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2022 Astrological Forecast #62

Welcome to our first episode of Season 2 of Modern Life and Spirit podcast! I think you will agree, that this one has a lot of "meat" to it.

As we shift into new cycles, astrology can help us to understand what energies are available for evolution and spiritual development. In this episode, we take a deeper look into the influences that astrology will have on our lives in 2022 and what those influences tell us, as we plan for the upcoming year.

On this episode, we talked with Best Selling Author, Writer, and Evolutionary Astrologer, Sheri Horn Hasan to break down the astrological events and corresponding energy cycles we will be seeing in the coming year.

We cover so much territory in this episode, that I know you will want to download and revisit the messages again and again!

On this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*Why Astrology is considered a study of cycles 7:51

*How using a combination of hindsight and personal choice, we can choose how to participate in the energies at work in our lives 9:16

*Understanding how Saturn and Uranus’ cycles in various aspects have been influencing the shift in values we’ve been experiencing for the past several years 10:23

*How 2022 starting with Venus in retrograde will affect our collective society’s values 14:47

*Why it’s a good time to recognize what you value about your work 16:29

*How Saturn represents restrictive beliefs 19:16

*The influence Saturn in Capricorn at the beginning of the year encourages us to be our own best authority in your life. 20:12

*Why the world is so polarized right now, and what that has to do with the Hero’s journey 22:21

*The energy implications of Mercury retrograde in Capricorn for the first three months of 2022 24:16

*What Jupiter in Pisces means for your expansion of consciousness 24:55

*Why the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in May is important for your psychic clarity, and why listening to your own guidance is best then 26:41

*What the important implications of Mars in Gemini means for the second half of the year 30:24

*Why the Summer is your best time to start writing or being creative 33:55

*Why retrogrades are the best time to look inward 36:37

*How the eclipses later in the year can effect your ability to let go of negative energy 41:48

*The astrological definition of the shadow side, and how it helps us grow stronger 45:55

*Why you may need to change some habits this year because they no longer serve your best interest 47:47

*The overall themes of 2022: Boundaries, Values, and Clarity. 49:30

*How to contact Sheri at Karmic Evolution 51:55

Amazon #1 Bestsellerauthor, editor, writing coach, and professional intuitive astrologer, Karmic Evolution’s Sheri Horn Hasan has helped 160+ individual authors realize their dream to successfully self-publish. Sheri combines her accumulated knowledge of literature, mythology, the archetypes, psychology, & astrology to bring into greater consciousness an individual's personal hero’s journey through this lifetime. Such a move from chaos to clarity helps us recognize our soul’s true purpose and brings a far better understanding of how to release old karmic patterns so that we may co-create our own future happiness through astrological insight. Sheri’s weekly podcast Karmic Evolution’s Astrologically Speaking discusses the “truth about astrology and your soul’s karmic evolution,” and illustrates how outer world events reflect back to us personally in an “as above, so below” fashion to awaken us to the higher meaning of important astrological energies as they occur. You can find out more about Sheri’s podcast, astrology readings, and editorial offerings at

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Episode 62 Transcript
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Christina Wooten 00:00

Hey there kindred spirits, it's me Christina Wooten, from - Happy New Year to you. I know that your spirit guides are busy right now readying all the great blessings that they have in store for you, and helping you to develop the mindsets and the habits that you need to shift your energy into the new year. I for one love astrology, because for empaths who are especially sensitive to the astrological influences that are happening, it can be such a great way to understand some of the emotions impulses and inspirations that you're feeling. So I invited Sheri Horn Hasan, bestselling author, writer and intuitive astrologer from Karmic Evolution to shed some light about some of the astrological events we should be paying attention to in 2022. There is so much and I mean so much to unpack and based on some of the themes that she revealed, I think you'll appreciate her perspective. This is definitely one of those episodes to download and save so that you can revisit it again and again. And without further ado, let's get to it.

Narrator 01:11

Welcome to the Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world. Your hosts, certified psychic medium, Christina Wooten and Reiki master teacher, Robert Wooten, break down how to work with Spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Christina Wooten 01:34

Hi, welcome Sherry to Modern Life and Spirit podcast. Thank you so much for being a part of our show, for sharing with us today. You're going to be talking about the astrology and all the exciting things that are happening in 2022, which from my understanding of what you're sharing, it's a lot that's going on. I'm so excited to talk to you about this today.

Sheri Horn Hasan 01:57

Thank you for asking me, I'm thrilled to be part of it. So I appreciate it.

Christina Wooten 02:02

I was hoping that you could introduce yourself to our listeners and share a bit about who you are, what your expertise is how they can learn more about you before we dive in.

