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Healthy Relationships for Empaths (#17)

Strategies for healthy, happier relationships, for Empaths

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If you identify as an empath or you know and love someone who does, you are probably very familiar with the challenges being an empath in a relationship can present.

Whether you are active in the dating world or years into a long-term loving relationship, this episode will help you navigate the ins and outs of finding and keeping the right person for you and deepen your ability to give and receive more fulfilling love.

** To learn more about if you may be an Empath, see Episode #16 How to tell if you are an Empath. Find it here

In this episode of Modern Life and Spirit podcast we discuss:

* The benefits of being an empath in a relationship (1:15)

* One of the most important things to look for when choosing a potential partner (2:27)

* Why open communication is so important to an empath (2:50)

* How to make the best use of online dating profiles (4:30)

* Why you should learn to say “no” early on if it's not a good fit for you (5:58)

* The most toxic type of person that is always attracted to empaths (7:34)

* What is “love bombing” and why you should definitely avoid it (8:28)

* Why alone time is so important, even in a loving relationship (10:34)

* How to separate your excitement and enthusiasm from someone else's (12:30)

* Why two empaths in a relationship is more than twice the fun (14:24)

* What does someone's expulsive energy feel like to an empath? (16:49)

* Why you should check your ego at the door when communicating with

an empath (18:30)

* What strategy you can use when conflict is unavoidable (20:18)

* Discover the rule that is key to empathic communication (22:25)

* The importance of taking a time out before you get overstimulated (23:41)

* You have needs too, don't forget to prioritize them (25:23)

Resources from podcast episode 17 - Healthy Relationships for Empaths:

Hilarious Everyone's Upstairs Neighbor video - definitely worth a watch :) mentioned in the podcast at (26:17)

Creating an Energetic bubble starts at timestamp 3:16 of this video

Mentioned in the podcast at (22:04)

Bonus Resources:

The Daily Intuitive Booster - Daily planner system free download to start boosting your communication with your Spirit Guides.

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