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Reiki Healing Sessions




The demands of modern life can be overwhelming even in the best of times.

Reiki is an energy healing therapy that restores your body's life force, helping you gently release the stored emotions, limiting beliefs, and blockages in your body, that can contribute to pain and stress. 



Ignoring your body wisdom doesn't make it go away -

it makes it louder.


Ready for Fresh Energy?

Reiki is a healing energy that brings you back in touch your body wisdom.


Your best self emerges when it is supported.  

When you have a deeper sense of peace and harmony within and a healthy body and mindset, you can have an extraordinary impact on the world. 


And have the energy to be the person you came here to be!

Reiki supports your body to gently heal and release the energy of past or present trauma, emotional distress, or overwhelm that manifests itself through symptoms such as burnout, anxiety, and stress.


Reiki sessions are a natural way to release stress and anxiety and support your greater journey towards harmony between your mind and body. 

















The beauty of energy healing is that it is completely natural and perfectly tuned to reach the places where traditional medicine hasn't learned how to go. 

How can Reiki help?

Reiki was first discovered in Japan, as a method for healing the body and mind.

The word Reiki (pronounced Ray - key) means 'Universal life force energy' and it is unique from other energy healing modalities. 


What makes Reiki special is that the energy transmitted to you intelligently adjusts so

 that you get the perfect healing energy for your needs every single minute of your session.

Each session supports your body and mind in gently releasing blockages to your life force and to

charge up your Chakra system. 

The Chakras are the energy points which regulate how your life force flows. 


These 7 energy powerhouses distribute your life force to your organs, cells, and tissues, to meet your emotional, mental, and spiritual needs.















In short, they help you feel amazing and create an abundant, joyful life. 

Does Reiki really work?

If you have never experienced a Reiki session, it is completely natural to wonder if

energy healing works!

Fortunately, Reiki is widely accepted as a very effective energy healing modality.

Reiki is a part of most oncology programs, integrative healing options at hospitals all over the U.S., and has even been used by the United States military to treat PTSD.

There are many studies of Reiki demonstrating its effectiveness. 


But what is most pronounced is not simply the reduction of symptoms at the time of the treatment, but for the extended periods after- sometimes even bringing about healing that is still significant in the control group a year later!

Our experience with Reiki has led us to witness a level of healing that backs up this modality as a uniquely powerful and effective energy healing technique.  







How Does it work?


During a virtual Reiki session, Universal life force energy is directed to your Chakra system through traditional, Japanese Reiki techniques  - that create a direct flow of energy between you and your Reiki practitioner.

In Reiki, the most common sensations are feeling deeply relaxed, sensations of release, warmth, and feeling a variety of supportive shifts in the energetic body as it re-balances. 

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As a Reiki Master-Teacher, healing sessions with Robert are designed to address your individual needs, while honoring, respecting, and enhancing your personal healing process. 

Start Healing Today

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When you make your appointment, you will choose if you prefer a session by phone or by Zoom.

All Reiki treatments are performed virtually - by phone or Zoom. 

Reiki treatments are equally effective remotely.  Reiki, as a spiritually guided universal life force energy by nature, is not limited by the same time and space limitations that we perceive.

Each Reiki session is 60 minutes long.

A Special Bonus for you

Meditation Library.jpg

You will also receive access to the

Meditation Library on the day of your session,

so you can enjoy a meditation or Guided relaxation practice of your choosing, during your Reiki treatment. 

You do not need any meditation experience to enjoy a guided meditation or guided relaxation practice. 

Just listen and enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions about Reiki


What happens during a Reiki session?


Your Reiki session begins with connecting with your practitioner via phone or Zoom.  During this time, you will get to know one another, learn more about what to expect during your experience, ask questions, and also set your intention for the point of focus.  You will then be encouraged to disconnect as you find a quiet place with soothing music or sit peacefully in nature to receive depending upon your preference.  You may also enjoy the benefits of the Meditation Library - by listening to a guided meditation or relaxation practice.

Your practitioner will begin directing the Reiki energy to your chakras and your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies - targeting areas of blockage.  At the close of the session, your practitioner will reconnect virtually and will guide you back gently to share insights about your energy. 

What does Reiki feel like?


Some may experience physical sensations, such as tingling, warmth, coolness, pressure, a feeling of lightening or leaving the body, or a momentary twitch as energy moves through the body.


Some experience a sense of cleansing as emotions are released or clarity gained. Many experience a reduction or elimination of pain. Reiki is universally relaxing, calming, and grounding.


One client referred to the feeling of Reiki as “the presence of God”. How you experience Reiki will differ depending upon your energy sensitivity, the vibration flowing to you, and the openness of your energy centers, known as chakras.  There is no "right or wrong". 


What about follow up Reiki sessions?


While healing can be instantaneous, for some it is a process.  In these cases, follow up sessions are very helpful in releasing pain patterns or long term patterning.  Many find that when Reiki is received regularly, it drastically improves quality of life spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  After your first session, Robert can discuss with you the best options based on your unique energy system. 

Do you offer in-person Reiki sessions?


No, all of our sessions are by phone, Zoom, or Skype


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