Sheri Horn Hasan 02:14

Sure. I am what I call an archetypal, psychological evolutionary astrologer. However, my professional bread and butter from the time I came out of college, I studied literature, I was in the editorial realm in what's known as trade journalism, which is Business Journalism. So I was a business writer. It's interesting, because when I was probably about 14, I had one summer where I was like alone, everybody was at a town my friends, you know, I had one or two like best friends and once they went away for the summer or whatever. I got a book and I taught myself hatha yoga. And the other thing that I did was that I got a book about how to cast a chart by hand -how to do your natal horoscope. And it was before computers. My father was a mathematics professor at a local college at Wagner College on Staten Island where I was born and raised and I was too intimidated or afraid to go to ask him for help. Because it was like geometrical, you know, doing using the confidence and doing the math. And so I put it away. Well, the other thing is that my father when I was young, I was probably about nine, my father was a mathematics and physics professor and on Staten Island, which is part of New York City. The Wagner College built a planetarium. And in New York City, it was the only other planetarium between besides Hayden Planetarium, which is the big planetarium that tour groups and school classes would go to, to learn astronomy, right. So my father became the director of the Planetarium at Wagner. And he took me and my mother and my brother up to the planetarium to practice, right to learn the technology or whatever. And it's there that I started learning about the constellations. And I had written a story and it was like, you know, it's like, household words in my home were Beetlejuice and Rigel and Sirius and Aldeberon, and stuff like that. Wow. And so I learned some of the major constellations which then led me to ask my father more about them. He gave me a book on the myths. And that's really what started me in combination with, like I said, trying to cast a start chart probably a couple years later. So I go into publishing fast forward, I get married, I have a son, and I get diagnosed in March of 2000 with multiple sclerosis. So that was the turning point for me. And that was that pretty much what we would call the classic midlife crisis time, and astrologically that's Neptune square Neptune and Uranus opposite Uranus, which is the ladder is very much a break free. Our individuation point. So right before my 42nd birthday, I get this diagnosis, I'm pretty much numb from the waist down, I get the treatment and I recover. After that I had gone to an astrologer just before that diagnosis. And I went back to her because she started teaching locally. So the year after my diagnosis, I started learning astrology seriously. And over those couple of years, it led me to read astrologers like Liz green, who's a young astrologer, and Howard says borders, and then I started traveling, I joined the astrological Society of Princeton. And they're, they're a very good renowned group that was connected with Rob hand, who's very well known in the astrological world, and then started traveling and just going to all the conferences and you know, went abroad and studied in England. And so that was little by little, so I ended up with a diploma certification in psychological astrology, and a master's level certification and evolutionary astrology was Stephen Forrest, who was one of my mentors, who is also very well known. And then I also studied past life regression work with a woman named Patricia while she was also an astrologer. So it all sort of like just was a journey. And it changed my life. You know, I recognized so many different things about myself, the situation I was in, you know, and how to free myself from certain things like a marriage, that was not a happy one and things like that, and just never looked back. You know, now, I combined my chart readings with the hero's journey, and the belief that everybody is a hero in their own life, and that we all carry within a spark of the divine. So listening to our higher self, finding our authentic voice, which is something they talk about in literature is very important, is something that I help people do by recognizing, where their conscious ego, and their unconscious intuitive nature need to be better integrated, because that makes us whole. So that's a large part of what I do. You know,

Christina Wooten 07:22

Yeah.It's so interesting that you had this experience in the beginning at, you know, a time when people aren't very clear, you know, teenage years. There's a lot going on, there's a lot of other things that are distracting, but that you had a calling at that point, and then some interesting connections with the stars that then of course, you know, midlife comes this rebirthing opportunity. It just brings us back full circle. I think that's interesting.

Sheri Horn Hasan 07:51

Well, what's interesting about astrology is it's really the study of cycles, right? And so when I looked back, what I realized was 14, is the half cycle of Saturn. So wherever your natal Saturn is in your chart, at approximately 14, because Saturn cycles, 29 and a half years, so approximately 14 to 15. Somewhere in there, we have a half Saturn Return, right. So Saturn is opposing itself in our chart. That was the year also, I got admitted to the High School of Music and Art in New York City, which is a prestigious, but free public high school for people in the arts. And I was a singer. And so there was a lot going on with the I think formation of the ego, you know, which is something that Saturn represents. So it was the entrance into high school where I was finding these spiritual things, you know, and I think that was probably part of sort of the preparation for the creative endeavor that I was engaged in, you know, by learning how to hone my skill, that kind of thing. It was 29 and a half years later. So it was the second site portion of the same cycle. So that's a really interesting thing, you know, so they were both pretty life changing for me, but not in ways that you recognize at the moment, but later.

Christina Wooten 09:16

Right. Hindsight makes such a difference. And I think we can look at a lot in a chart or look at a lot in the year that's coming forward and get some real clues about what's happening. And you know, of course, we always have choice in how we're going to participate and, you know, experience those energies, and all of that blends together. And then in hindsight, we can develop this wisdom from it, which is exciting. I love what you were sharing about astrology being the study of cycles. I'm always interested in what is coming up so that I can understand how to ride this wave to the highest and best. If I'm thinking about life experience, I'm thinking about the opportunity that's there. If I want to milk this opportunity for everything that is, what is being presented? So obviously we've been through this huge shift and change over the last few years and I think 2022, 2023 is all part of that still unfolding. What is your feeling or assessment of the overall energies in 2022?

