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Connecting with the Galactic Spirit Guides

galactic spirit guides

We have talked many times about the importance of connecting with your Spirit Guides and all that they offer to help guide you on your Spiritual growth path. But did you know that the ones who have incarnated as humans here on Earth are not the only Guides available in the Universe? On today's episode we introduce you to the concept of Galactic Spirit Guides and explain the differences between these high level beings and the ones you may already be familiar with. Plus, we help you go a little deeper by giving you three questions you can ask them once you connect with yours, to help you get started with communicating and learning a whole new dimension of awareness!

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast, we discuss:

*The importance of connecting with your Spirit Guides in helping you find meaning and direction in your life 1:05

*Who the Galactic Spirit Guides are and how you can recognize them when you encounter them 2:19

*What it may be like the first time you encounter one in a reading or meditation 4:02

*Some attributes that might attract a Galactic Guide to you, and signs you may already be working with one 4:58

*How to know if you are ready to work with the Galactic Guides 9:40

*How your current Spirit Guides can help with discerning if Galactic Guides would be a good fit for your team 12:00

*Some indications you can tell if you are communicating with a Galactic Spirit Guide 13:39

*How the Galactic Guides use their different perspective to help you grow and develop more fully 14:45

*Three crystals you can use that can help align your energy to attract a Galactic Guide 15:59

*Three great questions to ask your Galactic Guides to help you further your communication with them 20:28


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Christina Wooten, Narrator, Robert Wooten

Christina Wooten

Galactic spirit guides can show us what's possible in creating a more advanced and harmonious life and society. If you've felt drawn to other planetary civilizations or are E.T. curious, in this episode, we'll give you an introduction to those helpers on the other side.


Welcome to The Modern Life and Spirit Podcast, where we explore spiritual topics relevant to today's world. Your hosts, Certified Psychic Medium, Christina Wooten, and Reiki Master Teacher, Robert Wooten, break down how to work with Spirit to create more positive growth in your life. Consider this podcast your go to spiritual resource for navigating the modern world.

Christina Wooten

Hey there kindred spirits, this is Christina Wooten, Certified Psychic Medium, here today with Robert Wooten.

Robert Wooten

Well, hello there.

Christina Wooten

And today, maybe your woo-woo meter is going off about our topic today. And if it is, that's a great thing. It's all about expansion. And that's where we're going today. And we have talked a lot on this podcast about working with your Spirit Guides, using your guides to help integrate a deeper level of understanding and come to a deeper meaning of both the lessons in your life and how to proceed and how to continue to grow and to develop it. Today I want us to go just another step further. We've talked about how spirit guides have had a variety of different incarnations, and can take a variety of different cultural appearances. Some have a more feminine appearance, some clearly masculine, others, androgynous, all different types of skin tones - because we have all incarnated in multiple different cultures in different times. So there isn't a one size fits all when we're talking about the spirit world. Although spiritual art and paintings would certainly have us all believe that Spirit Guides look one way, usually a white man. But today we're going to talk about, to go one step further, we're going to introduce the Galactic Spirit Guides. So, Galactic Spirit Guides are Spirit Guides who haven't incarnated in other interdimensional experiences or other planetary experiences other than Earth. Galactic Spirit Guides may come from many planetary civilizations, including from even different timelines in both what would be our past and our future. So these planetary civilizations can be, you know, in other dimensions, it can be other areas of our universe that we have not created contact with, however, are other established civilizations that we can learn from and grow from. They're different examples that you might have heard of before. So those civilizations such as the Pleiadians, Essassani, the Arcturians, those with a Syrian energy or the Lyrans. There's lots of different types of civilizations which give that particular consciousness that that Galactic Guide is carrying a certain flavor. So not all Galactic Guides are the same, have the exact same viewpoint, have the exact same specialty, in the same way that our Spirit Guides themselves have their own individual specialties and the things that they've learned and things that they're here to teach and help us with.

Robert Wooten

So help me understand something because this is kind of a new concept to me, and maybe as well to some of our listeners. When you have these Galactic Spirit Guides, what attracts them to wanting to help us here on Earth, when they're from another dimension or another star system even?

Christina Wooten

There can be a variety of different things. And I know that it can be a little bit of a foreign concept. I remember having my very first experience completely unsolicited with an extra terrestrial guide. They had come in with a client that I was doing a healing session for, and while I was in the healing session, I was communicating with them and asking them what exactly they were, who they were. And they spelled out their civilization's name, which was very long, complicated, something I had never heard of before. And I just kept repeating that so that I could look it up later exactly how it's spelled. And sure enough, that is a known civilization. So, I needed that because it added a whole different level of credibility to this very strange experience that I had had not had previously, before. With Spirit Guides, Spirit Guides step in to help us and support us, depending on what our particular needs are. So there can be certain things that might indicate that you are ready or you need a different level of consciousness than what the average Joe might need. Some examples of that might be if you yourself have previously incarnated in another planetary system or another interdimensional experience, then you're likely to have at least one Galactic Spirit Guide into your guides. Before I continue, I should say that your Galactic Spirit Guides can either come in temporarily to teach you something and then leave when they've been parted the knowledge or the realization that you needed to have. Or you might have a Galactic Spirit Guide who is signed on to work with you in this particular lifetime. That level of interaction depends person to person.

