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Meet your Animal Spirit Guides #39

If you are constantly seeing a particular animal, or have a special affinity for one, it could be that is one of your Animal Spirit Guides trying to give you a message.

Understanding the different types of Animal Guides and the unique messages they have for you, can lead to greater understanding of your life journey and spiritual purpose.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we introduce you to your animal spirit guides. We discuss the different levels of animal spirit guides and how they each work to guide and support you in your life journey.

Listen in here:

On Episode 39 ~ Meet your Animal Spirit Guides ~ Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*How to identify Animal Spirits that you might have always suspected were there (2:20)

*What it's like to see a Spirit animal on the earth plane (6:14)

*How Animal Spirits show up and relay messages in readings (7:51)

*Ways your Animal Guides can also show up in your normal life once you are aware of them (9:14)

*Understanding “Animal Medicine” – what it is, and what it isn't (10:16)

*Why different Animal Spirits might show up at different times throughout your life (12:36)

*What are Animal Totems and what are they telling you? (13:10)

*Why some Animal Spirits are only around you for a “season,” or a “reason” (15:10)

*Why getting to know your Animal Spirit Guides matters (18:43)

*The “real world” practical applications of paying attention to Animal Spirits in your life (20:20)


Let your Spirit animals guide you to your life purpose with a Soul Reading.