Sheri Horn Hasan 10:23

Okay, well, everyone may not be thrilled to hear this, so bear with me. But for all of 2021 for those who follow astrology, you know, or if you don't, one of the major influencing energies has been the fact that Saturn in Aquarius has been squaring Uranus, and Taurus. Now Uranus went into Taurus in the spring of 2018. And that represents a shift in our values towards a more progressive nature. Uranus is always futuristic, Uranus is always about the process of individuation and being who we came here really to be. My study of past life regression for those who believe in past life karma, but not in karma in terms of a punitive sense, right. But in terms of what the soul endured, experienced, and how it was conditioned, okay, so when we reincarnate, we inhabit a new physical body, but we take with it the memory of the last body, and that's on a cellular physical level, as well as a mental, spiritual and emotional level. So what Uranus in Taurus has been about, and that's a seven year transit. So it's from 2018 to 2025 is where have our values changed. And how can we adapt? Because all of the astrological planetary movements are about evolution. Right? So the evolution of the soul, the evolution of the psyche, whatever, you know, and evolution in obvious ways, like in science and education, and you know, politics, whatever, whatever anybody is interested in, that would catch their attention most. But the past Saturn is always about tradition. Saturn is always about the status quo. And it represents authority, you know, on another level, on a personal level, if you're doing a personal charge, Saturn can show us where the ego was conditioned. And Uranus is saying, "Yeah, but you have to change." Well, Uranus says, change is the only constant, the only thing that we can rely on. So Saturn wants to hang back and resist change. While Uranus wants to make progressive change, and it wants it not now it wants it yesterday. Right? So because the two are square in astrology as an aspect, is inner tension, is on outer tension, right? So what needs to happen is they need to be integrated, just like every energy needs to be integrated. And integration makes us whole. So this year, in 2021, we've seen the effects and you mentioned looking back, we have to look back in order to see the patterns, so that we can then look forward and decide whether we want to continue with those patterns or change those patterns. And that brings in the issue of choice, just as you said. Which to me, understanding that we all have a choice is one of the first keys to greater consciousness. So as we move forward, this year, Saturn square Uranus is still in play. So the beginning of the year now in January, and particularly so towards the end of the year, there are other things that are happening. That's the backdrop, that's what I call the bass note. So where is society, wanting to hold back? Versus those in society who want to be progressive and make progressive change? So the question becomes, "Where's that happening internally? For all of us, as above, so below, as within so without as the universe so the soul, we create our own reality. So as a collective, we've created the political turmoil, we've created the polarization in the world. Now, I don't want to go down a negative rabbit hole and get specific but anyone who pays attention to current events at all, can't fail to notice how much discord chaos and polarization has been going on in the world. So the key here, especially because we come into this year with Venus retrograde, which is about values. So it's again about discovering what is the soul's true values. What are the soul's true values, versus what's reflected by society? Versus what we were told, taught, or forced to believe, which is Saturnian thing, and many of us who grew up under, with indoctrinated religion can speak to that some people stay in that realm. Other people have transcended it, those who are more of a spiritual nature and you know, trust their valid messages from their intuition and the psychic realm. We don't have to stay stuck in these finite beliefs, that we need to move forward. So discerning how polarized we are internally right now, because the external world is reflecting back to us, like I said that the collective is polarized. So how can we stay centered? How can we stay focused on what are our true beliefs, and what are our true values? Because Venus in Capricorn is very much about our relationships, that's what Venus represents. And Venus always wants harmony, serenity, calm. And Capricorn is about commitment. But you must make a commitment to yourself before you can be successful with commitments with anyone else or others out in the world. And that relates also to our work. So there's a lot of review right now out in the world about work, which obviously was brought on by the last almost two years, or a year and a half of the pandemic, right? How many people are quitting in droves? So, for this is a period of beginning of the year for us to recognize what we value most about work. So this is a good time to get in touch with that, what do we most enjoy in our current work? If it's nothing, then we'll want to make a change. If it's this, but not that, then we'll want to delegate that, right? So no matter what industry you're in, no matter what kind of work you do, it's just about really getting clear about your values and about what gives you pleasure, because that's Venus. That's Venus's Taurus. Venus is the Libra side of Taurus, is the communication and the relationships and the harmony and balance. So how do you bring all of that to yourself internally?