Robert Wooten

So the specialty that they bring would be similar to another Spirit Guide who has a specialty, they just happen to also be from somewhere else?

Christina Wooten

That's true. There are specific specialties that the Galactic Guides have that we'll get into in just a little bit. So some other examples would be: if you work in the technology sector, or in developing technologies and systems, you might have a Galactic Guide that is working with you to help inspire certain inventions or certain things that will improve life on Earth; If you are very drawn to the stars, such as astronomy, astrology, or the moon phases, you might attract a guide to help you with that; You have a deep desire to evolve and develop a higher consciousness that merges intellect with higher ideals; Or maybe you're needing help with a new and fresh perspective. Say you've just pushed the boundaries and all are the places and you still haven't quite found the answer. You really need something with a whole 180 point of view; Or you're working on understanding the very nature of the universe, whether that be from a scientific perspective, or whether that be from a meaning a purposeful perspective; If you are working intensely on releasing limiting beliefs; If you are diving into that manifestation, if you are trying to discern where these blockages are coming from, and you're sincerely open to discovering where that lies in your consciousness, very often in those cases, you will attract an ET guide to help you illuminate that; Or, if you seek a new way to live other than what is currently modeled on Earth; Or, I hate to say this, but this is so true: If you don't feel a need to live by social conformity, you may already have Galactic Spirit Guide, because their way of approaching things isn't limited. It truly is a aspect of honoring each person and each person's inner calling, without limitation to that and through honoring each person and who they truly are, and this unconditional love or this higher perspective. It allows each person to express naturally their highest and best version of themselves. So you have more harmony, you have more of a depth to that civilization, than we generally experience here in duality; If you do spiritual teaching or communicating with the public, it's possible also that you may attract a Galactic Teacher to just pass on new concepts, new seeds, new realizations, to help people truly grow past what is possible, or what they believe to be possible right now based on what we see.

Robert Wooten

And when we're in this dimensional reality, you are constructing what you believe to be possible and real based on what we see around us. I could see how an influence from a place or a dimension that sees things differently or experiences things differently, would be able to open you up to see completely differently than what you can see that is possible. Now what I imagined it would have to be small steps because I think that if someone were to just suddenly be exposed to some fifth dimensional or eighth dimensional concepts, it might be a little bit jarring.

Christina Wooten

It can be shocking to the system. But like all things when you allow the process to happen naturally, you'll receive the guidance that you need in that journey. So when you're ready for that realization, when the student is ready, the teacher appears - that happens from a galactic consciousness as well. You may be on the cusp of this discovery, and that new perspective helps you get there just a little bit faster and hopefully to integrate the knowledge and its meaning for you in your life to a deeper level. So if you allow that to happen very naturally and not in a forced way, you're going to be ready for that information. Now, we may not always think that we're ready, because, you know, you get a whole new concept and a whole new consciousness and it changes our outsides, because our outsides are determined by our current state of consciousness and our state of being. So when we make big shifts internally, and in how we look at the world, we make big shifts in other areas of our life. I think working with the Galactic energies, helps us find a greater sense of freedom, a greater sense of acceptance and a deeper love and harmony for ourselves, for family for humanity. There's a greater sense of appreciation for what we can offer if we work together, and if we truly honor one another. So most people don't think of the Galactic energies as being go-to for working with relationships, for example. If you're having a relationship conflict or a problem with a friendship or a challenge, where you're having trouble seeing someone's perspective. But actually, Galactic energies can be very helpful in that because they have really mastered a sense of, of harmony and allowing and accepting in a way that our very strong egoic design hasn't quite gotten there yet. And not to say humanity is less than - we're absolutely not - we are specialists in our own way and in our own right. But we are growing in a certain consciousness area, and there's others that we can continue to expand into. Now, when we're talking about the Galactic Guides, this is where it's very important to develop a relationship with your other Spirit Guides, if you don't have that already. It's critical because your other guides who you have a strong relationship with are going to help you with discernment. If you're choosing to attract or draw in additional help and additional support. One way if you know your members on the other side - so maybe you've had a reading, you've had the opportunity to be introduced to them, or maybe you've met them in some way through meditation, in my course, through other work where you're doing relationship building with them - when that happens, then you can really work with those guides to make sure that anyone that's coming on the team or that you're attracting is going to be the right fit for your energy and a safe fit. Just because somebody is from another planet doesn't necessarily mean that they're holding that higher consciousness level, or holding the information that you need. So discernment is incredibly important. And if you do go about with the desire to attract a Galactic Spirit Guide, if you haven't encountered one yourself, what you're going to always want to do is ask for the highest and the best, the highest and the best consciousness available to support you in your continued spiritual growth and development. The highest and best qualification is incredibly important in your intention setting, and in making sure with your team that it's the right, safe fit for you.