Christina Wooten: 0:02Your animal spirit guides give us more clues about your life path and purpose than any of your other spirit guides. They're also the most misunderstood and neglected. Today we're breaking down your animal spirit guides and how they can help you. Welcome to the Modern Life and Spirit podcast where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world. Your hosts, certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten, break down how to work with spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world. Robert Wooten: 0:45Well, hello kindred spirits. Welcome today to our podcast sacred space. We're glad to have you here. I am Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten here with certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten with On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we want to introduce you to your animal spirit guides. We've done a lot of chatting about connecting with your spirit guides. But we haven't really explained that there are many different types of spirit guides. And you can probably guess that we're going to talk about animals today. Animal spirits are neglected a lot when we talk about spirit guides for some reason, and theiy're this huge influence in our lives, but they get overlooked and that conversation. So you may not understand exactly what they do, or how they can help you and why they're around. And we do want to change that because animal totems and animal spirit guides are powerful medicine, and they can help us so much. Christina Wooten: 1:44If you're sensitive to the spirit world, or do have a deeper connection with your spirituality or with the earth, you probably have this innate understanding and connection with the animal realms. And this is especially true if you're an empath, because if you're an empath part of your gift is feeling and being able to communicate beyond words. And that allows you to forge more relationships with the animal world and trees and crystals in a really meaningful way. animals on the earth plane and in spirit do play a really special role in the world. And we sense it. So for those who are listening today, I want you to think back for just a minute. And as a child, maybe a certain animal really captured your imagination, your maybe it's your favorite one at the zoo or the animal you love to read about or see on TV or in the wild. Maybe you just felt fascinated by one and that love probably hasn't left you So somewhere it still has a special place in your heart. Or maybe you think back to animals that you've had a really memorable experiences with. Or if you've had certain animals show up in your dreams regularly or your meditations, there are so many ways that the animals do reach out to us. And I'll share a little bit of a funny story for a moment, when I was doing a lot of development. One missing piece that I had was that I could see these things really vividly in my mind's eye. But I rarely saw anything, if I did with my physical eyes and nothing concrete, it was more, you know, colors and so forth. So it totally drove me crazy. Because I really wanted that, you know, I had that false perception of like, "Oh, it's so cool. I really want it." And one day I had an experience with a group of people that adjust the energy around your body. And when I left that experience, I went to back to my hotel. And right there in the front of the line was a spirit squirrel. I kid you not, a spirit squirrel. And it's just bopping along in the yard gathering nuts and doing its spirit thing. And it was the first time that I could actually see something really vividly with my eyeballs. And I was totally stunned and I just I stopped like in the middle of the road like a crazy person because I was like crossing the road at the time. And I just laughed and laughed because here I was expecting that I would like see the psychic world with my physical eyes and be this grand portal opening up and as some like real drama. I don't know what I was expecting but it was like grand and big. And lo and behold, there I was seeing a squirrel. It was kind of like these like the drums you know, it's like, ah, funny. And so now what makes sense about this though, even though at the moment I was like "Are you kidding me?" was that I have a really special connection with nature and with animal spirits and I've been led and taught by spirit to read people's ego Animal totems and their soul chart and it, it really is a specialty and one that I did not choose for myself. Honestly, Spirit just chose it for me. In hindsight, I totally get why a squirrel was my first thing that I saw. But you just you have to laugh. Robert Wooten: 5:15So you have this image of this grand vision of what you thought you were going to see. And then Spirit was more like, "This is more practical, what you're going to see," like reality versus your imagination or your dream. Christina Wooten: 5:26Well, I like looking back on it. Now I totally get that it was the ego, the ego determining what I thought it was all going to be like, and it was this kind of dramatic, you know, element. And so it was very, like, "Hey, this is what it's really like, this is the real deal." There's the ego version of what we think it's like, and then the actual version, but I just thought it was really funny that I had this whole build up. And like the first thing I see is a squirrel. Robert Wooten: 5:55When you saw that with your eyes, because I only ever see him out of the corner of my eye - I'll see a movement and get the idea of what that is in the corner of my eye. I haven't actually been able to see it full on like that myself. What does that look like? Do you see the full shape of it? Can you see through it? What does that look like to you? Christina Wooten: 6:12Well, I mean, really, it depends. So to answer this, for what I saw at that time, was, it was clearly a squirrel. It was a white squirrel, I could see the fur, I could see every single element of the squirrel. But there was something about it that I knew it was a spirit squirrel. And I did have a friend walk up and was like, do you see like, "Are you seeing this squirrel too?" Shes' "No, Christina." In that moment, I didn't know how I knew I just knew. But how people do see things once they develop in that way, or if they develop in that way, is different depending on context, depending on how they perceive things, you know, Spirit doesn't have that same ego of like, "Oh, you have to develop this side, or you have to develop this," it's they just want to give you the message. As long as you get the message, they're going to use the clearest, most open channel, the easiest channel that you have, with less resistance to relay messages. It's just our ego that says, "But I want all the things." I wanted to give a couple of examples of how the animal totems and spirits come through for other people and experiences that I have seen as a medium. And the reason I want to do this is that the concept of having animal spirit guides for some people seems very abstract, it seems like it's harder to relate to. And so I want to give information that it's very evidential. It's you know, I'm an evidential medium, so I'm always interested in the like, "Let's