Christina Wooten 17:10

So when I think of Saturn, I think about the rings, it's, you know, restriction and, you know, feeling stuck or maybe held in a certain place and maybe resisting that internally. But when I think about this, this conflict that's coming up, and you know, as a part of our reality, now, it seems like the opportunity there is when we're in a place of, you know, feeling like we're analyzing that inner conflict where you know, diving deep into is when our greatest truth comes forward. It's when we're able to, you know, be more honest with ourselves, when we're in a place of change, when we're in a place of, you know, standing at the crossroads and determining which way to go. There's a rawness that comes with that, there's an authenticity that comes when we're in that. So I love what you were saying about the values and being able to really center and focus on values as a means of helping us navigate the seat of feeling a little bit pulled apart. But at the same time trying to see it as an opportunity of this is where we can jump on that bandwagon, perhaps on the job change that we've needed, on the relationship change that we've desired, and maybe put off or, you know, felt restricted by.

Sheri Horn Hasan 18:27

There's a couple of things I'll just add what you said Saturn in traditional astrology, which goes back to at least like the the late 1600s, Saturn was the last planet we could see by eye. Which is why traditional astrology, the real traditionalist don't even count the outer planets because they stick rigidly to the old system. They're very Saturnian. Okay? So Saturn is known as the ring pass not because once you go beyond Saturn, you're in an unconscious realm in terms of psychological astrology, right? As you say, the rings are restricting. What's restricting also is that, you know, if you can't see it, you might not believe it.

Christina Wooten 19:14

Mm hmm.

Sheri Horn Hasan 19:16

Saturn is representative of that: "I can't see it. I can't taste it. I can't smell it. I can't touch it. It doesn't exist. What are you crazy?" You know, in any of us young people in our lives who you know, think we're nuts because we do what we do. That's as simple you know, it's it's simple enough to recognize right? So they're very boundaried. But along with that comes the fact that that boundary Enos is usually presented to us through authority figures. So authority, our parents are the first authority to teach, our teachers, our clerics. And then you go on to society, our judges you know, and things like that. The ultimate authority of course, is God or Goddess or Universal Source or Creator or whatever it was everybody believes. So Saturn doesn't like to expand beyond its boundary, right? When we come to values, though, and here's the positive part of Saturn, and Capricorn. Because Saturn rules Capricorn, we are here to learn that we are each individual is his or her own best authority. So when we go deep, and we check in with what the soul truly values, we then become our own best authority figure. And then there's no more. Well, what do you think? What does he think? Or are they gonna judge me? Or what should I do now, I just don't know. You go to that place of center. Whether it's through your meditative practice your mindfulness, your creative endeavors, or whatever, and you talk to your soul, you hear your authentic voice, you know, you hear your Higher Self come through. And that's a huge part of the positive nature of Saturn. Because Saturn wants us to grow wise enough to be able to trust and believe in ourselves.

Christina Wooten 21:06

I love that I love that understanding of Saturn is this invitation because it can feel oppressive. I love how you set boundaries, I think that's a perfect description for it. But you're replacing an outer external authority with the internal.

Sheri Horn Hasan 21:23

Absolutely, absolutely. And that's a hard journey for a lot of us. I always say to my clients, "Well, it's easy to say, it's not so easy all the time to do, but that's what we're working on."

Christina Wooten 21:37

Yeah, but once you've heard it now, you know. You know, it's like the toothpaste can't get back into the tube. The little seed nugget is percolating somewhere.

Sheri Horn Hasan 21:48

So while Venus is in Capricorn, that's just the beginning of this year, where we're looking at how do we become our own best authority in terms of trusting our values in determining what is most valuable to us? And then, you know, becoming the authority over that.

Christina Wooten 22:03

So what are the things we need to look for from let's say, the first half of the year from January through June? What's the important stuff? If you were just kind of pulling out the major elements that we needed to keep in mind or gateways opportunities? What do you feel like are the biggest influences?

