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The Meaning of these 4 Animal Messages #84

When you keep seeing certain animals over and over, they may be serving as messengers, offering you signs, or answers to your prayers, and delivering wisdom for you to apply specifically in your life.

In this episode, psychic medium, Christina Wooten will decode 4 common animals and what it means when you have a sighting or personal interaction.

Discover what it means when hummingbird comes to visit ~ What question to ask yourself when you see a Deer ~ What the power of butterfly is and how to apply it to your life ~ and how to tap into the positive message of spider when you see one.

To learn about your specific animal spirit guides and what they mean about your Soul purpose and journey - take 25% off a Soul Reading purchased between now and June 10. Use coupon code: WILDSOUL at checkout

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What animals do you see most often? Let us know at Instagram @SedonaMedium

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