prove it, like let's give the facts and so forth." So one example that I have is, I was doing a group reading so and it was actually a really large group. So this was a public demonstration, I was giving each person there a message from their animal spirit guides. And when I looked over a guide to the organizer of the event, who was there with her husband, and I was giving her a message about this, the spirit of moose had for her. And then I saw her blowing on a conch shell, and that her blowing a conch shell was somehow connected with this moose energy, which is pretty weird and obscure part of the message to say to someone. And I mean, you really have to trust Spirit to say that one out loud, and in front of a group of people. It just sounds too wackadoo. But she had this shocked look on her face, and turned her husband and was like, "Oh my gosh, tell her the story." Well, it turns out, she does play this conch shell, and that her private name that only her and her husband know for the shell and playing that, was her "moose bugle." I mean, it was pretty crazy. And I like to call that like a Spirit booyahh!. Like moose was going, "I'm definitely going to make sure you know that this is an important message for you. And I'm gonna just give it to you in your face." So that was one. Another message that I gave was to a woman in a private reading. And I was sharing that there were two animal spirits that were around her and what their messages were for her and and how they were helping her. And one of them I remember was a white squirrel. So just a lot of squirrels today. It was definitely a white squirrel. And well, sure enough, she had a white squirrel in her yard the next day that showed up like a little validation. And she took a picture and sent it to me. And then later on that same day, the other animal that I talked about in the session showed up in her yard as well. And so you know, there's a lot of examples here where you know, Spirit tries to help us get that connection. I have a client now who's, you know, emailing and is giving messages about how she's she had a Soul Reading with me. And eagle showed up in that process. And she's just now seeing like, entering this phase in her life, she's seeing them all the time, like five or six, just has been wild. So the first thing you need to understand about the animal spirits is that when you have an animal Totem or an animal spirit guide, it isn't a personified animal. So let's say you have Tiger as an animal spirit guide. It isn't a tiger that died in 1921 that is your, your guide, okay? The spirit of that tiger. A Totem is the collective wisdom, consciousness and pure energy of Tiger. So we're talking about Tiger with a capital T. Robert Wooten: 10:50It's the energy of that particular animal, that animal represents that type of energy. Christina Wooten: 10:55Right. It's the wisdom consciousness that incarnates in all the tiger bodies, to some extent, it's that particular consciousness. So that's what we're talking about is, you know, for it not to be personified, and that's a little bit different than what we experience with spirit guides, who are people now. That doesn't mean that how Tiger comes to you isn't unique, and isn't different. So you may see a white tiger where somebody else around them, you know, has an orange tiger, or you may see a female and somebody else has a male. So, you know, they can take that energy, can take many different forms, depending on how it's relating to you. But the essence of Tiger is Tiger with a "T". So every animal spirit has a specific wisdom and consciousness that it is here to share with the world. So we call that it's "medicine." So it's that animal's unique, special gift. And there's a lot of nuances to that, you know, you can boil it down to you know, here's a primary characteristic or primary element of the medicine, but there's a lot of different ways to understand that that has quite a bit of depth. So a barebones example like real world might be so eagle is the teacher of spiritual perspective and detaching from the ego. Porcupine is a teacher of peaceful nature and self confidence and trust. Butterfly is a teacher of how to honor cycles and transitions in your life in a sacred way, and to let go of attachment. So there's a lot that that goes underneath all of that, but you know, barebones, it's worth talking about. Robert Wooten: 12:33So people might be wondering, is it always the same ones? Do you carry the same animal guides with you throughout your entire lifetime, or do they change up? Christina Wooten: 12:41I like to think of that animal spirits are like friends, and that they can be here for a season, a reason or a lifetime. So some of them are those ones that are with you for a lifetime. Those are your animal totems, some of them are messengers, and some of them just have a quick connection with you. So that's a good segue, let's dive into what we're talking about. So your animal totems are your lifetime animal guides, you have nine totems that you've connected with and contracted with before your incarnation into the body that you're in now. So your spirit and the guides chose who's coming with you on this journey, based on what it is that you need to learn and where you need to grow, what you need to uncover to fulfill your purpose. So your soul path is directly connected with your animal totems. So that's why I read your animal Totem chart in a soul reading your animal totems influence, also your expressions tremendously, like way more than people realize. So I can tell you that you have physical characteristics and personality traits and habits that are directly connected to your animal totems, and you don't even realize it. And I think that's what's really fun. I can tell you if you're a loner or if you have a bad temper, if you're you know gentle or shy and what kind of communicator you are, what role people will cast you in, in communities or in groups and what comes naturally to you where your lessons are in this lifetime. I can tell based on your animal spirit guides, if you're here to make major spiritual advancements in this lifetime. So there's so much stuff in your chart and you know, we could spend hours like just talking about the animal spirit guides and and also just knowing your partner's path and work can be really, really helpful. I don't know if you can tell but like I'm going full fan girl for the animals right now. But I just love them so much and they have so much love to give. And again, it's one of those that we neglect or it's just missed out of the conversation and the more that you study or learn Connect with the animal realms, the more you'll realize how impactful that information is, so totems are with you for a lifetime. Now, you can also have animal spirits that are just with you for a season. So these animal spirits are in addition to your totems, and they only come in to support you or to help you move past some blockage in your life or consciousness for a shorter period of time. And then once you have the information you need, then they move on. So you may have an animal spirit that's there for a few months to a couple of years and working really, really intensely with you. And when they show up, you'll