Sheri Horn Hasan 22:21

I mentioned, I think that for probably most of 2022, we're still going to have this outer polarization, right? So I want to say that I think it's important that we understand that the planetary movements in the sky no matter what they are, often trigger energies into manifestation. And that the effect of this triggered energy often sets into motion new pathways for us to follow, right? So it's never as much about what happens like what happens to us. It's how we respond, or maybe don't respond to what happens to us that matters most, right. So in that way, it's what you said before, we always have a choice. Now, some people don't recognize that. But I've developed a philosophy as an archetypal psychological and evolutionary astrologer over the years. Since I began my studies, as I said, somewhere around 2001, and I discussed we all have our hero's journey. So this is the year that our hero's journey is going to be able to as it does every year, but again, the theme so much is about polarization, right? We want to take note of how we respond to these energies, and what are our habitual behavioral patterns. I have a philosophy and it goes as follows. The universe is benign. It has no vested interest in making any of us suffer. Rather, it provides opportunities every moment of every day for us to grow in consciousness. Whether we choose to recognize these opportunities is completely up to us. But what we know is that when we ignore them, the universe just keeps knocking louder and louder, right? And the other thing is, you know, so we well, if we break up the year into two halves. I mentioned already that until January 29, we have Venus in retrograde. And between January 14 And February 3, we're gonna have Mercury retrograde in Capricorn. We're gonna have Uranus stationing direct in Taurus in January on January 18, and then the full moon in Cancer on January 27. But the thing is that with two planets retrograde for the short term, again and both of them in Capricorn The themes are still the same, still these Saturnian - Saturn rules Capricorn. The Saturnian and groundedness "How can I be my own best authority?" In April we have the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces. So Jupiter's in Pisces. Now Jupiter's very comfortable in Pisces, and Jupiter is in expansion of consciousness if I bottom line what is Jupiter about its expansion of consciousness. So yes, it's expansion of this and that and the other thing. It's known as the Great Benefic, traditionally brings blessings and good fortune. But you can also bring too much of a bad thing. Jupiter meets up with Neptune in Pisces on April 12. And as this energy builds probably within a few weeks before, because we have the opportunity to raise our vibrational level to its highest, right, this is a hugely altruistic combination. I can feel the energy of the collective, I am an empath, I can rise above the mundane chaos and discord of the outside world which is still being caused, as I noted by the Saturn Uranus Square for the duration of the year, but I can take the higher spiritual road, I can be the spiritual healer. But again, not to be repetitive, but by listening to my higher self, and my authentic voice. So that will be a period from March until about early May, does it approach and separates where it's so important to take that higher road because that energy can produce clarity, as long as we allow ourselves to know that we're our own best authority. And we're very clear on what our values are. Which isn't to say that values don't change because that's part of the longer term energy, right? Social mores change social laws, change all that stuff. But when we're clear that's a foundation from which we can start now. There's a caution here as well. Because during this time period, same time period from about March to early May, this Jupiter Neptune in Pisces conjunction can produce the opposite of clarity. Okay, so instead of getting clear, psychic energetic spiritual guidance and raising our vibration, right so which we then want to add to collective energies for the betterment of all of mankind, I call it womankind right, we can instead become confused. Neptune, in psychological astrology is the planet of illusion, confusion and delusion. It's the fog that we often have to feel our way out of. It's like the Dark of the Moon, right? Balsamic phases. And again, Jupiter's expansion. And when it's in its most benefit role is expansion of consciousness. However, when these two meet in intuitive and empathic Pisces, they can go too far, and create delusional thinking. Now, again, you know , I've heard it predicted by other astrologers that we may be in for a time period around this time where the real crazies come out. Right? And and again, depending on how much one allows in the news, you know, what's going on, locally, regionally, nationally, internationally, this is a period to be very careful, not being attracted to gurus, or people who claim to know at all, or swindlers who want to sell us the Brooklyn Bridge, you know, greatest thing since sliced bread or others who claim to be enlightened. That doesn't mean you'll be wrong. It doesn't mean you'd be wrong to follow someone like that, and you're not going to get anything out of it. But the caution again here is to make sure that you check to see that all that glitters really does turn out to be gold, and not just an illusion. So Neptune in Pisces are energies and when Jupiter's in Pisces, that are prone easily to deceit. And when one is prone to deceit, one is also prone to self deceit. And that can set up a pattern where we get conned into believing that we're saving somebody else or others, or that we can be saved by another or others. Right. So my advice is to continue meditative practices. Go to that higher place where you receive divine guidance, ground yourself. So you can shield yourself from unwanted intrusive energies of others, right, anyone who's an empath, a psychic and intuitive who knows they absorb the energy of the collective unwittingly write, it's particularly important than to look into how to erect boundaries. That's again, where Saturn has a good connotation, right? Yeah, we want to let in all the good stuff, but block out all the bad stuff and not only block out the negative stuff. We need to rid ourselves of the stuff that does come through. Right so the meditative process and particularly creative endeavors, and when I use the word creative, I use it very loosely; you can stretch and string tin cans together and it's art you know. So when we get into mindfulness, we are looking at the creative process. And this is how we expel the unwanted energy. So we first want to block it from coming in, but that which comes in, we then want to work on expelling, so we protect our energies, whatever we can protect against, we get rid of, and those are the easiest ways to do it. Now Jupiter is going to move on to enter Aries on May 10. So the energy is going to shift and Jupiter's going to be ruled by Mars. And Mars is going to enter Gemini not until the second half of the year on August 20. But he's going to stay in Gemini for seven months because he's going to retrograde from October 30 through January 11 of 2023. So that energy for the second half of the year, Mars Retrograde is about going deep to find your inner warrior. Meanwhile, we have Chiron in Aries, which is also like a seven year transit. And so Chiron is the wounded healer, and in Aries in the collective where have we been wounded because we didn't follow our own instinctual or instinctive nature. So if somebody punches you, you punch him back. Right? Not to bring up a violent example. But how do we each react to things that happen to us, and we all have a different way. And a lot of it has to do with our natal moon because the moon is the emotions a fire moon, you hit me, I'm a fire moon, I'm going to hit you back on air moon is not going to hit back. It's going to go, "Why did he do that? I wonder what made you decide to punch me? I know we were fighting about this, but punch me?" You know what I mean? Like use words, do you know I'm a water moon is going to cry. Yeah, and retreat. And an earth Moon is also going to kind of somatize it and ground themselves maybe braced themselves for another bunch. So it's going to try to make practical sense is a little more like the air, you know, but the thing is that with Mars in Gemini for so long, there could be a lot of arguments, there can be a lot of mental energy and activity. And Gemini is a mutable sign that I call can get stuck on the mental hamster wheel where we're going round and round and round and round, we can't solve the problem. Or I liken it to the dog chasing its tail because mutable energy is always in flux. So Mars wants to move and be instinctive. Chiron is ruled by Mars right now for the whole year. So Chiron is investigating where we've gotten wounded by not acting like, I guess, acting naturally would be the way. Right? If you weren't told it's wrong, to punch somebody back, you know. And I'm not saying that's not true. But I'm saying, you know, Mars is about protection. The highest use of ours is to defend and protect others who are weak and less able to defend themselves, but you have to survive. So if someone attacks you, you have to defend yourself. So there's a lot inherent in that in terms of saying, "What can I do to be proactive in terms of my thoughts? And how can I heal any wounds that have existed either from past life karma or early this life, where my personal will has been thwarted or stymied or I was taught, again, told or, you know, forced to believe certain things?" You can't do that. It's also a great time for people to to write, and to teach, because Gemini is always about communication. It represents as rulership over the third house early childhood education, which I actually taught, it's elementary building blocks, you have to learn your ABCs. So you can learn to read. And then you have to learn to read so you can understand the higher meaning which is the polar opposite of Gemini, which is Sagittarius, right? So anything that brings us back to the elementary basics of our thought processes will be in play and finding that inner warrior. Where can we go, that's when it's retrograde which is only during that certain period, but it'll still be Mars Retrogrades every two years for seven months at a time it spends five to six weeks in the sign normally, I would say it's a great time for journaling. It's a great time for the writers. It's a great time for teachers, you know, and you don't have to be getting paid as a teacher to be a teacher. And Gemini is ruled by Mercury and mercury, because I know you had asked also about Mercury's Retrogrades so much He is known in psychological and mythological astrology or archetypal astrology as the psychopomp. Mercury was the only God in the Olympic Pantheon and Greek mythology, who could traverse between Mount Olympus, and Hades, the underworld. So when Mars goes retrograde, and he's currently going to start, he started at the end of December, and he's got three retrograde periods in 2022, where he's backing into Earth. So he's moving out of air. When he moves out of air, he moves out of asking, you know, "What is the state of my relationship?" That is where we've been for the past year. Right?

