit of the class or workshop fee paid for a future class or event. This credit will be active for 2 years from issuance. If cancellation is not received before the scheduled start date and you do not attend the class for any reason, no refund will be provided. We strongly suggest travel insurance to cover your expenses in the event of unforseen circumstances. c. Credit Process: Credits will be processed within of 14 days receiving your cancellation request. We do not offer Refunds for any reason. Please follow the above policy to be eligible for a credit, if needed. Non-Attendance: If you are unable to attend a class or workshop for any reason and do not cancel within the specified timeframe mentioned above, you will not be eligible for a credit. Substitution: If you are unable to attend a class or workshop but would like to send someone in your place, please notify us in writing [via email at] at least [14 days] prior to the scheduled start date. Please provide the full name and contact information of the substitute participant. Substitution requests are subject to eligibility and Sedona Medium, LLC's approval. Rescheduling: Rescheduling of a class or workshop enrollment is subject to availability and Sedona Medium, LLC's approval. Participants interested in rescheduling must contact us in writing [via email at] at least [n30 days] prior to the scheduled start date. Changes to the Policy: Sedona Medium, LLC reserves the right to modify or update this Class Cancellation and Credit Policy at any time. The most current version of the policy will be posted on our website and will apply to all future enrollments. Please carefully review this Class Cancellation and Credit Policy before enrolling in a class or workshop. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please feel free to contact us at 7/11/23

What are the closest places to stay near the class location? We are 13 miles from the Bell Rock Vortex in the Village of Oak Creek (VOC) side of Sedona. We suggest staying in the Village of Oak Creek area (hotels near Highway 179) or you may be able to find an Airbnb in Cornville, AZ that feels right for you. If you are seeking more cost saving options, you may be able to find them by lodging in a hotel in Camp Verde, AZ.

How can I prepare for this class? As we will be creating a Reiki crystal grid, you may choose to bring the following to construct your Crystal Grid.  If you would prefer to not travel with these items, materials will be provided for you for class use, but will remain with facilitator.  Optional items: Selenite wand (any shape wand, naturally cleaved or otherwise is fine), a 6 sided box with lid, 6 crystals that you feel intuitively guided to work with for your Crystal Grid, a central standing quartz crystal that fits inside the height of your box .  (Your central crystal will need to stand) Please review your Reiki 2 symbols and re-familiarize yourself with Reiki 1 and 2 materials prior to attendance. Please bring your Reiki I and 2 manual with you.

Will I receive a Reiki Master manual? Yes! You'll receive a Reiki Master manual with important notes and details about the teachings of this Reiki Master Teacher class.

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