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How to tell if you are an Empath (#16)

How to know if you are an Empath

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If you have ever wondered why you seem so sensitive to the way other people feel, or why you get so overwhelmed in a crowded room, you are in luck!

Because we are going to share with you eleven insights as to what may be contributing to those feelings, and it may just open your eyes to a brand new superpower you didn't even know you had.

Discovering the signs of being an Empath, will set you on your way to understanding, accepting, and loving yourself - and your sensitivity!

In this Modern Life and Spirit podcast episode 16 we discuss:

* What exactly is clairsentience anyway? (2:45)

* How extra auric field receptors play a huge role in empathic skills (3:25)

* How and why many empaths develop their skills in early childhood (5:15)

* Many people use empathic skills every day but might not realize it (9:12)

* Why do you have such a sensitivity to loud emotional outbursts (11:16)

* Why the suffering of others affects you so deeply (11:30)

* What a special connection to animals, plants or crystals means (12:12)

* Why some people who are sensitive to animals or plants sometimes seem antisocial (13:08)

* Why genuine and authentic people are so important to empaths (13:51)

* How empaths relate to others in a non-judgmental way (15:55)

* Why you just want everyone to get along (17:07)

* Why random hugs with strangers don't work so well for you (17:25)

* How a cluttered room actually feels chaotic on a deep emotional level (18:52)

* How you could tell someone was bad news the first time you met them (20:21)

* Things you should know if you discover you are an empath (21:25)


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