Christina Wooten 35:44

The communication between people in Mars Retrograde it's important not to start any or initiate any legal actions in that period.

Sheri Horn Hasan 35:54

Mars represents the first house right? In natural astrology so identity, you know, it's how you appear out in the world, it has a lot to do with the way you literally look. It's called the the ascendant, which is the gateway into the first house, which is Mars ruled naturally in Tropical Western Astrology, is the mask. So it's how we present to others. And it may or may not represent what's underneath. During the retrograde period, just like with Gemini, with Mercury Retrograde, like not a good time to start a business not a good time, because those are Gemini themed things, not a good time to publish your book, right? Mars, the same thing, not a good time to initiate. But one of the things I want to say about Retrogrades of all kinds, is that they're always an opportunity to go inward. Okay, and when we go inward, we're doing what I talked about a couple of times before, which is connecting the external ego oriented portion of our psyches, empirical "If I see it, then I believe it if I can't see it, doesn't exist," to what the soul knows the soul's wisdom. Soul has been around a lot longer than the current incarnation's, ego. Although some of that is taken from past incarnations where the ego has been supreme, right? So we're always looking to integrate the two. And with like I said, the Mercury is to bring up from the soul, the imbedded wisdom of the ages, the karma of that soul from past life and early life to lessons, into the conscious ego portion of the psyche. So becomes knowledge. And to take the knowledge that was empirically learned - ABC one plus one is two - and embed it as greater wisdom into the into the psyche is the souls psyche, the soul portion of the psyche. So Mercury is very busy going back and forth, and three to four times a year when he's doing that during the retrograde period, we forget where we put our keys, we can't find our cellphone. We don't get messages returned and we get frustrated, right? So that's important to know about Mercury Retrograde. Mars Retrograde is more again about finding that inner warrior because, do you need to get angry? Is there another way that you can "fight back" but one that that will benefit you and not, you know, bring you harm? You know? What are you fighting for? What's your soul's mission, in terms of where you've been wounded? You know, and the Mars archetype and it's just coincidental that for these couple of years, Chiron is in Aries, which is again the wounded healer around where our personal will has been repressed, stymied, whether it proactively or internally you know what I mean? Whether from the external work is as inside, so outside, right? We want to work on drawing less anger to us, because the more we express our own anger in healthy ways, the less will attract people who are angry. So if anyone does have that particular issue as a constant in their life, they have more than likely repressed Aries Mars energy, right? So it's a good time, and again because it's in Gemini, journaling, writing, talking, you know, communicating with your dearest friends, the ones you trust the most, you know? Gemini can be a little fickle sometimes so you have to be careful that that's the downside. You know, Gemini likes to gossip so it could be a time in the outer world when there's a lot more gossip going on to you know. The thing about Jupiter and Neptune also is the early part of year's the continuation of myths and disinformation and blatant lies. So when Mars later in the year, goes into Gemini and then Retrogrades we want to have the soul discern what's the truth. And Mercury rules Gemini and we know that Mercury is going retrograde, you know, in three different periods this year, those are all - if we're looking at the whole year - opportunities to transmit that knowledge as wisdom and wisdom into the cognitive portion of the ego psyche right? So that we can get a greater greater handle on how we express ourselves. Mercury's Gemini is also duality, you know, he's sleight of hand, he's the trickster. So Mars in Gemini can figure out new ways to communicate with people, you know, to achieve its goal and that kind of thing.