Robert Wooten

What are some things that would indicate that you are communicating with a Galactic Spirit Guide or you have attracted a Galactic Spirit Guide that would be different than your other Spirit Guides.

Christina Wooten

Sometimes a name can give you a clue. So how they identify if you are able to see or have visual impressions, you might notice that their appearance is different, the color of the skin could be different, or usually in the eyes, there's a difference in how the iyslah it's not just in how they appear. It's also in how they communicate. Sometimes it appears as if that communication is much more telepathic, it's generally very matter of fact, and simple. Not particularly flowery. It's just getting down to the bare truth. But that truth, that simplicity comes with it a great clarity, because we don't need all the fancy to just get to, you know, what the the real seed of the truth is, you know. So that truth small as a mustard seed can be very significant to us, right? My experience with the Galactic Guides is that they do a very good job of making things clear and helping you also just see all of your options, so to see out of how you normally would look at things. So perhaps it's time for you to make a big change in your life, but you've been limiting yourself saying, "Well, I can't do this or, you know, I want to make a change. But without doing XYZ." There's usually places we feel safe in making a change, and what our Galactic Guides can help us to do is observe all the different possibilities. And from all the different possibilities, then we can make a stronger choice. But at least putting that on the table, as "How about we stop saying that isn't an option because it actually is an option. It may not be one you're wanting to take, but let's make a choice around it." I think our guides, the Galactic Guides especially do a great job with having us own personal responsibility and stepping into a new level of free will. So it really focuses and drills down into motive, into choice, into your personal power and how you are expressing your light. So they do a very good job there. Now, you may be wondering if you wanted to attract or if you wanted to just connect more with that energy, I want to talk about some crystals today that can help your energy to align more with those galactic higher consciousness energies if you are wanting to attract that highest and best galactic spirit guide or teacher to help you with a particular situation in your life. So there's three in particular that I'm going to recommend, you don't need to get all three, just see what you feel guided to what you feel drawn to maybe go to the store, and you have an opportunity to feel and experience each one and then see what feels right for your particular energy. The first one is moldavite. So moldavite is a green, (usually it's more of an olive green) colored glass that's formed by a meteoric impact. So it's usually small, it's rare or unusual. So there's not a whole large quantity of place. So usually, you're going to see them in smaller pieces, but as a very strong energy for some people in helping to raise consciousness. And because that green color gives you a little bit of hint at it does a lot of work on the heart. So elevating someone's consciousness, especially into the high heart, into unity consciousness and to humanitarian work. That can be something that really resonates. Now tektite is another form of meteoric glass that's created, and it can come in either golden color, or also a black color, my favorite was always black. It's not spectacular to look at, okay, but the energy always makes me vibrate. So especially if I'm feeling stressed. For me, tektite is more of a grounding stone than some of the other things that I've encountered before. So even though it's really great for your crown chakra, and for helping to develop that higher consciousness energy, it may help you a little bit in grounding, if you are, I don't want to say a little on the unusual side. But if you're a weirdo, like me, it may work for you. And the last one I want to introduce to you is called prehnite. And you can generally find this at all of your metaphysical stores. So if you've struggled to find moldavite, if you haven't found any tektites, then you can usually go into the store and find prehnite. It's a very light colored green and it usually comes with epidote needles so they form together and epidote also has a really nice grounding and cleansing energy to it as well. But prehnite is very, it's a little bit softer. It's a little bit more gentle, which makes it good for about everyone. So moldavite and tektite can have an intensity to it a very directness, much like the galactic energies, and prehnite is more of a gentle way of easing you in. It's like the color of a gentle pool, if you will. And that would be a great metaphor for what Prehnite does. You can also use prehnite around dreaming and at nighttime, it's very soothing, very calming. You can put it in in the pillow you can put it underneath your mattress, it just adds a little extra element there.

Robert Wooten

Prehnite, I've heard, is actually called a dreamstone for that very reason, that quite often people use it that way. Is prehnite also a meteoric glass? I don't think it is it? So the first two were meteoric, I could see their definite relationship with how they would have this galactic Space Connection. But the prehnite, I think it's because of its dream qualities of how it influences your dreams and influences your emotions. I think that would probably put you in a place where you would be ready to receive higher level information.

