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Blocking a Psychic Vampire

Psychic vampires are unavoidable to some degree and the results of an interaction are just as draining as it sounds.

The energy source of a psychic vampire will leave the situation emotionally manipulated, exhausted, angry, confused, even sad.

A psychic vampire is an individual, who rather than healing core wounds (often from childhood) and deriving energy from their personal unity with Earth, "plug into" other people's energy. These individuals often have profoundly impacted Root Chakras, preventing them from deriving peace, grounded-ness, and trusting their needs to be provided for. By inciting other's emotionally, they absorb the attention and excess energy from the Auric field of a "friend", relative, or co-worker. This energy hit will last them a short time, before needing to find another source of energy.

These behaviors are ingrained in who they are and how they believe they must have their needs met. The psyche of the Energy vampire is often severely damaged with psychological defense mechanisms in place. This prevents awareness of their impact on others and inability to accept personal responsibility. They only know that when they agitate the emotions of others, they feel stronger, more connected, less alone. This cycle of feeling better, leads to a continuous subconscious need to stir the pot, create conflict around them, receive continuous validation and attention, and otherwise tear through relationships like the Tasmanian devil.

Many psychological, personality disorders unknowingly exhibit these psychic vampire traits. Most recognized among them is the classic narcissist.

However, most people don't walk around advertising their trauma, and a person with narcissistic traits certainly won't.

Energy vampires are recognized most easily by how you feel after interacting with them. If you feel drained, not yourself, a little disoriented after each interaction - take a second look. Individuals with this energy need seek out host energy sources. They often prey on those that are sensitive, compassionate, healers, those with a strong sense of justice or those who will act as advocates for who they perceive to be victims.

Some traits of a psychic vampire are:

- needy

- dramatic

- conflict oriented

- volatile and threatening

- victim mentality / refusal to accept responsibility

- dishonest

- shifting identity

- instability in relationships or jobs

- demands constant attention and validation

- a hidden, chronic sense of emptiness

Psychic vampires can be neighbors, "friends", family members, co-workers, bosses. Breaking the cycle of being their energy source takes vigilant awareness Psychic vampires are excellent teachers of boundaries! To get out of the dynamic, one must maintain strong, unrelenting, healthy boundaries.

Here are some tips for protecting your energy around a psychic vampire, including how to work with your protector guides to get extra support.

1. Reduce interaction: This seems like a no-brainer. Your very best bet is to break off all contact with a psychic vampire. Sometimes this is not possible, if it is a boss, etc. As much as possible eliminate or reduce the interactions as much as possible. This includes all forms of communication.

2. Practice self-care: Boost your energy stores back up by putting yourself first. Listen to your body about what it needs to be strong and healthy. Listen to your emotional body also to see what it needs to be strong and healthy. Strengthening your core energy will build your stamina and allow for some personal reconnection. This will also help to re-build your Auric field and improve health and vitality.

3. Initiate "Grey - Rock" mode: Grey rock is a technique that involves making yourself as interesting as a grey rock to a psychic vampire. Because, they need your emotional energy to feel better, they will try a myriad of things to rile you up. Provide no emotion, no contact unless absolutely required, one word boring answers and you are well on your way to becoming a non-food source for them.

Be vigilant, especially if you feel triggered. Always remember Psychic vampires are professionals at emotional manipulation.

4. Practice boundaries: Change your energy! Many sensitives have wishy washy boundaries in their auric field. Their compassion drives them to be givers and often sacrificial. Changing this will prevent attracting future vampires and turning off any current ones. Practice saying No. Practice saying what you mean, directly without sugar coating. Be willing to get uncomfortable until you get comfortable with boundaries and they become second nature to you.

Sometimes counseling or professional help can support this on a deeper level, especially if you feel unsafe, have a vampire that you can't cut out of your life, or have attracted multiple relationships like this over the years.

5. Work with your protector guides: Everyone has protector guides. They generally take their cues from you as far as what you wish their role to be. If you have wishy washy boundaries or say yes, after saying no - they are likely to be more permissive than is particularly helpful.

Imagine this: you are the King/Queen in a fortress. You have palace guards out front guarding the gates. However, when something dangerous approaches, you as King/Queen override the ruling of the guards and welcome said danger in. Over and over again. A pretty ineffective system?

When you are committed to these changes, speak to your protector guides by writing them a note or speaking out loud. Let them know that you are changing the patterns of behavior. That you welcome their input and will be more committed to listening and responding. Let them know that until you are able to fully hold this strength, you will need their help. Ask that when you have to interact with ________________(name of psychic vampire) that your protector guides stand in between the two of you and guard and protect your energy. Ask also for them to deliver insights about how to increase healthy boundaries.

Then, remember you have to do your part by not putting yourself into these positions unnecessarily and challenging the psychic vampire.

6. If you are a Reiki 2 practitioner: Activate the PS in the Auric field each morning and before interactions that may be draining - in front of you, behind you, beside you, above you, below you.

7. Practice the golden egg technique: See instructions here-

Self Care and Healthy boundaries are the best weapons against a psychic vampire. Vampires don't like to extend much energy personally, so after not getting an energy hit for awhile they will move on to an easier energy source. However, they may return on occasion to test the waters - if they are between sources again and know you have been a battery in the past. So stay vigilant and committed to self-care to change the dynamic forever.


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