Christina Wooten 40:47

That's a lot. There's clearly a lot that's going on. Yeah, it's happening. But I mean, to me, it sounds exciting, because we're going deeper. We are, you know, integrating, we're converting into wisdom. You know, there's places where things are going to be mirrored. And we have an opportunity to reevaluate, reexpress in a new way, which, you know, is exciting. It's a new path. What, what do we need to know about the second half of the year?

Sheri Horn Hasan 41:16

Well, that Mars Retrograde is the second half. Mars rules both Aries and it rules Scorpio because before we discovered the planet Pluto in 1930, we gave rulership of Mars over we gave rulership of Scorpio to Mars, okay? So you want to look at your transits. And you want to look at whether you have planets or angles in Aries, or Scorpio or prominent aspects between planets in those signs, right? And we want to pay attention to that. We have eclipses this year. All right, and they're in Taurus-Scorpio. So, we've moved this year are in the process of moving from a south node in Sagittarius and a north node in Gemini. And the nodes of the moon are not planets, they represent an evolutionary astrology karma. And the south node. So the the nodes transit always backwards, and they represent when they're in the sky, they represent a collective karma. So we've finished out of an 18 month period, we're just at the end of that, where the south node is in Sagittarius. And I'm going to say this, but you know, this is how we look at the evolution: we look at the positives of a South Node in Sagittarius which you want to bring forward. And we want to jettison the negatives. The positives is expansive thinking understanding the greater meaning the whole picture etc. But the negative of a Sagittarius south node which is ruled by Jupiter is that we come in thinking we know everything. So if we think we know everything, what happens? We get righteous, we exhibit what the Greeks called hubris, which is excessive arrogance, right? And it's also an archetype. Sagittarius's Jupiter is an archetype of higher law, higher education, and religion. So if we look at religious fundamentalism, from that point of view, again, say no more, okay? And the mission has been to open up to Gemini, which is information, new information. How does new information change your philosophy of life? So you can think about how that's done that for the last 18 months, and now we're going to go into Scorpio, south node, and Taurus north node. We're getting much more into the death and rebirth kind of imagery, where something has to die for something new to be born or reborn, right?

Christina Wooten 43:53

And when does this start? When does that change?

Sheri Horn Hasan 43:56

Starts around January 20.

Sheri Horn Hasan 43:58

That's the true nodes, or the mean nodes started in December, but it doesn't really matter. I'm not going to go down that rabbit hole, but the true node, so it's towards the end of January, and it'll be in play for 18 months, 18 and a half months, it's an 18 and a half month cycle. So Scorpio's ruled by Pluto. Pluto is the ruler of the underworld, and that's where the shadow exists. So we're looking at the Collective's shadow side because we're looking at it in terms of the collective. However, we can still look at our part in that. So what is the shadow side that needs to rise into the light into consciousness so that we can incorporate it into the Taurus north node, which provides wholeness peace, calm serenity, the actual keyword that I that fits, Taurus best is serenity. And the key word that fits there's two key words are reduced for Pluto Scorpio energy, which is evolution, and transformation. If change is the only constant, then we are constantly evolving. And in order to evolve, we must adapt to changing circumstances. If we refuse to adapt, we become extinct. This has been proven scientifically with all the species in the world that we know used to exist but no longer do whether there were millions of years ago or from last year right. So the evolutionary process in order to achieve transformation on a metaphorical or allegorical level must involve adaptation. And while we're watching the Saturn-Uranus square play out all year, and we're strengthening our values and our boundaries in a psychic level, but also expanding beyond those boundaries in the psychic level, right? There's a dichotomy there, we are looking to find the shadow, look it in the eye, adapt to the changes. Shadow side is everything that's taboo during a period of society's decisions about what's taboo. It used to be sex, drugs, and rock and roll right? Now it's you know, now we can't talk about politics, right? Or perhaps religion, right? So whatever it is, it changes periodically. But when we look at our own shadow, what are we afraid of? When when when the child is crying in the night out for his mother, because there's a monster in the closet. And the mother or father comes in with the flashlight opens the closet door pushes back all the clothes says "Come here, sweetie, there's nothing here." Okay, we are bringing that into the light, the conscious mind, right? And incorporating it into our ability to create calm, and calm serenity. You know, and dependability, we're seeing a lot of the shadow side of the collective in conglomeration with all the stuff that I talked about, about the polarization. So again, Taurus is the body, the physical body. So we want to take really good care of that body. It's never the wrong time, to you know, uplevel your diet above level, your exercise routine, uplevel, your meditative practice uplevel, your creative expression, right? All those are things that we've talked about that that, you know, we touched on, as part of every year, but you know, in more specifically this year. So remember to that, you know, Venus is the ruler of Taurus is about what gives us pleasure,