see signs of them or feel more drawn to that animal for a short period. And then when they leave, because you've made the shift that you need to, you may just feel less drawn to them and see less of those signs. So the more you are working really directly with them in a spiritual way, unconsciously just in a soul process, the more you're going to see those signs pop up. So that client I was mentioning who's, you know, seeing Eagle around like constantly is because she's doing a lot of work with that same medicine right now and doing a lot of growth with it. So it's her soul reflecting back to her the message that you know, she's here to integrate in this more challenging period. Robert Wooten: 16:24So in a physical way, you could say it's similar to, if you are, say deficient in a certain vitamin or something, and you crave a certain food, or a certain flavor, because you need to get more of that vitamin in your digestion or in your food. And once you have balanced that out - once you've balanced out the need for that vitamin - you don't seem to crave that spices much. Christina Wooten: 16:46Yeah, I mean, I've never thought of it that way, but that makes a lot of sense as you just feel this, like attraction. And, you know, I think what's interesting is people lifetimes won't understand, you know, why all of a sudden it's popping up or you know why they just suddenly feel like I need to go on a retreat with horses, "I need to go do some healing work or equine therapy," and it just comes out of the blue. Well, you really want to look at what that medicine is, why it's around you, and how you can apply that really directly in your life. Because that's what it's saying is you're trying to integrate it. So it's not about "Oh, I've got to be with the horses directly," you know, that's a reflection, like you're kind of grounding that into the experience. But on a higher level, it's saying that medicine is what I'm, you know, trying to integrate that point that this is the vitamin that I need. So like, you know, it's a great example. We also have animal spirits that are here for a reason. So this specific reason, so they are super short term visitations that you have that usually are there to just give you a really quick way or applicable message to whatever's happening in that moment in your life, or the animals that you may see signs in the physical world that you know, could be signs from your loved ones who have crossed over. So those would be the ones who come in for a reason. For example, you may see a dragonfly that you just know is the presence of your grandmother in spirit saying, "Hi." Another example would be if you're looking out over the ocean, and you get really lucky and you see a pod of dolphins out there, then dolphin medicine has a message for you. And also the number of dolphins that you see is a little bit of a refinement to that message as well. So those animals are like in and out, you know, quick message delivered, and then they're gone right away. And it's typically going to be very applicable to you in that moment or within that day and whatever you're thinking about. So the big question, obviously, is, why do our animal totems and animal spirit guides matter to us? Well, one, they are influencing you and your personality traits and the things that you need to watch out for, and the things that you're drawn to and just light you up inside. And the same things that repel you. And to you have to integrate all of these medicines eventually, in your journey to enlightenment. So knowing your totems and paying attention to the animal signs and the messages that around you, does help you to go deeper, to be more aware, to be more conscious, and to do your work faster and better. One of the most interesting things that I have found working with animal totems and just doing so many of these readings over the years is that a lot of the things that people would compare themselves with others, or judge about themselves or feel weird about are the very things that are critical to them living their life purpose. So it helps to be able to understand that that very unique part of you that you feel is kind of Weird, you can re integrate it and learn to love it instead of like, rejected and compare yourself to someone else and be like, why can't I just be like them? Well, because you're here with this gift, you're here to like, dive into it deeper rather than, you know, shrink away. As my final thoughts for today, I would just invite everyone to pay attention, because your animal spirit guides, they are around and they're sending you messages, they are here to help you in really practical ways, you know, they're so grounded, they have this beautiful practical element to them. And when you pay attention, when you move with purpose, and you actively learn with your animal guides, you do start to live your personal medicine. So that's your true authentic self. We think of self love, as in this limited way, sometimes like bubble baths and healthy foods and but living your medicine is what self love and self care is really about. And even if you have an animal spirit, or Totem who's more exotic or unusual, and you think, "Well, maybe I'm not gonna see signs of the lemur around every day." Sure enough, you will, as you start to really dive into it, as you learn what animals around what totems around, you will start to see signs of and lo and behold, you'll be you know, clicking away at the TV, and here comes a National Geographic documentary just about the lemurs of Madagascar. You know, obscure ways have had logos, you know, logos with some of those more exotic animals start to make connections with people after they, you know, learn and you know, choose to integrate that medicine in a different way. And some of it's the, the more you learn, the more you get on that frequency, the more you're attracting that support back to yourself of validation of your own the vibe. If you do feel drawn to understand more of your purpose, to meet your personal animal spirit totems that you can understand and to grow with, I would just love to put it out there that I'd love to help you to do just that and to help you understand the path and the journey that's going to bring you more success and ultimately and more importantly piece. To learn more about exactly how I do this, you can go to And I'd love to connect with you. So that's And thank you for everyone who's joined us today and who's you know, taken a moment to dive into the animal spirits so grateful for your presence and just have you here and part of our kindred spirit community and sending love so that you have a beautiful rest of your day and just a little extra sprinkle of positive energy. Robert Wooten: 23:02Many blessings. The Modern Life and Spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. Information provided is not to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological illness. To read the full disclaimer, the Sedona Tags: SpiritualityIntuitionIntuitivePsychicMediumMediumshipPersonal GrowthReikiEnergy HealingHealerAstralGuidesSpirit GuidesHigher SelfModern LifeEmpathClairsentientSensitiveClairaudientClairvoyantClairvoyanceRelationsh

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