Christina Wooten

Prehnite's really good for the subconscious, and it's also really good at accessing interdimensional flows of energy much like the dream state. So that's what helps make it make you more receptive to other forms of communication. So not just communication with your Galactic Guides, you can also use it in your intuitive development process, but it has a tendency to really be good for helping you to attract particularly galactic flow. So you may be thinking, "Christina, okay, I have made a connection with a Galactic Spirit Guide, I'd like to know. Now what, what's the next step? I have three questions that I think are very well tuned to the gifts and talents of the Galactic spirit guides. So these would be ones that you could ask in either meditation in journaled, or you know channeled or inspired writing, it could be something that you ask in your readings when you're talking with the Galactic Spirit Guides, but here are the questions I would give you. The first one is: "How can I look at this differently?" So whatever challenge you're having, in your life, whatever area of life are struggling with, "How can I look at this differently?" When you ask your Galactic Spirit Guides, be ready truly, to let go. Because when you do, it's like, you just see a whole new perspective on the same old thing that you've probably been staring at over and over and over again, maybe even for a couple of years, and you haven't had any real breakthrough. But when you release, and you let go, and you see all of those possibilities, from your Galactic Spirit Guides, boy, it can open you up to seeing something you've never seen before. So ask "How can I see this differently?" The second question is, "Where in my consciousness can I grow to experience more of my true self?" So I mentioned earlier that the Galactic Guides and those civilizations have a tendency predominantly to focus on each person learning to truly love themselves, and then offer that to the community those skills as your authentic self and through acceptance through honoring through celebrating each person for who they truly are, it brings out the very best in each person. So asking, "Where in my consciousness can I grow to experience more of my true self," can help you understand and have it reflected back to you, where you are limiting your expression without realizing it. And the last question is, "How can I expand my idea of what is possible?" I think this is important, especially if you're working on manifesting. So if you notice, when you say a mantra when you say a positive affirmation when you're working on your vision board, and you're cutting something out, or you're saying something and you feel that little element of self doubt, of "Maybe this is crazy. Maybe this isn't realistic, I can't go from this to a million dollars in one year." Sure you could! You absolutely could! A moment, a tiny moment can change everything and every trajectory. But the key core to everything is it starts with you believing that that's possible. And if you doubt, if you don't believe that that's possible, then you're certainly not going to go from zero to a million in a year, or whatever it is that your fanciful manifestation either internally or externally happens to look like. So asking, "How can I expand my idea of what is possible?" can help you understand. "How do I see that this thing that I feel doubt is really coming from a belief system within that is not resonant with what I'm trying to manifest what I'm trying to create?" "Where can we shed light and shine on that particular piece of the consciousness puzzle that needs to be re evaluated?" And from there, being able to truly see that in fact, it is possible. For final thoughts, please understand that, as always, all of your Spirit Guides are here to help you to continue to grow, to continue to develop your highest and best connection with the Divine. For you to continue to grow, to reach your full potential for unconditional love of both yourself and everyone and everything else, and to live in that space of true power, freedom, expansion, growth and love. And your Galactic Guides are a piece and a part of that puzzle. When you need them, they're there. When you are in a place of feeling stuck, where you can't see another possibility you don't know another way, when you are trapped in dualistic thinking of right or wrong, left or right, night and day, and you don't know which way to go. When you're looking for a deeper level of meaning to this lifetime, your Galactic Guides are available to you, you can attract them using some of the methods we talked about today in this podcast. You can also send a mental memo up to your current guides and ask them to bring forward someone who would be a great fit for you or someone who might be able to teach you or support you, or show you a new way. One thing I didn't mention is that Galactic Guides sometimes like to come through dreams as well. So you may have interesting dreams as you begin to work with this whole new realm of consciousness. But the biggest key for us is to be open, we can't truly receive the help of galactic spirit guides. If there's a part of you going, "What? That's so woowoo. Really, are you sure? No, I'm crazy. I've reached the end of my spiritual acceptability." The reality is, it's incredibly egotistical for us to consider that we would be the only consciousness in civilization, and that we can only grow from those that have had these types of incarnations instead, and we allow us to expand with all different levels of creation and see different perspectives to grow in different dimensional consciousness, we truly become more open to what the truth of everything is, and we become closer to the essence of creation, which is what it's all about on these levels. So if you are in that space, then I invite you to at least create an openness within yourself for this new possibility to reveal itself that if this is the right time for you, this is the right energy or option for what you need right now. Creating that open awareness of "I welcome this new possibility into my awareness." Thank you for joining us today, for this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast. I hope that this has helped you perhaps take a whole new look at all the different levels of the spirit world and all the different ways that your Guides and those on the other side can support and help you through the different challenges and experiences that you are having today. Sending you lots of love and blessings. Until next time, be well.

Robert Wooten

The Modern Life and Spirit podcast is for informational purposes only. The information provided is not intended to provide medical, psychological, legal or financial advice. Information provided is not to diagnose or treat any medical or psychological illness. To read the full disclaimer, see


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