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Why Spiritual Community Matters & how to find yours #48

Do you long to belong to a community of like-minded thinkers and spiritual explorers? Well, take heart in knowing that it is a feeling most people have, especially as they progress along their path of inner growth. But many wonder how they might find or build the tribe that vibes with them.

On this episode, we share some insights and deep thoughts about the things you should definitely be considering when you are looking for yours.

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast:

*When we feel the need for community the most (2:00)

*The importance of true authenticity in attracting the right people to you, and you to them (3:00)

*How communities help you continue to grow (5:27)

*The universal need for community during dark or difficult times in our lives (6:40)

*How your vibe attracts your tribe (9:47)

*The struggles Empaths have in maintaining their true selves (11:00)

*Why one community probably won’t fit every need you have (12:39)

*What to do if you are struggling to find a community that fits you (14:37)

*Identifying some of the tangible benefits of belonging to a Spiritual Community (19:14)

*How Community relationship building aligns with our spiritual purpose (20:48)

*The importance of always showing the most real version of yourself (22:51)


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