Christina Wooten 47:43

Right. Senses. Enjoyment.

Sheri Horn Hasan 47:47

What gives us pleasure is what we value. Okay, so but there's also something here on the psychological level of that, what we thought gave us pleasure, actually, isn't good for us, because it might feel familiar. We may feel comfortable with certain things that give us pleasure, but they need to change because they're not necessarily good for us. So when you change up over eating, for saying, "Oh, when I go to the refrigerator, I'm going to go for a walk instead." And you switch out one habit for another, right, which is really important. So as we uncover the shadow side, the things that we're most afraid of, and Pluto is about control. Scorpio is about manipulation. It's about jealousy. It's about control. Right? So as the nodes shift, we're going to look in the collective it's also money. Other people's, you know, worth. And Venus is associated with finances, too. But Pluto is controlling people through money. So when we're looking at the collective too, you know, we're looking at but what's our part in that? Our part in that is to say, "I'm going to get clear about my shadow side, bringing it out into the light, dispel the fear that anyone would know that I had secret thoughts about having an affair with my, you know, husband's, brother." You know, whatever. I mean, we're human, we're human. That's why we have these thoughts. We can't, you know, why repress them and deny them, let them out into the open air. And then one day when you see your brother in law, he's doing something gross and you go through "I don't know why I ever liked him." We want to take that stuff, get clear about it. While we're getting clear about those values, clear about the boundaries, all that other stuff. What is our place in society? And the thing I want to repeat is, while the external world is polarized, we want to do everything we can to keep that polarization from infiltrating us internally. Keep clear, keep grounded, keep focused. And again, learn your you know, true values. Which it's fine if they change. Of course, they're gonna change you're gonna have, you know, those of us who are mothers, you have one set of values when you have a toddler and another set of values, right? They're a teenager, you know, gonna change. So, continuing to practice, really strengthening the connection between ourselves and the divine realm is most important. And then learning your value system so you know which messages to trust. And during that Jupiter-Neptune period, not getting thrown off course, by being easily deceived and allowing ways to communicate with your higher self and your authentic hear your authentic voice.

Christina Wooten 50:45

Yeah, I mean, it definitely sounds like that's the big takeaway, the big theme of everything is that this is an internal journey with a lot of kind of pressure bringing us inward, but it is about developing spiritually. It's about you know, creating that clarity within ourselves and kind of getting rid of the extra fog, you know, getting rid of the old values as new ones become more aware and grounding into those. Grounding into those new healthy habits, the new vibration. You know, hindsight is 20-20 As we come into 2022, versus where we're going to be in December of 2022. I think there's a lot of internal evolution taking place and happening. Well, I want to just thank you so much. And Sherry horn, Hassan, please tell everybody how they can get back in touch with you, your website's just how they can learn more about your offerings. If you've got just a minute or so for that before we close

Sheri Horn Hasan 51:45

You can contact me through my website, which is That's K-A-R-M-I-C and then the word I would like to make a very quick offer if I could: I do natal chart readings, help you discover your soul's true purpose and mission in this lifetime, learn about past life karma, and how to heal it. And I'm going to offer a one hour Karmic Evolution natal insight reading for only $99. My regular reading is almost twice that. So if anyone is interested, you can contact me through the website or at Sherri, and it's And if you want to know about my Editorial Services, or also my other, you know, other astrological readings or my editorial services, they're on my website, So thank you so much, Christina. I really appreciate this opportunity.

Christina Wooten 52:42

I'm so grateful for all of your time and your expertise and the takeaways that we're getting. Thank you so much for joining us for this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, there is so much to unpack for 2022 and I'm so grateful that Sherry Horn Hassan was able to support us in understanding what we need to pay attention to, because there is a lot. As always, the more awareness, compassion and love that you embody, the higher the outcome, and the more you support the higher evolution on the planet. If you enjoyed this episode, don't forget to subscribe and follow the podcast for more. Share it with your intuitive friends and review to help support our work, as always many blessings.

Robert Wooten 53:29

The Modern Life and Spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. Information provided is not to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological illness. To read the full disclaimer, see Sedona


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