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Sedona Reiki 1 and 2 Certification Class

Usui Reiki training classes

Dates offered

 (If you are unable to make any dates below, consider a private Reiki class)

Stay tuned for 2021 dates.

9:00am - 5:00pm

*There is a lunch break 12-2:00pm; facilities will be closed during this time.  There are many wonderful dining and hiking options near by.   

Address for August class TBA




Reiki: Universal Life Force Energy

Reiki is the technique of energy healing, which involves light touch or no-touch, transfer of universal life force energy (healing energy) from practitioner to client.  This technique was re-discovered in Japan and has since transformed the lives of millions. 


This experiential class will guide you through the who, what, why and how's of the Reiki system of energy healing, empowering you  with the knowledge and techniques along the way to transform your life and those around you with Universal Life Force Energy.

At the End of this Sedona Reiki Certification Class, you will be able to:  

*Treat Yourself with Reiki energy for healing mind/body/spirit and optimal health


*Treat others with Reiki energy

*Determine the Health of the Chakras in a Client's energy system

*Be prepared to treat others professionally with Reiki

*Be able to send distance Reiki

*Be a Certified Level II Reiki Practitioner

Usui Reiki I and II Class, in Sedona Includes: 

Level One - Usui Reiki: First Degree

* What is Reiki?

* How does Reiki work?

* The History of Usui Reiki - the original, Japanese form of Reiki healing

* Reiki Ideals for Spiritual and Intuitive Development

* Legalities and Ethics

* Benefits of Reiki

* Reiki and Traditional Medicine

* Reiki techniques for hands on healing 

* The Human Energetic System - Chakras and More

* How to feel and detect the Chakras

* Reiki attunement to Reiki first degree (Level one)

* Meditation techniques

* Hand positions for self treatment and the treatment of others

* Releasing the Ego; the Foundation of Spiritual Development

* Reiki for clients - seated or standing

* Reiki exchanges

* Charging Items with Reiki

* How to form a Reiki Healing Circle or Reiki Share

* The Four Degrees of Usui Reiki

Level Two - Usui Reiki: Second Degree

* Respect and Stewardship of the Reiki Symbols

* Understanding and Empowering the Reiki symbols

* The Power Symbol and uses

* The Mental & Emotional Symbol and uses

* Integrating Positive Affirmations into the Human Energy Field

* The Distance Healing Symbol and uses

* Instruction in sending Distance Reiki

* Treating Animals with Reiki techniques

* Mudras for Chakra Health and Healing

* Continuing to Expand your Reiki knowledge outside of Class

* Considerations for building your Professional Reiki Practice

This Sedona Reiki Class will include a Reiki Level I & II Manual for you to keep.  All Materials are provided.  Upon successful attendance and completion of class, you will receive a Reiki I & II Certification.

Led by experienced, Certified Reiki Master-Teacher, Christina Wooten











Pre-Registration is required to attend this class.  Complete registration using the Buy Now button above.

By completing payment and registering, you agree that you have read and agree to abide by the cancellation policy.

Unless otherwise noted: Cancellation prior to 60 days before the start date of the class or event, registrant will receive a 50% Credit applicable to Sedona Medium, LLC events/classes/or programs, valid for a year from issue date.  Cancellation for any reason within 60 days of the start date of the class/event/program is non-refundable and not subject to credit.

If you are late to class, you will not be permitted late entry.  Classes and Events begin promptly at the time listed.

Early Bird Registration deadline for March 2020 class is February 12, 2020

Early Bird Registration deadline for August 2020 class is July 22, 2020

Early Bird Registration deadline for December 2020 class is November 4, 2020

Sedona Reiki class

Frequently Asked Questions: 

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